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Grade 9 ss les 3 nazi propaganda 164 166
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Grade 9 ss les 3 nazi propaganda 164 166


history grade 9 propaganda techniques during Nazi control of Germany

history grade 9 propaganda techniques during Nazi control of Germany

Published in Education , News & Politics
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  • 1. Nazi Propaganda And Mass Media
  • 2. Dr Joseph GoebbelsMinister of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment (since 1933) Believed in, and promoted Hitler as the Saviour of Germany
  • 3. The Message……Anti -SemitismThis is the term given topolitical, social andeconomic agitation againstJews. In simple terms itmeans ‘Hatred of Jews’. Aryan Race This was the name of what Hitler believed was the perfect race. These were people with full German blood, blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • 4. Define Propaganda• Propaganda is the systematic spreading of information or misinformation by the Media to aggressively promote one point of view.• Propaganda is ‘brainwashing’ of the public, convincing them of an ideological viewpoint.
  • 5. PropagandaActivity• In pairs discuss different ways in which a government could attempt to ‘brainwash’ the population. Make a brief note of your ideas.• Think about what legislation (laws) that a government could introduce to aid their propaganda campaign.
  • 6. censorshipCensorship is to ban information or entertainment which the government thinks is harmful.Dictatorship and censorship go hand in hand.Can you think of some reasons why?
  • 7. Nazi Propaganda: Methods• Nuremberg Rallies• Olympic Games• Media - Posters - Radio - Film and news reels - Newspapers - Books - Music
  • 8. Nuremberg RalliesWhat adjectives would you use to describe the above photos of the rallies
  • 9. precision orderlyRegimental pride intimidation a sense of belonging order out of chaos
  • 10. 1936 Olympics • Motive?? • To showcase Aryan Super race • A modern Country • Technologically advanced.
  • 11. Did they succeed? Jesse Owens - Black Athlete from the USA 4 gold medals 11 World Records Disputed the Aryan Race theory Fanatical approach by the Germans to the games – did not really impress the world.
  • 12. Posters • Posters are cheap and easy to distribute • Placed in prominent positions they act as a constant reminder of ideology • Can be used for many purposes
  • 13. Examples of Nazi Posters
  • 14. Radio or radio masts• Hitler’s Speeches• Music• Cheap radio sets 35 marksHitler was a great orator.
  • 15. Film and newsreelsFilm was used to show Hitler in a positive light asoften as possible.The Nazi’s commissioned several films, eachcarefully portraying a certain image – try tothink what this may have been…
  • 16. Newspapers• Censoring newspapers ensures that only the news you want people to read is available to the public• Nazi party members wrote many articles for the press, ensuring that the message was always positive• Many publications were banned
  • 17. • There are cinema evenings to be caught up with, very enjoyable ones – if only there were not each time the bitterness of the Third Reich’s self-adulation and triumphalism. The renewal of German art – recent German history as reflected in postage stamps, youth camps, enthusiastic welcome for the Fuhrer in X or Y. Goebbel’s speech on culture to the germanised theatre people, the biggest lecture theatre, the biggest autobahn in the world, etc. etc. – the biggest lie in the world, the biggest disgrace in the world, it can’t be helped….• Diary of Victor Klemperer 1937• Source 20
  • 18. Activity• Using all of the available resources. Explain how the Nazi Party used propaganda to strengthen their position once in power.• See following slide for some advice on what to include in your answer.
  • 19. Answering the QuestionUsing all of the available resources. Explain how the Nazi Party used propaganda to strengthen their position once in power.• A description of how each form of media was manipulated will NOT attain a high mark• Ensure that you make the purpose of propaganda explicit• A strong answer will recognise that no one method of Propaganda is successful in isolation• The frequency of broadcasts and number of public images must be emphasised• Analysis of how the combined media onslaught would influence the opinions of ordinary Germans is necessary for a high level response• Reference to the available source material and some appraisal of it’s purpose and worth will enhance the quality of your answer