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English170 Week8 Part2 Real English170 Week8 Part2 Real Presentation Transcript

  • Case Report Week 8, Part 2
  • Reminder
    • Slideshare.net/janegriffith
  • Today
    • Case Reports: Continued
    • Case Report Assignment Preparation
    • Grammar Quiz
  • Grammar-rama
    • Quiz Review
      • Agreement
      • Active/Passive
  • Grammar-rama
    • Agreement
    • If a parent refuses to pack a nutritious lunch, they will have a meeting with the school trustee.
    • When clients come to our office, he or she may need to check in with the secretary.
  • Ways to Fix Agreement Errors
    • Replace the plural pronoun with “he or she” or “his or her.”
    • Make the antecedent plural.
    • Rewrite the sentence completely.
    • Example:
    • When someone has been drinking, he or she is likely to speed.
    • When drivers have been drinking, they are likely to speed.
    • A driver who has been drinking is likely to speed.
  • Grammar-rama
    • Active/Passive
    • Remember: Passive form has
      • Is
      • Are
      • Was
      • Were
      • If you have made it active, these verbs will not appear and the performer of the action will be at the start of the sentence!
  • Grammar-rama
    • Active or Passive?
      • The wreath was laid near the statue.
      • She called her client yesterday.
      • The client was called yesterday. Change these into Active:
      • The files are needed by the managers tomorrow.
      • When I was at the meeting, the presentation was delivered by a new supervisor.
  • What is Reported?
    • Changes in behaviour (especially risk-taking, criminal, or self-harm)
    • Every step of a treatment plan
    • Justifying your own actions/decisions
    • Meeting accreditation, licensing, and legislation
  • Reporting
    • Objective
    • Confidential
  • Types of In-House Case Reports
    • Intake interview
    • Daily logs
    • Progress notes
    • Incident Reports
  • Format of Assignment
    • Sample: page 25 and pages 31-33
  • Persona
    • Client (1)
    • Interviewer (2)
    • Observer (3)
  • Persona
  • Case Report Assignment
    • Triad Interview: Next class
    • Peer Edit: March 3
    • Due: March 8
    • Length: 2-3 pages
  • Case Report Assignment
    • Whatever you interview on will be the content of your report.
    • Each student will work alone to create the full case report
    • Include an analysis/recommendation for the best services for that client
    • Sample: page 25 and pages 31-33
  • Persona
    • Page 27-28
    • This report is meant to be filed in the client’s case file and used in-house, but could be subpoenaed and be subjected to legal scrutiny.
  • Persona
    • Groups of 3
    • Decide on what persona each person will be doing TODAY
    • Create a persona that will take 5 minutes to deliver
  • In-House Report Assignment
    • Report Format
    • Objective
    • Confidential
    • Detailed
    • Thorough
  • Quiz
    • Agreement
    • Active/passive