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Le book final online upload copy

  1. 1. Janet Wang Strategic Planning Portfolio
  2. 2. Neon (Ne)Although a very common element in the universe, it is rare on Earth. 
  3. 3. a b o u t t h e b o o k t a b l e o f c o n t e n t sThis is a compilation of work from my time at Miami Ad my first time oneSchool. Everything enclosed is the result of a team of minds. relive the good times fourMy teammates tell me that my strongest contribution is my ability to funnel complex and seemingly discrepant keeping ideas alive seveninformation into simple chunks, and highlight the significant points. s h e l t e r tenEnclosed are four case studies which exemplify this about me twelveapproach to problem solving.
  4. 4. m y f i r s t t i m ec h a l l e n g ePrevent teen tobacco use.insightThe first cigarette is disgusting, and the experience, uncomfortable.s t r a t e g yEncourage teens to be frank about the awkwardnessof their first cigarette experience so they will choose to not do it again. Account Planners: Janet Wang & Isabella Martinez Copywriter: Sheska Ocasia Art Director: Michelle Wallace one
  5. 5. c h a l l e n g e c o n t e x t target i n s i g h tTobacco use is the leading preventable Current and past campaigns focus on death, Who are current anti-smoking campaigns The first cigarette…cause of disease, disability and death in aging, and weakness. failing to affect? “One usually very much dislikes his firstthe U.S. cigarette. Taste for cigarettes must be If you smoke… 1, 2 Puff. I already tried a cigarette once acquired slowly… ” – The Psychology ofEvery year… You will die. or twice, but I’m not a habitual Everyday Living More than 400,000 people die from You will get old. user. tobacco use. You are a victim. + The first cigarette is disgusting, and theEach day… DO NOT. Ever the defiant personality, experience, uncomfortable. 3,450 kids try their first cigarette. Death. Teens feel immortal. The concept of death tell me NOT to do something and I’ll do 850 kids become new regular, daily is difficult to grasp. it. smokers. + Aging. Teens interpret getting old as growing up Senior Status. I’m a high school senior. Tobacco use is almost always established and maturing, which is attractive. Research shows I am during adolescence… especially susceptible to o p p o r t u n i t y Weakness. Teens are likely to take this as a tobacco use.Prevent teen tobacco use. challenge to their pride and respond + It takes more than 3-4 cigarettes to feel with defiance to prove they are Influencer Effect. I have younger siblings out of control over continued smoking. – stronger than tobacco. and friends who look whyquit.com up to me. The more students were exposed to anti-smoking = First time smoking does not equal habituals t r a t e g y messages, the more inclined they were to smoke. Defiant high school senior who has tried 1 smoking. –sciencedaily.com or 2 cigarettesWhen you prohibit an action, it becomesmore attractive. But if an action is anoption, it becomes less desirable. +First cigarette experience is gross andawkward.Encourage teens to be frank about theawkwardness of their first cigaretteexperience so they will choose to not do itagain. First time smoking does NOT have to lead to habitual smoking   two
  6. 6. c r e a t I v e s t r a t e g yMy First Time – Many first time experiencesdo not live up to their hype. In fact, most firsttime experiences are awkward anduncomfortable. interactive p r i n t a d   Audio - Monologue describing the youtube & uneasy and hulu ad uncomfortable nature of a first time experience. Collections of individual teens speaking about the s p o t i f y / m u s i c s i t e a d  awkwardness of their first cigarette experiences. t w i t t e r three
  7. 7. r e l i v e t h e g o o d t i m e sc h a l l e n g eProtect and grow Netflix’s subscriber base in 2012.insightIf life were a movie, age reflects the number of roles we’ve played, lines we’ve said, and plots we’ve experienced.s t r a t e g yConvince our target to retire with Netflix and relive the good times. Account Planners: Janet Wang & James Stevens Copywriter: Sheska Ocasia Art Director: Kira Wehby four
