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02 03-2012-atmosphere layers1

02 03-2012-atmosphere layers1






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    02 03-2012-atmosphere layers1 02 03-2012-atmosphere layers1 Presentation Transcript

      • Copy today’s date and EQ.
      • List three reasons why the atmosphere is important.
    • Atmosphere Foldable
      • Color the graph line to represent the temperature changes.
        • Blue for decreasing temperatures (getting colder)
        • Red for increasing temperatures (getting warmer)
      • Fold the diagram in half, and cut on the half line.
      • Glue each half on to the front of your shutter foldable.
      • Cut flaps on the left hand side using the horizontal lines.
      • Wait for directions on cutting flaps on the right hand side.
    • Atmosphere
      • The atmosphere protects us from the harmful wavelengths of light.
    • Notice which wavelengths are blocked! Image from https://www.e-education.psu.edu/astro801/files/astro801/image/atmos_windows_KL.jpg
    • Troposphere
      • Where weather occurs
      • Convection currents
      • Most dense layer
    • Stratosphere
      • Contains most of atmosphere’s ozone
      • Where jets fly
    • Mesosphere
      • Where meteors burn up
      • Coldest part of the atmosphere
    • Thermosphere
      • Air molecules can be 1km apart!
      • Up to 2,000 degrees C
      • International Space Station orbits at 300 km
    • Ozone Layer
      • O 3
      • Protects us from most of the sun’s UV radiation
    • Ionosphere
      • Helps bounce radiowaves back to Earth
      • Auroras happen here
    • Exosphere
      • Satellites orbit
      • No definite “end”
    • Magnetosphere
      • Earth’s magnetic field
      • Protects us from the solar wind
      • Without it, our atmosphere would “blow” away. Scientists think that is what happened to Mars.
    • Reflection Questions – Page 123
      • List the four main atmospheric layers.
      • Which layer is the most important to you and why?
      • What does the stratosphere protect you from?
      • What does the mesosphere protect you from?
      • Which layer acts as a giant magnet? What does it attract?
      • What would happen to Earth’s atmosphere if the magnetosphere did not exist?
      • In which layer does weather occur?
      • What do we determine where one atmosphere layer ends and the next one starts?