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Amrapali chennai live 104.8fm plan

  2. 2. AMRAPALI ONCHENNAI LIVE 104.8FM<br />OBJECTIVE:<br />CREATE hype around Amrapali onChennai’s Only English Radio Station- to the HIGH-ON-SPORT, HIGH-ON-REAL-ESTATE, HIGH-ON-INVESTMENT, HIGH-ON-BUSINESS Sec A&B Chennaiite, listening to Chennai Live104.8FM.<br />ESTABLISH the brand’s Cult Identity, and marry it with the STRENGTH,AESTHETICS,VALUE for MONEY & NATIONAL APPEAL<br />of CSK’s IPL Cricketing action.<br />COMMUNICATE the strong link-up between Amrapali & CSK, both on-air & on-ground.<br />
  3. 3. AMRAPALI ONCHENNAI LIVE 104.8FM<br />APPROACH<br />Awareness<br />High intensity Radio Spots for 51 days<br />Association with Amrapali<br />On –air: The Ultimate CSK Fan Plan on 28 days- (2 days prior to each CSK Match*14 CSK Matches during IPL)<br />On –air: Associate Sponsor of the On-air Chennai Live 104.8FM IPL Full Toss- the on-air activity fro the IPL.<br />On – Ground: Title Sponsor of the “Chennai Live 104.8FM Teenage Premier League – 2011” <br />On – Ground: The CSK Amrapali –BLOCK -Parti Nights<br /> Cheer the 11 member CSK @ the 7 exclusive-High-on-Spirits, High-on SportCSK BLOCK PARTIESon the home matchnights, promoted extensively on ChennaiLive104.8FM.<br />
  4. 4. AMRAPALI ON-AIR<br />ON-AIR PROMOTION:<br />Radio Spots- we would produce the 30 sec radio spots- that showcases, hypes & promotes the Amrapali-CSK association.<br />Also, spots showcasing your hot deals & properties can be promoted through customized radio spots.<br />All radio spots can be produced by us, free of cost.<br />‘The Ultimate CSK Fan Plan’<br />Value Ad:<br />Associate sponsor of the On-air IPL Activity- Chennai Live 104.8FM IPL Full Toss. <br />Details are in the Amrapali On-air PPT. The basic elements:<br />IPL Correspondent, Chennai Matches, Countdown, IPL Team tidbits, <br />Third Umpire, Play by Play, IPL Quiz, Predict & Win Prizes<br />
  5. 5. AMRAPALI ON-AIR<br />The AmrapaliUltimate CSK Fan Plan:<br />a) ‘The AMRAPALI BIG 6’ on The Evening Drive, @7pm<br />to be played on the 28days (2 days prior to CSK Match *14 match Days) <br />A qualifying question based on CSK will be promoted throughout the hour, and two lucky sms participants would be taken on air towards the end of the hour.<br />6 balls an over, 6 CSK questions an hour . The contestants would be taken on-air , and pitted against each other. The 1 with the max answers wins.<br />The RJ will end the hour with the 2 contestants cheering for the CSK team, in the best way possible.<br />The winner would pick up tickets to the CSK matches<br /> /exciting merchandise from Amrapali.<br />
  6. 6. AMRAPALI ON-AIR<br />The AmrapaliUltimate CSK Fan Plan:<br />b) ‘The Amrapali Realty Request Hour-’ on The Live Café, 5pm-6pm <br />on th2 28days (2 days prior to CSK Match *14 match Days)<br />The entire hour will be promoted as the Amrapali Realty Request Hour – where listeners can call and request for their favorite songs and dedicate it to their favorite CSK Players.<br />If you have a cheer song for the CSK Team, listeners can sing it out too<br />
  7. 7. AMRAPALI ON-GROUND<br />THE AMRAPALI TPL-TEENAGE PREMIER LEAGUE<br />Amrapaliwill be the Presenting Sponsor of the Teenage Premier League, which is on the same format as IPL, for 32 TPL Teams- with 500 teenage cricket lovers, between ages 13-19.<br />The AmrapatliTPL would be extensively promoted on-air, in-print & through on-ground activations at teen hangouts.<br />2 editions of the TPL have already been successfully held.<br />Matches to be held during the Summer Holidays between 16th May-29th May, 2011.<br />The participants can form & register teams from their colonies/friends circle/schools/clubs/families.<br />A detailed concept PPT is attached for further reference.<br />