  8. 8. c h a l l e n g e c o n t e x t i n s i g h t o p p o r t u n i t yPublic perception of Netflix was tainted by Only 4% of → Movies and T.V. shows are a collectivean attempted division of the company’s Subscribers left visual documentation of our lives: Real, Netflix Users:DVD & streaming business segments, due to this incident Advertising to imagined, and available for replay. 17% Under 24coupled with a price increase. current or lapsed 48% 25-44Restore Netflix’s brand reputation and Satisfaction of current → customers is not If life were a movie, age reflects the 43% 35-54share price, and thus market cap, to its customers is still high an efficient use of number of roles we’ve played, lines we’ve 18% 55+initial pre-crash levels. Netflix’s said, and plots we’ve experienced. Most recent Q4 → marketing $ Only 18% of Netflix’s users are age 55+. Protect and grow Netflix’s subscriber base financials show thatin 2012. Netflix has already Big Market. 30% of the population is 55+, and Regained most of its this will only increase. U.S. customers. An American turns 50 every 7 Netflix should take this opportunity to grow a new seconds (AARP). Thus, 45% of user base. the population will be 55+ by target 2015 (US Census). But who?... At or Near Retirement. Age 55 to 65 With Money. Households headed by adults + 55-64 have a median net worth Relatively Tech-Savvy. Have a smart of 15 times that reported for b r a n d s t r e n g t h s phone and/or adults under 35 (JWT). comfortable with Why would Netflix be a good match for this email and internet Likely to Adopt. Adults 55-63 use the internet s t r a t e g y audience? surfing on a regular basis. In fact + 70% of them are online right now. Convince our audience to retire with Netflix Largest Content Library Have Free Time. and relive the good times. 37% of moviegoers are 55+. To serve the digital retiree who is in search of = movies that span from youth to retirement, being the leader in content breadth and depth Digital Retiree is a massive advantage. Easy to Use Netflix is recognized for its user interface experience. This is an easy adoption for Only 18% of Netflix users are age 55+   someone who is comfortable with, but not specialized in, using current technology five
  9. 9. c r e a t I v e s t r a t e g yRelive the Good Times –Encourage at home movie Movies and thewatching by reminding our target experience of movieof the movies from their past that watching fromreflect the breadth and depth of moments in your k i n d l e a dtheir memories and experiences. past: remembering that first date and 1.37% of Kindle drive-ins with your users are age 55+ friends. (Amazon.com) d i r e c t m a i l e r In the form of a vintage microphone that opens p r i n t a d s to a cozy living room movie watching setting. Age 55+ are three times more likely Strong preference among age 55+ for printed than the general public to read print mail. (ChiefMarketer.com) six newspapers. (MarketingCharts.com)
  10. 10. k e e p i n g i d e a s a l i v ec h a l l e n g eHelp small businesses become more competitive.insightBehind every great entrepreneur was a great failure.s t r a t e g yGive entrepreneurs the confidence to continue taking risks. Account Planners: Janet Wang & Isabella Martinez Copywriter: Sheska Ocasia Art Director: Michelle Wallace seven
  11. 11. c h a l l e n g e c o n t e x t target i n s i g h tSmall businesses are a significant component What are small businesses struggling with? Some say that entrepreneurs are born, not The Journey of the new entrepreneur…of the U.S. economy. made that their DNA pre-disposes them to Sales? Consumer Confidence Index has certain traits… EUREKA! MomentMore than half of U.S. sales and over half of risen –Consumer Conference Board You feel like God, drunk on the belief thatprivate sector jobs are attributable to small Novelty Seeking → you have solved the world’s biggestbusinesses. Funding? Access to credit ranks at the problem. The emotional high and bottom of concerns..50% say they Accomplishment Driven → The Nascent adrenaline rush obstructs your ability toSmall businesses face several challenges: do not want a loan –National Entrepreneur think critically. Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Confident →↓ sales from the economic recession Fairytale Begins…↑, larger, and more distributed competitors Competition with big business? Small business confidence rises for the fourth You decide to go for it…Access to limited funding consecutive month -NFIB in the context of a society that idolizes theIntegrating new technologies, systems, and o p p o r t u n i t y entrepreneur and elevates him to celebritypractices However… status: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and No one talks about the many times Steve Jobs Donald Trump.Help small businesses become more “90% of small enterprises fail within the first twocompetitive. years of operation.” -SBA failed before he succeeded. Reality Hits…Help them pursue best practices, define “A frequent cause of bankruptcy is Entrepreneurs are victims of constant self Few, if any, entrepreneurs know whatmetrics, and pull in more customers. undercapitalization. This is often a result of poor doubt because they compare their behind the they’re doing the first time. What it takes to planning rather than economic conditions” – scenes selves to everyone else’s center stage build a business is a complete contrast to Small Business – The Art of the Start performance. coming up with the idea. The struggle is in the start – They need to be reminded that it takes failure to Behind every great entrepreneur was a great s t r a t e g y succeed. failure. Getting through the first few years, Remove the taboo of failure and give building the base for a business that will last. entrepreneurs the confidence to continue taking risks. It Takes Failure to Succeed   eight
  12. 12. c r e a t I v e s t r a t e g yKeeping Ideas Alive – Connect new entrepreneurswith seasoned entrepreneurs. Encourageentrepreneurs to find refuge in each other. In Their Offices - Reach the c h a t t I n g Nascent Entrepreneur in his/her office, the coffee shop. we incorporate a chatting function that fosters entrepreneur-to- entrepreneur conversations and support. Discussions can range from questions to finding resources. c o f f e e s l e e v e  Interactive Community - Partner with the Small b l o g p a r t n e r s h i p s Business Bureau (SBA), an already established Feature blog posts by resource and community, successful entrepreneurs who to improve resources for have an established online blog new entrepreneurs. As and following, such as Guy many new entrepreneurs Kawasaki and Seth Godin. begin their business ideas online, we will focus on the SBA.gov site, nine
  13. 13. s h e l t e rc h a l l e n g eDevelop a brand with the potential to change the world’s lodging landscape.insightWhat is fundamental for one person is a luxury for another.s t r a t e g yStay-One-House-One Model Account Planners: Janet Wang & Isabella Martinez ten
  14. 14. c h a l l e n g e c o n t e x t o p p o r t u n i t yMore and more consumers are interested in Green Travelers i n s i g h t 72% of green travelers are willing to pay somesustainable living for the planet and its people. level of price premium.The hotel industry has been slow to address “While guests appreciate the importance of What is fundamental for one person is athis trend. conserving energy and resources, they feel luxury for another. Who does quality & social impact well? conflicted about paying for a hotel that requiresThe International Hotel Group needs a flagship such sacrifices.” In the context of the hospitality industry…  The Buy-One-Give-One business model hasgreen brand. successfully achieved both business returns and Self-Centered Consciousness: social impact.Develop a brand with the potential to change care about the environment, but carethe world’s lodging landscape and launch MORE about personal comfort. Companies such as Toms Shoes have seenthousands of hotels worldwide. dramatic growth in a short period.  “54% of green travelers indicate that confusing terminology is a factor in making it difficult to target “Sold one million shoes within first 4 years” c r e a t I v e s t r a t e g y find environmentally friendly travel options” Spread by word of mouth and strategic Who values luxury quality and social partnerships.Shelter - Everyone has the right to shelter, Understanding Their Impact: impact? Key components of success:whether in the form of a home, a retreat, or a do not understand HOW their money isrefuge. Our hotel provides shelter to our guests helping the environment. Practice what he/she preaches. Actively High-End and High Quality Productand empowers them to provide shelter to made lifestyle changes. $40-$80 shoes. Consumers buy becauseothers. + they like the product itself, regardless of the Self-made, mid-income social impact factor. 1.5 billion people in the world are homeless. +Partner with a pre-existing organization, like Live well, quality oriented Clear Consumer Impact Shelter the World, to operate the + With every pair purchased, TOMS gives a s t r a t e g y Travel for work & pleasure. 