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The Good And Bad Stuff About Google Glass (My Opinion)
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The Good And Bad Stuff About Google Glass (My Opinion)


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Google glass serves as a Smartphone right on our eyes. That's REALLY cool! But what about the privacy issues? …

Google glass serves as a Smartphone right on our eyes. That's REALLY cool! But what about the privacy issues?

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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Good And Bad StuffAbout Google Glass(My Opinion)
  • 2. According to WikipediaGoogle Glass is a"wearable" computerwith a head-mounted display
  • 3. With Google Glass you can● Look up the web (surf the internet)● Take photos● Record videos● Get access to maps● Hang outetc.
  • 4. Theres mixed opinionaboutGoogle glassthroughout the internet.
  • 5. Before talking aboutmy opinionlets take a brief look at thespecifications and capabilityof the device!
  • 6. Glass comes withAndroid 4.0 (Icrecream sandwich)16GB device memory(of which 12GB will be "usable")OMAP dual core 4430 CPU1GB RAM5 MP camera
  • 7. Google glass comes in 5 colorsBlack (Charcoal)Orange (Tangerine)Neutral (Shale)White (Cotton)Light Blue (Sky)
  • 8. On to the Good, Bad and Ugly● Frame and nosepad are flexible● But its reported (by Engadget) thatusing the glass causes headaches● The battery lasts for one full day oftypical use (according to Google)
  • 9. Butrecording videos is noted as a"battery intensive"task by GoogleThis is quite disappointing!
  • 10. It seems we have to carry acharger and find a charging outletin the middle of a work dayif we● take pictures● record videos● participate in Hangoutsetc.
  • 11. Plus, recordingfull length videosseem toheat up the temple!
  • 12. Before starting to use the device,you just need topair the devicewith yourGoogle account.And thats it!
  • 13. Hangouts are coolcoz you can livestreamandthe other person can seewhat you are seeing
  • 14. 1. Glass sometimes picks up words fromconversation with other person(even without saying "OK Glass")2. Sometimes "OK Glass" has to beuttered more than once3. A clean accent is necessary to havethe device work sanelyHere are some misbehaviors
  • 15. Anyone cantake a picture(or record a video)of anyone elseat the blink of the eyeMy opinion on Privacy
  • 16. Whatif the other persondoesnt want to bephotographed(and has privacy issues)?
  • 17. Whatif a personphotographs someoneand uses it tobully them or blackmail them?
  • 18. What will happento the face ofSocial?
  • 19. Make sure you watch thispresentationto know about thebad effectsHow technology has affectedour lives in a bad wayclick it
  • 20. I personally am not sureif Google has totally forgotabout privacy issuesAnd will it not feel as if we havetwo fields of vision?
  • 21. The glass serves as aSmartphoneright on our eyesThats REALLY cool!
  • 22. But will Google address theugly and privacy issuesbefore launching it?Lets see!
  • 23. For moretech tips and gadget newsClick here
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