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  • 1. Speaking Skill Unit: CultureTopic: General Information Subtopic: Festival For Prathomsuksa 5
  • 2. Vocabulary festival
  • 3. scary
  • 4. competition
  • 5. mask
  • 6. garbage
  • 7. mess
  • 8. costume
  • 9. Structure Going to/WillGoing to for plan We use going to when we want to talk about plans made before the moment of speaking.Example: What time are you going to be there?
  • 10. Affirmative I am going to wear it all day during the festival.Negative I am not going to wear it all day during the festival.
  • 11. QuestionExample: Are you going to wear that? Yes, I am. No, I am not.
  • 12. Will for decisions at the moment of speakingWe use will to express a decision made at the moment of speaking. I will try it on….. What do you think?Affirmative I will pick up all this garbage.Negative I will not pick up all this garbage.
  • 13. QuestionExample: Will you help me? Yes, I will. No, I will not.(will not=won’t)We use I think I’ll … and I’ll probably … when we are not 100 certain. I will probably go shopping instead.
  • 14. Checking your understanding1.From the story, who is going to go shopping instead of celebrating the festival? Jenny2.Which festival are they talking about? Phi Ta Khone festival3.What does Jenny think about Chet’s mask? It’s very scary.
  • 15. Activity 2 Picture StoryLook at the given picture related to Phi Ta Khonfestival. Based on text 3 that you have learnedbefore and the structure Going to/Will, take 10minutes to prepare describing the picture by oralspeaking. Then, present it in front of class within 3minutes.
  • 16. Phi Ta Khon festival
  • 17. Task 1 Drawing a Ghost Mask Get into couple. Take 10 minutes to design a ghost mask using the materials given. Then present in front of the class by oral speaking based on what the teacher guides.Presentation guides: - Concept of a ghost mask - Reasons you choose to create this ghost mask - Whatever you want to talk about your ghost mask