Virtual Identity Server- The .NET LDAP Virtual Directory


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Virtual Identity Server- The .NET LDAP Virtual Directory by Optimal IdM is a presentation about the key features of VIS,the best virtual directory server available in the market today, which include:
Cross-Forest Group Membership Without Trusts, Powerful Join and Merge Options - Without Custom Code, Comprehensive Audit and Compliance, Virtual Active Directory Schema, Robust scaling and caching, Extensible Solution, Enhanced Microsoft Centric Platform, Robust Application Environment. For more information, visit

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Virtual Identity Server- The .NET LDAP Virtual Directory

  1. 1. The .NET LDAP Virtual Directory by Optimal IdM
  2. 2. VIS , Optimal IdM's flagship product, is the fastest, most comprehensive LDAP virtual directory available. VIS provides a valuable solution to leverage existing Microsoft infrastructure providing the key data transformation and virtualization needs.
  3. 3.  Cross-Forest Group Membership Without Trusts  Powerful Join and Merge Options - Without Custom Code  Comprehensive Audit and Compliance  Virtual Active Directory Schema  Robust scaling and caching  Extensible Solution  Enhanced Microsoft Centric Platform  Robust Application Environment
  4. 4.  VIS provides robust group management without requiring any forest trusts  Static Group Membership- Users from multiple LDAP directories or forest can be added as static members of a group; without trusts.  Virtual Dynamic Group Membership- Users from multiple LDAP directories or forest are dynamically "added" to the group based on meeting a criteria that is evaluated at run-time.
  5. 5. Join & Merge Options of the VIS include:  Union Mode- Provides a combination or collection of the objects from all connected source directories.  Object Precedence Mode (OP)- Provides an authoritative order at a directory level.  Attribute Precedence (AP) Mode– Provides a merged view of objects (Givenname, SN from Internal directory and sAMAccountName and HealthID from External directory).
  6. 6.  Virtual Identity Server has complete and comprehensive audit logging of all activity.  The VIS can help you answer questions such as: 1. Who has logged in and when? 2. What changes were made to data and when? 3. Who was added to the Administrators group today? 4. What changes did "Bob" make?
  7. 7.  Any custom/third party schema can be applied within VIS reducing the complexity of custom schema  Custom schema is applied automatically on-the-fly and requires no custom coding, or replication of objects.  A common custom schema can now be applied easily across multiple Active Directory forests without any changes to the AD environment.
  8. 8.  VIS can be placed behind a load balancer (hardware or software) to provide robust failover/redundancy for applications connecting to VIS.  VIS scales either horizontally or vertically to meet the demanding needs of enterprise deployments.  VIS offers robust caching options, objects can have a cache size limit and a time limit or both.
  9. 9.  The Virtual Identity Server can be extended using any standard .NET programming language such as VB.NET or C#  Custom adapters can easily written leveraging the base VIS .NET objects that are visible within Visual Studio.
  10. 10.  Microsoft- centric virtual directory written entirely in .NET managed codes  Seamlessly integrates and extends functionality of AD  The only virtual directory product that is certified on Windows Server 2008/R2 and Windows Server 2012.  Provides necessary virtual directory/proxy and LDAP firewall needs
  11. 11.  VIS multi forest views without trusts  VIS simplifies your identity management deployment by accessing data at its source directly.  VIS provides multiple views of data, allowing for easy discrete application views of enterprise data.
  12. 12. While the Virtual Identity Server has the most comprehensive features of any virtual directory product on the market, a key differentiator is how easy the product is to install and configure.
  13. 13. Optimal IdM, LLC, is a leading global provider of identity management software and consulting solutions. For more details, visit