2 to 3 times per pair of new shoes to a child in need. NoStay-One-House-One Model:  confusing jargon. year and travelled to 2+ countries.Whether our guest is in California for a business Stay-One-House-One Model: +trip or Brazil for vacation, he/she will directly Interested in ‘sustainability’. Environmental,benefit the homeless community in that Look & feel of a high-end hotel, eco-friendly social, etc. & solving big world problems.neighborhood. elements of competing ‘green’ hotels, and the = competitive advantage of a clear and visibleOther Partnerships: consumer impact. High-End Hippie Airlines (Virgin) Socially active celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, etc.) Buy-One-Give-One Model  Social MediaEventsMobile Applications eleven
  15. 15. a b o u t m e twelve
  16. 16. c o n t a c t m e Strategy & Operations Consultantin search of 415 . 937. 4288 Community Action for Rural Development. Janet.DoubleU@gmail.com Kenyan organization engaged in micro-Opportunities to use my love for absorbing and enterprise bee-keeping initiative. Account Planning Boot Campsynthesizing seemingly discrepant information 6. 2007 to 9. 2007 Miami Ad Schoolin order to create experiences that inspire social s e e m e o n l i n e 1. 2012 to 3. 2012behavior. Interviews. Visited 40+ farmers on the back of Top Dog, First in Class JanetDoubleU.com a dirt bike. JanetDoubleU.tumblr.com Mediation. Drafted and implemented agreements between community organization,Senior Economic Consultant Founding Team Member farmers, and honey suppliers. Introduction to Communication DesignDeloitte Tax LLP. Global Transfer Pricing rippleQ. Social Venture Technology Start-up Extended Education12. 2007 to 5. 2010 11. 2010 to 4. 2011 California College of the Arts Moderation. Led strategy discussions with non-profit managers. Summer 2011Brand & Intellectual Property Valuation. Strategy. Performed market competitiveManaged an intellectual property migration for analysis and compiled educational kit for Immersion. Lived with a host family andone of the largest U.S. multinational companies internal, investor, and client use. participated in community activities. Learnedin the hospitality industry as the sole staff basic Swahili. B.A. Mathematics/Economicsperson on a multi-partner engagement, Brainstorm Moderation. Led discussions and Minor in International Studiesassessing brand lifecycle and value, conducting drafting of product feature value propositions University of California at San Diegoresearch, client interviews, economic and for use in business strategy, sales, and 9. 2003 to 6. 2007financial analyses, and drafting qualitative customer development. Associate Producer of Contentsupport for analyses. Project resulted in follow- Social Capital Markets. UCSD Provost’s Honorsup engagement. Consumer Journey. Created use cases for 6. 2010 to 10. 2010 & 5. 2011 to 9. 2011 Ernest C. Mort Leadership Award software product testing and drafted detailedMacro Trend Analysis. Executed economic product FAQs. Large-scale Impact. Helped produce andownturn analysis for $2 billion revenue client in international social enterprise conference thatthe computer and information technology Worked with ‘Creatives’. Collaborated with drew 1,300+ social entrepreneurs, ventureindustry, analyzing profitability, and managing engineers and customer development manager m o r e a b o u t m e capital investors, university professors, andtwo-person India-based team in performing to develop and test product to customer foundations from 40+ countries. Attendeescomparable company analyses to identify specifications. Origami & Collage Arts Practitioner included representatives from the Bill & Melinda Dancer. Performance & Competitive economic trends. Gates Foundation, Acumen Fund, JP Morgan, Behavior. Helped develop the company since Age 5 McKinsey & Company, and Stanford University. Yoga & Meditation EnthusiastClient Relations. Directed client relationship as product - behavior management software usingsole staff member of a senior level tax team game mechanics. Vegetarian Right & Left Brain. Created internal processesand managed team of two to complete for content development, balancinginternational tax restructuring for major client in Operations. Established enterprise as a brainstorming and ideation with operation andsemiconductor industry. Project resulted in Benefit Corporation. Managed financial, legal, execution. avoidance of $1 million penalty. and human resource activities.