Coaching as student support via elluminate (2)

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  • 1. Coaching as studentsupport via ElluminateDawn Wood & Janet FinlayLeeds Metropolitan Blog:
  • 2. Introduction JISC funded project until May2012 ◦ Personalised Curriculum Creation through Coaching (PC3) Project Aims ◦ Utilise the technique of coaching to develop self-directed learners who are able to choose their own personalised curriculum  Embedding the practice of coaching  Students  Tutors  Developing courses/programs with curriculum choice  Personalised Learning through Coaching Module (PLC)  Providing the “jump off point” for a personalised curriculum across university offerings Today ◦ Explore the use of coaching tools within the Elluminate environment
  • 3. A few questions Have you used Elluminate? Have you created an activity within Elluminate? Has anyone been coached? Has anyone coached? ◦ Face to Face ◦ Via phone ◦ Via conferencing
  • 4. But first … what is coaching? ◦ A conversation  Draws out from the coachee  The coachee speaks more than the coach  The coachee finds their own solutions  Unlike tutoring and mentoring ◦ Keys to coaching:  Raising Awareness  Encourage responsibility/ownership  Develop trust/confidence
  • 5. Coaching Tools Wheel of Life ◦ Explore the big picture ◦ Identify key areas for development ◦ Focus on some quick actions Values ◦ Identify underlying values ◦ Ensure the coachee is focusing on Ends not Means Values  Means values contain an ends value  Ends values are core
  • 6. Other Tools Postcard from the future ◦ Draw or write a postcard Sensory Preferences ◦ Coachee describes a familiar scene in detail ◦ Coach notes the makes a note of the sensory category the words belong to:  Visual — seeing  Auditory — hearing  Kinaesthetic — feeling  Olfactory — smelling  Gustatory — tasting ◦ Together they can identify the coachees preference
  • 7. Thank You.Questions?Dawn Wood & Janet FinlayLeeds Metropolitan