Aweber or Mailchimp: Best Email Autoresponder


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Aweber or Mailchimp? Which is the best email email autoresponder solution is the million dollar question. This powerpoint presentation will guide you through choosing the best email marketing solution that will fit your needs.

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Aweber or Mailchimp: Best Email Autoresponder

  1. 1. Aweber Vs MailchimpWhich is the best email marketing software and autoresponder? - A million dollar question! Jane Sheeba
  2. 2. Design and EffectivenessAweber Mailchimp• Professional interface. • Fun interface.• Professional look on • Forms and emails have a forms and email colorful look. But can give templates. a feeling of clutter!• Simple and professional • Emails are customizable, emails. but lacks professionalism.
  3. 3. Tracking RateAweber Mailchimp• Built in tracker for email • Siteanalytics360 – campaigns – real time reasonably efficient records. tracking service.• Subscriber activity can be • Subscriber activity is in a tracked based on various black box – all you have is parameters. some stars next to subscriber’s names.
  4. 4. Delivery effectivenessAweber Mailchimp• 99% delivery rate (I • Far less, I got a lot of rarely get bounces). bounces.• Emails don’t end up in • Significant number of spam folder. emails do end up in spam folder.• Sharply catches bounces and spam. • Blunt at this!
  5. 5. List BuildingAweber Mailchimp• Manage multiple lists. • Manage multiple lists.• Double optin is a must. • You can manually add You can’t manually add subscribers. – A HUGE subscribers to a list. drawback.• Categorizes based on • Categorizes based on subscriber activity. subscriber interests.
  6. 6. Price FactorAweber Mailchimp• No free account option. • Free account option is You can try Aweber for $1 available – up to 2000 for first month. subscribers and 12000 emails per month.• After the trial period its $19 per month (up to 500 subscribers) and unlimited emails!
  7. 7. Mailchimp’s premium service and Aweber’s regular serviceafter the trial period will cost you money.But Aweber becomes cheaper when we compare number ofsubscribers, features and other benefits.
  8. 8. Do you want to make money with your list?Aweber Mailchimp• YES MAN! • NO WAY!• You can put links to • You cannot put affiliate affiliate products in your links in your emails. emails.• You can send out emails • You cannot send out with a sole subject of emails that solely pitching an affiliate promote affiliate product. products.
  9. 9. Mailchimp – Unclear!
  10. 10. My Take• I personally love Mailchimp for what it does for free • But I cannot professionalize my email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp – something was seriously missing!• I made my choice to go for Aweber, after using Mailchimp for about 6 months.• Tight budget Tempted to go for Mailchimp• But you’ll be enjoying much lesser features.• PLUS: Don’t risk losing your subscriber list (building one isn’t easy) for rules that are unclear!
  11. 11. Time For A Gift!As a thank you, I would like to offer you a free gift.My premium ebook “Problogging Action Plan” that sells for $27.If you decide to go for Aweber through my link you can getmy ebook for FREE*!* After you pass the trial period; I will need your transaction details!