Weekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012
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Weekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012






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Weekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012 Weekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012 Document Transcript

  • Weekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012From http://candlestickprofits.comWeekly Outlook for Oct 29th to Nov 2nd 2012Wall StreetNew York, Wall Street,Well it looks like hurricane Sandy will have some effect on the markets on Monday as the NYSEwill not be open for trading, all transactions will be electronically through arca. Lets see ifthere’s any hiccups in that plan. Isn’t there an alternate trading place they could use? I’m sureI’ve heard about it before. Why not use it and put it through its paces. Tuesday may be just asbad or worse.NYSE closing floor trading for monday – Business InsiderThe decision to NOT open the NYSE Trading Floor for trading is being made due to theincreasing potential severity of Hurricane Sandy and the fact that the MTA has announced thesuspension of all commuter train, subway …Publish Date: 10/28/2012 16:05http://www.businessinsider.com/hurricane-sandy-will-the-stock-market-be-open-on-monday-2012-10NYSE to Close Trading Floor Tomorrow Crossing Wall StreetTrading in all securities listed on the Big Board will be moved to Arca, an electronic tradingplatform operated by New York Stock Exchange parent NYSE Euronext, according to astatement by the company. The market …Publish Date: 10/28/2012 16:51http://www.crossingwallstreet.com/archives/2012/10/nyse-to-close-trading-floor-tomorrow.htmlI hope there won’t be any panic and stock mkt will not be completely out of control on Mondaydue to to no floor trading at NYSE…By kelkun at 10/28/2012 20:52 1/6
  • In other Market NewsKindle Fire HD Withstands Apple’s (AAPL) iPad Mini AssaultThere is no doubt Apple (AAPL)’s new iPad mini is a continuation of the company’s trend toalways feature high build quality products that come with stunning.Publish Date: 10/27/2012 6:27http://wallstreetpit.com/97595-kindle-fire-hd-withstands-apples-aapl-ipad-mini-assault/It seems Steve Jobs yacht is finally complete. Too bad he never got to use it. RIP Steve,someone will get to use it I guess. Read about it here:The Yacht Apple’s (AAPL) Steve Jobs Envisioned Makes Its First …One year after his death, Steve Jobs’ yacht which he started designing in 2009 with renownedFrench designer Philippe Starck has been completed. Dutch site.Publish Date: 10/28/2012 11:30http://wallstreetpit.com/97606-the-yacht-apples-aapl-steve-jobs-envisioned-makes-its-first-appearance/Apple (AAPL) Dips Below $600Less than 24 hours after releasing its second straight earnings miss, Apple (AAPL) stock hasnow dropped below $600 for the first time in three.Publish Date: 10/26/2012 14:24http://wallstreetpit.com/97589-apple-aapl-dips-below-600/AAPL ChatterIt’s ridiculous to expect $AAPL w/ _less_ map experience to auto-magically surpass companieswith more mapping experience. Dev. takes time.By Midas_Money at 10/28/2012 21:04 2/6
