How To Be An Un-Annoying Blogger (You Don't Have To Please Everyone)


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Sell without selling and you can make more money than those who punch their readers on their faces with hard sell strategy.

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How To Be An Un-Annoying Blogger (You Don't Have To Please Everyone)

  1. 1. Jane Sheeba Problogging Success Problogging Success Cutting-edge, no BS strategies to achieve blogging success, the professional way – with Jane Sheeba
  2. 2. Jane Sheeba
  3. 3. Jane SheebaThere’s this thing about cooking for the family. It’s one of the mostconfusing tasks that I handle every day.Whenever I cast this question, “What shall I make for dinner (or breakfastor lunch)?” I always get different answers from the members of my family.No, don’t think that my family is too big. It’s just the four of us – Me, myhubby, my son and my hubby’s cousin.Between the four of us, it is really so hard (and it’s getting harder every day)to fix a dish for dinner.And there you go – think about your blog! You have hundreds or thousandsof readers.You think you can please all of them? No, don’t even think about it!You can never please all of your readers. The more you try, the more timeyou waste – it is that simple. And I am totally against that thought: Tryingto please all of my readers.
  4. 4. Jane SheebaSo, apparently this report is not about pleasing all your readers. I am justlike you and I haven’t found a way for it, lol.OK let’s get to the meat of this report – straight to the point! Remove the banners and annoying adsThere’s always the itch to fill your blog with banners all over the place. Yes,I understand – as a blogger you want to make money from your blog, right?That’s right; there’s nothing wrong in having that thought. But you need tounderstand that you can never make money from your blog if you areannoying your readers.And at the same time I am not saying that you should please all yourreaders in order to make money – that’ll never happen.But use your common sense and of course, some stats of your blog to stayfar away from being an annoying blogger.
  5. 5. Jane SheebaSee, your readers come to your blog for two reasons (mainly) – 1. They want to consume information (to improve their knowledge on a subject, say for instance, SEO) 2. They want a solution to a problemAnd if you manage to help them, you’re golden. Everything else willnaturally follow. I recommend these two reads: 1. How to get your readers emotionally engaged with your posts (for better conversions without the annoying stuff!) 2. 3 Sneaky ways to convert casual readers to loyal readers
  6. 6. Jane Sheeba Send newsletters at the right frequencyThe second most annoying things that bloggers do is treat their email list asa money printing machine. The saying “Money is in the list” is simply over-rated.Let your readers develop trust in you. How do you think this can be madepossible? Will your readers trust you if you just keep sending ONLY sales-pitched emails to them from the day they joined your list?Also if you send 5 emails a day and then nothing for a month you’ll eitherannoy your readers or they’ll totally forget you.I know, one size doesn’t fit all – but you gotta find out the right frequencythat keeps YOUR subscribers happy. Even though you cannot keepeveryone in peace, when 20 people unsubscribe a day while 4 peoplesubscribe, you gotta think!
  7. 7. Jane Sheeba I recommend these two reads: 1. Simple email marketing mistakes that could damage your purpose 2. 3 Simple email marketing tips that are often ignored by internet marketersThey say sending emails once a week is good. It sounds like a goodfrequency. But don’t settle down just because an A-lister is saying. Try foryourself and see which works better. Don’t beg around (punching on reader’s faces)Yes, again, I totally understand that you need to be making money fromyour blog – I mean, that’s your strongest wish.
  8. 8. Jane SheebaBut –Don’t be too salesy.It’s OK to promote your own products/services and affiliate products, butbeing salesy won’t cut it.Just deliver value and be smart at marketing – SMART marketers sell without selling and more importantly, they resist the “urge” to sell [Click to tweet this!].I’m not telling that you should be a Charity Inc. as a blogger. You put yoursweat and blood into your blogging business and you deserve to earn fromit.But you cannot earn from your blog if you annoy your precious readers.They’re your assets.
  9. 9. Jane SheebaHere is a 3 step simple strategy to sell without selling (and to sell more);and this strategy applies to promoting your own products or affiliateproducts – it doesn’t matter: Step 1: Find out your target readers’ problems (I assume you already know YOUR target readers/audience/leads – coz that’s where most bloggers fail miserably). Step 2: Create great content that gives your target readers the solution to their problems. Not the theory about problems. Not the “What” and “Why” but the “How” – remember they need a solution and not your lecture. Step 3: Create premium products (e-books, e-courses, membership content, software, etc.) that goes well with fixing or helping your target audience with their problems. Also do find out affiliate products that go well with this stream. Include a call-to-action in your content by seamlessly integrating the same with the purpose of your content – not the “buy my stuff” kind .
  10. 10. Jane SheebaThat’s it. Nothing complicated here. Although this three step strategy issimple, it is mostly ignored.Why? Because there is an irresistible urge to just sell and make moremoney. But my friend, the more you do it, the more you fail.Hard selling or punching the readers on their faces might have worked adecade ago. But it doesn’t work anymore. There is already loads ofmarketers who are annoying the heck out of your readers. So don’t join thebandwagon.Remember, the more your competitors are trying to sell stuff, the easier it isfor you to stand out by simply not selling their kind. Sell without selling and let that be YOUR kind! That’s good for the mankind (aw, that rhymes well!).
  11. 11. Jane Sheeba TakeawayDo you have this decent habit of spying your competitors? I bet!Not the keyword, backlink and other nifty spying stuff to outrank them inGoogle.Just spy on their content, see how they promote their products in their blogreports and in their email newsletters (it is good to follow your competitorson a feed reader and subscribe to their email newsletter).Learn from the biggies. If they manage to make money with the soft sellingstrategy, you should also be able to do the same! And if you found this report useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!
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  13. 13. Jane Sheeba -Your plan for successful problogging These books are also available on Kindle-Problogging Action PlanGuest Blogging Champion