  8. 8. AMRAPALI ON ON-GROUND<br />THE CSK AMRAPALI BLOCKPARTI NIGHTS<br /> Cheer the 11 member CSK @ the 7 exclusive-High-on-Spirits, High-on Sport CSK BLOCK PARTIES on the home matchnights, promoted extensively on ChennaiLive104.8FM.<br /> Contests’ll be run- for exclusive party passes to be won.<br />The parties will all have <br />an exclusive ‘hot-on-the-BLOCK’DJ –for entertainment <br />an exclusive sporty activation – for sportainment<br />Exclusive Amrapali–Theming:<br /> A CSK BLOCKParty (yellow for lemon/yellow for CSK)<br /> – with exclusive 7UPMixers Menu, branding, merchandising, co-branding with CSK & Promotions for the night.<br />
  9. 9. AMRAPALI ON-GROUND<br />THE CSK AMRAPALI BLOCKPARTI SPECIAL MENU<br /> The BlockParty <br /> – with 7 Amrapali customized drinks –that feature on the Amrapali Block-Party Special Menu.<br />
  10. 10. AMRAPALION-GROUND<br />Theming & Activation of:<br />THE CSK AMRAPALI BLOCKPARTI NIGHTS<br />THE AmrapaliOver:<br /> The party people would slot as many tennis balls as possible into the Amrapali-CSK Shut up board within 1 over of the CSK Match. The Shut up board would have the eminent CSK players, with 7 holes cut out in the board.<br /> THE Amrapali Down and Under:<br /> 7 Party people would have to down as many Amprapali drinks as possible within 1 over. The person who downs the maximum wins exciting Amrapali Merchandise.<br />The Amrapali Play-time:<br /> The DJ announces the AmrapaliRequest Over, <br /> where he plays requests from the house.<br />
  11. 11. ON-AIR DELIVERABLES<br />Activity Period: 51 days<br />Promo Duration: 20secs<br />Schedule of Spots: 20times a day<br />Commercial time20400seconds <br />Time band: 8 spots in 07:00-11:00, 4 spots in 11:00-17:00 , 8 spots in 17:00-21:00<br />‘THE Amrapali BIG 6’ on The Evening Drive, on 28 days<br />‘The Amrapali Realty Request Hour-’ on The Live Café, on 28 days<br />Value Ad:<br /> Associate Sponsor of the On-air Chennai Live 104.8FM IPL Full Toss- the on-air activity fro the IPL.<br />
  12. 12. AMRAPALI OUTLAY-ON-AIR<br />ON-Air:<br />ON-Air Promos:<br />INR 5,10,000 gross + applicable Tax.<br />‘THE AMRAPALIBIG 6’ on The Evening Drive, on 28 days<br />INR 1,68,000 gross + applicable Tax.<br />‘The AMRAPALI REALTYREQUEST HOUR’ on Live Café, on 28 days<br />INR 1,40,000 gross + applicable Tax.<br />Overall On-Air Outlay<br />INR 8,18,000 gross + applicable Tax.<br />**The on-air elements can be chosen as required.<br />
  13. 13. AMRAPALI OUTLAY-ON-GROUND<br />ON-GROUND:<br />The Amrapali Teenage Premier League<br />Outlay : INR 10,25,000 gross+ Applicable Tax.<br />The 7 ‘Amrapali Block Parti Nights’<br />Outlay: INR 14,35,000 gross+ Applicable Tax.<br />Conceptual Organizing + Execution+ Exclusive DJ+ Production<br />Value ad: On-air TPL+ Amrapali Block Parti Nights Promotion FCT ON-AIR, equivalent to On-Ground Outlay.<br />. **The permutations & combinations/ theming & execution of the on-ground events can be re-worked depending on the client’s requirements & budget.<br />
  14. 14. ABOUT CHENNAI LIVE 104.8FM<br />
  15. 15. Two Sides of Chennai<br />New Chennai<br />Traditional Chennai<br />
  16. 16. New Chennai<br />
  17. 17. Who Reaches Who<br />Dina thanti<br />Dinamalar<br />Dinakaran<br />Sun TV<br />Raj TV<br />Hindu<br />Times of India<br />Outlook<br />Business Today<br />NDTV<br />CNBC<br />Discovery<br />Other Radio stations in Chennai<br />Chennai Live<br />
  18. 18. Target Audience<br /><ul><li>20+ English speaking males and females
  19. 19. Graduates and Post Graduates, often holding a professional degree
  20. 20. High achievers
  21. 21. Highly aware – a large number with international exposure
  22. 22. High earners (High spenders)
  23. 23. Brand conscious