  • RT @themotleyfool: Funny $AAPL joke! RT @TMFHousel: BREAKING: APPLE MAPS SAYSHURRICANE SANDY TO HIT CALIFORNIA BY MIDNIGHTBy soumil_vora at 10/28/2012 21:03LOLRT @z8angela: My new post here: Re thinking beyond the Technical and Earnings on APPLE –http://t.co/2PVtzle1 $SPY $AAPL #BlogBy Option_Iceman at 10/28/2012 21:00Apple Inc (AAPL) Is Still A Value Stock http://t.co/gbafQhjvBy B4INMoney at 10/28/2012 20:54The other battle: $MSFT #Windows8 vs $AAPL Retina 13? MBP for the #WS12By dmackdaddy at 10/28/2012 20:56Apple Inc (AAPL) Margin Story is Replica of Q4 2010: Deutsche Bank http://t.co/5bU5UvEa via@newspinBy InsightsApple at 10/28/2012 20:46Sandy affecting the markets already.Pfizer, Entergy Corp and NRG Energy said they would postponeearnings release until…Pfizer, Entergy Corp and NRG Energy said they would postpone releasing quarterly earningsresults because of Hurricane Sandy – @Reuters.10/28/2012 20:16 3/6 View slide
  • http://www.breakingnews.com/item/ahZzfmJyZWFraW5nbmV3cy13d3ctaHJkcg0LEgRTZWVkGIylpgsM/2012/10/29/pfizer-entergy-corp-and-nrg-energy-said-they-would-postpone-releasingHurricane Sandy ChatterGuess what Hurricane Sandy? Life goes on…By KSike at 10/28/2012 21:34RT @CapriSahnn: If you get a dollar for every time you see “Hurricane Sandy” on your TLniggas would be rich.By the_huglife at 10/28/2012 21:34RT @WorkaholicBlake: BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West says he’ll let Sandy finish, but thinksKatrina was the best hurricane of all time.By MyraAlexis1 at 10/28/2012 21:34There might be a chance I catch a homer from Miggy. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, gloves onand im waiting in my backyardBy AClivestrong at 10/28/2012 21:34I can hear the wind blowing hard outside. Sandy’s a comin’.By k_spence94 at 10/28/2012 21:34Does this mean hurricane sandy was from sponge bob 4/6 View slide
  • By akaaate at 10/28/2012 21:34OMG I HOPE SANDY CANCELS SCHOOL TOMORROW! JK I LIVE IN ILLINOIS.By whalinn at 10/28/2012 21:34RT @_SunshineTimexo: Hurricane Sandy has a twitter what the freaking hell! LmaoBy _Sneaks_ at 10/28/2012 21:34RT @realsandycane: HURRICANE SANDY AIN’T EVEN A SCARY NAME THO. I NEED ATERRIFYING NAME LIKE HURRICANE SHANAYNAY OR SUM SHIT.By k_burke13 at 10/28/2012 21:34RT @aSandyHurricane: DIS BITCH WAS LIKE “I’M DYING AT HURRICANE SANDYTWEETS” AND I’M LIKE YOU ABOUT TO BE DYIN IN REAL LIFE.By Mahonalicious at 10/28/2012 21:34Strongest winds thus far. That water is really coming up fast. Gonna be a wet one. Watch out#NYC and #Philly #ocracoke #obx #SandyBy TheIslandInn at 10/28/2012 21:40Hurricane hunter aircraft reports a rough ride, expanding wind fields, decreasing pressure, andan eye wall. #hurricane #sandy #frankenstormBy alwarren56 at 10/28/2012 21:40 5/6
  • Google Has Set Up A “Crisis Map” For Those Preparing For Hurricane #Sandy http://t.co/V4ztBUfr By theLee_Mueller at 10/28/2012 21:40 Everyone in Facebook/twitter stressing about #sandy and the kardashians just want East coasters to watch their show. #wtfkardashians By LauraSachiko at 10/28/2012 21:40 Thanks to #sandy senior year just got a whole lot better. #NoSchool Woop By karapouliot at 10/28/2012 21:40 RT @NYSEEuronext: #NYSE to remain open for trading while NY physical floor is closed for #Sandy http://t.co/tOky4jHW By AdamGabrielsen at 10/28/2012 21:40 RT @ShelbyKnox: Evidently, lots of paternalistic tweeters battering CNN for letting thin, female reporter cover #Sandy. She can do her job. #sexism By badgerjill at 10/28/2012 21:40 Stay Safe everyone. Tags: AAPL, electronic trading, New York, new york stock exchange, nyse euronext, SANDY, stock market, stock mkt, Stock Trading, trinity church Read More: http://candlestickprofits.com/posts/10010116/weekly-outlook-for-oct-29th-to-nov-2nd-2012.html 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)