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Grammar Quiz1 Prep
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Grammar Quiz1 Prep


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Quiz Prep: Colons/Semi-Colons
    I bring everything I need to class every day: my pens, my books and my dictionary.
    The USA has a very large land area: Canada is even larger.
    To compete effectively, a country needs to have a large number of programs and athlete support systems in place such as: training facilities, world class coaches, and financial support for programs.
    There are two things about her that drive me crazy: her music and her cooking.
    I had lamb for lunch: Fred had steak.
    If you get lost in the snow, this is what you should do: stay where you are, make yourself warm and comfortable and wait for help.
    For the party tomorrow, we need: food, drinks, ice, plates and cutlery, lawn chairs, a portable stereo, and enough sunshine to dry up the bog in the back yard.
    Maxine failed her English test: nevertheless, she was able to get a good job.
    Effective speakers, however do not stand rigidly gripping the lectern nor do they fidget, pace, or rock.
    Effective speakers make a strong connection with the audience through: eye contact, audience participation, enthusiasm, and a pleasant expression.
    They are sincere; or they are good enough actors to appear so.
    Effective speakers don’t rush headlong through a speech and they do not rush the conclusion: their pace is effective.
    Quiz 4: Comma Splices
    I can’t believe that my computer just told me that things that go away by themselves can come back by themselves, I think that is untrue, especially with computers!
    Pele was a superstar soccer player from Brazil, a country that takes its soccer very seriously.
    Brazilians are also very interested in politics, as are many people in other South American countries.
    To many students from other countries, Canadian instructors at first seem disorganized and lackadaisical, then they begin to understand that there is more than one way of teaching.
    Kami thought that one difference was that in Japan teachers focused on memorizing, while Canadian teachers focused more on understanding.
    Steve went shopping, he was looking for a birthday present for Jennifer, but he came home empty handed.
    She loved cooking, cleaning up the kitchen was another matter.
    When Jordan returned to work after his three week holiday, there were 306 e-mail messages to read.
    Putting topic sentences in the first sentence of a paragraph seems the most logical, effective place, so you should place them elsewhere only when you are trying to create a special emphasis, perhaps using inductive reasoning or even trying to create suspense.
    I really like an African proverb that my friend Kenzi told me: it says you can leave a log in the water as long as you like, it will never be a crocodile.