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New Advertising Media
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New Advertising Media

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Some insights into changing media landscapes and tools to leverage on the web and mobile penetration.

Some insights into changing media landscapes and tools to leverage on the web and mobile penetration.

More in: Business , Technology
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  • 1. New Advertising Media
  • 2. Traditional Advertising Platforms Employee generated, one way content Print TV Radio Face-2-Face Newspapers, Commercials, Commercials, Door-Door Magazines Infomercials Infomercials Salesman Model Outdoor Banners, Radio Event Local Event Product Placements Posters Sponsorship Sponsorship Radio Program Event TV Event/Program Direct Mail, Brochures Sponsorship Service Sign-Up Sponsorship Amway Incentive Model Brochure / Offer Distribution
  • 3. What’s Changed? • • Cell Phones - Calling Laptops • • MMORPG SMS texting • • Digital Video Touch Screens - Scribble • • VoIP - Skype iVLE • • Google / Search Web Applications • • The Internet Wi-fi • • iPod - Music, Podcast Myspace & Facebook
  • 4. New Advertising Media Platforms User Generated, User Propagated Content Social Networking Podcasts e-Games mPublish Video Sharing User Blogs Websites Forums Wikis Instant Messaging MOBILE WEB
  • 5. Where are consumers? Admit it...You go there too.... All the time
  • 6. What are they Doing? The Brand of “ME”......... Ey! You Talking to “ME”? • Create Personal “Brand” - Online • Myspace, Facebook etc allow personalization • Personalized Merchandize: zazzle.com • Share Personal Point of View • Blogs, Twitter - Blog on the go. • Vernacular Blogs - Deeper Local Reach • User-prioratized-News: Digg.com • Connect with friends, send gifts, parties • Forward jokes, other material • Poke, Scrap, Buzz, Comment, Gossip
  • 7. Is this really true? Think Twice before you give your Credit Card to your Spouse • People Talking in a POWERFUL new way • 1 Billion people used the internet in 2006 (IDC) • 35% of US Internet Users have posted Content Online • 75,000 Blogs Picked Up every day • Total Internet-Directed Spending = $ 900B (2008) • Online Purchase - $229B in 2008 (Forrester Research) • Internet-Directed Outside Purchase - $632 Billion (Jupiter Comms.)
  • 8. Informed New Consumer “Buy Starhub and Singtel Stocks” • Internet & Mobile Devices • Consumers are Talking • People trust (only) people • “Conversation” revolution • Consumers compare prices • Consumers Read Reviews
  • 9. Web Marketing Make Dialogue, Add Value • Don’t Repeat Old Mistakes (Ref:Video) • Google Ad-Relevance • Aesthetic Ads - Widgets • Banner Ads - Flashy and Ugly Ads are hated • Don’t Hard Sell • Enable interactivity, get out of the way
  • 10. Widgets • Sniplets of Software • On Myspace Pages • On Blogs, Desktop • Adds-Value, Content • Nice Advertising • Entertain, Edutain
  • 11. Viral Marketing When Marketer Says --- It’s Advertising When Person Says --- It’s Word of Mouth • Claim • Satisfied Customer tells 3 people • Unsatisfied customer tells 11 people • Target: Pre-Existing Social Networks • Encourages people to pass a message voluntarily • Methods: WoM, Email, e-Social Networks • Target: People with high social networking potential • Emotions: Joy, Fear, Disgust, Surprise, Anger • Super Successes: Hotmail, The Blair Witch Project, Gmail
  • 12. PINKO Marketing Conversations & Communities - Lady loves Pink • Don’t just sell a product - Build Communities • Firefox - NYT Ad • Suggested by the Developer Community • Funded by the community • Final Ad focussed on Community • Letting things evolve • Wikipedia, Facebook
  • 13. Conventional Marketer “Community” Marketer Creating Passionate users - Evangelists, by Strategy Planning, Research, Media Buys, Project Mgt, listening, observing, being part of the community - Brand Development & Mgt, Advertising & Promotions and innately knowing what they will need next Helping community Kick Ass = $next to nothing Focus on Deliverables: Cost per click, media planning within given budget, ROI etc Shifting your advertising budget to improving your product = PRICELE$$ Erm... talks to people Study target markets, collects consumer data, predicts future market trends, conducts user testing, focus Not too hard since (s)he knows many of them groups and customer feed-back surveys personally Uses words like: Peng Sim, James, David, Yurii, Uses words like: Consumer, target, buyer and user to Geetika, Cossmos, Vijay, Ricky, Kotler, Kevin to describe customers describe members of his community Listens and Participates in conversation Controls and Crafts Message for Change
  • 14. GET OUT OF THE WAY PINKO Marketing Clue Train PERSONAL Event Marketing Direct Direct e Open Sourc Sales Marketing Viral / WOM Marketing Traveling SEED Sales / Tele- marketing GENERIC / MASS Promotions Public Relations Advertising CONTROL THE PUSH PARTICIPATE MESSAGE
  • 15. Mobile + Web Integration • Information Anywhere, Anytime • Always On, Always Connected • Always with you • On-the-go Blogging - Twitter, Jaiku • On-the-go entertainment • Knows where you are • Mapvertising, • Proximity Marketing
  • 16. Channel - NOT Strategy Complements Traditional Marketing
  • 17. Web, Mobile Ads Is someone really looking at your Ads? • CPA ( Cost Per Action) • Pay for Ad only after Action 200 • Google Ad Sense - 150 • Cost per Click (CPC) 100 • Cost per Impression (CPI) 50 • 0 eBay- Adcontext Clicks Impression CPC CTR • Cost per Time (CPT) Campaign 1 Campaign 2