Simple email marketing mistakes that could damage your purpose


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Simple email marketing mistakes that could damage your purpose

  1. 1. Jane Sheeba - Jane Sheeba
  2. 2. Jane SheebaIf you’re a regular reader of my writing (either at Best Auto Responder Tipsor at Problogging Success or any of my guest posts), then you’d haveprobably heard me saying this term: Email marketing is golden .Yup it is!
  3. 3. Jane SheebaYou may have heard about various new and shiny marketing strategies andtools to help promote your blog or business. But email marketing still worksand it indeed works much better than any other marketing strategy.Why? Because…. Email marketing is more personal, more targeted and more effective than any other marketing strategy [Click to tweet this if you agree!]Now, the purpose of this blog post is to share a few simple email marketingmistakes that most internet marketers are doing.While the mistakes themselves are so simple the effects can be bigger. Sothese mistakes should not be taken so lightly.Ok without wasting any more time, let me get straight to the point.
  4. 4. Jane Sheeba MISTAKE #1: USING A VERY FORMAL NAMEDon’t get me wrong here. Yes you need to use a professional sender’s namefor your emails. However the name should sound as if the email is from areal person and not from a bot or a company.Using a company name is fine, but you should make sure that your emailsounds as if it is sent from a human being and not from a bot.Your email should also sound as if sent from you and not from a bunch ofstaff who work at your company.So while you try hard so much to maintain your professionalism in youremails, also do make sure that your emails are realistic, personal andhuman.
  5. 5. Jane Sheeba MISTAKE #2: SEND ONLY HTML MAILThis is a no-brainer, yet so many internet marketers fail to include a textversion of their email in their campaigns.In almost all the autoresponder services, this option is included for the clickof a button. For instance in Aweber, you just have to turn on the plain textauto generation feature as shown below.Your email list will consist of a list of people who can receive HTMLmessages and also people who cannot receive HTML messages.If you do not include a text version of the email you will miss out thosepeople in the list.Further, when it is so easy to include a text version, what’s stopping you?
  6. 6. Jane Sheeba MISTAKE #3: SEND BULKY EMAILSBulky emails are a pain. They could easily annoy your subscribers. Somemight not even be delivered properly.So avoid attaching big files/images or including heavy images within youremail or as attachments.Also it is important that you use a light email template that is not bulky. Bulky emails have a higher chance of getting bounced. They may also load very slowly thus testing the patience of your subscribers.
  7. 7. Jane Sheeba Mistake #4: UnethicalWell this one is neither a simple nor a small mistake. This one is BIG.I’m talking about those who buy email lists from others and keep sendingthose people in the list, their own marketing emails.First, you don’t have their permission. They signed up for a different listwith a different expectation in mind. So if your start sending them youremails, even if they are relevant to their expectation, it is still not ethical.So if you are one of those who buy lists and then start sending emails tothose people, you need to stop it now.This will put it in trouble quite soon.
  8. 8. Jane Sheeba MISTAKE #5: UN-TARGETED EMAILSIf your email autoresponder service provides you an option to set upmultiple email lists (like Aweber which allows you to have unlimited lists),then USE IT.If you build just one email list but have different marketing purposes, it justwon’t cut it.Or if you do not need multiple lists, you can still have one list but segment iteffectively in order to better target your emails.For instance, you may separate and save a small group of people whoactively open a particular type of email and start sending more emails of thesame type to that list.This way you are able to segment out people with particular interest andsend emails that match with their interests.You can greatly boost your email conversion rates using this technique.
  9. 9. Jane Sheeba TAKEAWAYEmail marketing works great even today; even if it is thought of as oldschool stuff by most marketers.You may not get desired results with your email marketing campaigns ifyou do not do it effectively. You might be making any of these mistakesgiven above.So buckle up and double check to see if you are making any of thesemistakes.
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