  24. 24. Size: nearly 1.7 million</li></li></ul><li>Target Audience<br />Listenership<br />80% of Chennai live listeners are SEC A Chennaites<br />Demographics<br />85% of 20-29 years SEC A Chennaites are Chennai Live listeners<br />85% of 30-39 years SEC A Chennaites are Chennai Live listeners<br />80% of 40-49 years SEC A Chennaites are Chennai Live listeners<br /> English Media consumption<br />100% of Chennai Live listeners are consumers of other English Media <br />(Source Hansa Research. Sample: 600 -SEC AB, Male & Female)<br />
  25. 25. What Chennai Live is about<br />Chennai Live is India’s first ever English talk radio station. We offer engaging conversations on a variety of topics ranging from Chennai, Current affairs, lifestyle, Sports & Music<br />
  26. 26. Programming Format<br />Talk<br />English Music<br /><ul><li>Current Affairs – </li></ul> Local, National, <br /> International<br /><ul><li> Lifestyle – </li></ul> Fashion, <br /> Technology, <br /> Gadgets, Travel, <br /> Books, Art, <br /> Theatre, Films<br /><ul><li> Sports
  27. 27. Business
  28. 28. Evergreen Hits </li></ul> across genres<br /><ul><li>New Music
  29. 29. Indie</li></li></ul><li>Major Programmes<br />Live Talk<br /><ul><li>Big Morning debates
  30. 30. Monday – Friday 8-11AM
  31. 31. Sets agenda for Chennai. Discussions, debates with Studio guest where listeners join in</li></ul>The Evening Drive<br />Live Café<br /><ul><li>For Chennai’s Gen-X
  32. 32. Monday-Friday, 2PM-5PM
  33. 33. Smart talk, smart music
  34. 34. Evening Drive
  35. 35. Monday-Friday,6PM-9PM
  36. 36. All about Lifestyle & the City</li></li></ul><li>Major Programmes<br />Paperback<br />Breakfast with Boss<br />Chennai Connection<br /><ul><li>All about Chennai
  37. 37. Monday - Friday, 11AM - 2PM
  38. 38. Show on people, places, trends in Chennai
  39. 39. Chat with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs & people in leadership position
  40. 40. Sunday, 9AM – 11AM
  41. 41. All about Books
  42. 42. Saturday, 11AM – 2PM
  43. 43. Show about latest book launches & Reviews</li></li></ul><li>Major Programmes<br />Chennai Calling<br />The Quiz Show<br />Sports<br />Café<br /><ul><li>Updates from the world of sports
  44. 44. Saturday , 2PM-5PM
  45. 45. Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, F1, Moto GP, Golf
  46. 46. Playing Quiz with listeners
  47. 47. Sunday, 11AM-2PM
  48. 48. Questions are designed to attract participation from everyone
  49. 49. A whacky programme on people, prank calls & some good music
  50. 50. Monday-Friday, 9PM-11PM</li></li></ul><li>Programming Values<br />Intelligence<br />Creativity<br />Aesthetics, Good Taste<br />Fairness<br />Accuracy<br />Diversity (of opinion)<br />Accessibility<br />
  51. 51. Our Team<br />
  52. 52. Value Proposition<br />Chennai Live 104.8FM is the most credible advertising environment for a brand with an up-market, modern and international appeal<br />
  53. 53. Some of Our Major Clients<br />
  54. 54.
  55. 55. Chennai Live 104.8FM Programmes<br />
  56. 56. Chennai Live FPC effective 15th June 2009<br />
  57. 57. Chennai Live FPC effective 15th June 2009<br />
  58. 58. Chennai Live FPC effective 15th June 2009<br />
  59. 59. Advertising Opportunities<br />Spots<br />Sponsorships<br /> Branded Content <br />Contests & Giveaways<br />Retail Radio<br />Outdoor Broadcast<br />Presenter mention<br />
  60. 60. The Group behind Chennai live<br />Chennai Live is owned and managed by the Muthoot Group, a respected business group in South India.<br />The group had its modest beginnings as Muthoot Bankers, way back in 1887. Today it has grown manifold with diverse interest like Finance, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and Real estate amongst others.<br />
  61. 61. Thank you<br />