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English170 Week5 Part2

English170 Week5 Part2






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    English170 Week5 Part2 English170 Week5 Part2 Presentation Transcript

    • Job Search Week 5, Part 2
    • Reminder
      • Slideshare.net/janegriffith
    • Today
      • Job search: stations!
      • Job search: time to work on it
      • Grammar quizzez back
    • Date Changes
      • Coverletter/resume peer edit: Mon., Feb. 8
      • Due date of coverletter/resume: Wed., Feb. 10
      • Proofreading quiz #1: Wed., Feb. 17
    • Grammar-rama
      • Bulleted lists must be parallel
        • All items in the list end in –ing
        • All items are nouns
        • All items relate back to the lead-in sentence at the top
      • Frequently used in workplace writing, listing presents information clearly and concisely. In addition, lists draw attention to themselves, so you should include key information in lists. Because listing necessitates white space, it also creates a bonus in readability. Listing is useful for, among other things, outlining criteria, examples, materials, equipment or parts, procedures, and recommendations and conclusions.
      • Listing is useful because it
        • presents information clearly and concisely,
        • emphasizes important material, and
        • enhances readability with white space.
      • If someone is burned, follow this procedure:
        • Cool the burn with cool water.
        • Remove any burned clothing.
        • Cover the burn with a clean, dry dressing.
        • Get medical help for serious burns.
      • Doing the following will minimize burns:
        • cooling the burn with cool water,
        • removing any burned clothing,
        • covering the burn with a clean, dry dressing, and
        • getting medical help for serious burns.
    • Bullets or Numbers?
      • To program your VCR,
      • set your T.V. to Channel 3.
      • press the program button on your VCR remote control.
      • using the arrow keys, highlight the date box.
      • using the fast forward or reverse keys, key in the date upon which you wish to record a program.
    • Bullets or Numbers?
      • By observing the Seven Cs of effective technical communications listed below, you can ensure that your technical writing serves a purpose:
      • constructiveness
      • courtesy
      • concision and clarity
      • concrete specific language
      • completeness
      • coherence
      • correctness
    • Punctuation After the Lead-in?
      • If the lead-in is a full sentence, use a colon.
      • If the lead-in is not a full sentence, use the punctuation you normally would.
      • We must be aware of the following procedures:
      • Skiing
      • Jumping
      • Landing.
      • We must be aware of
      • Skiing
      • Jumping
      • Landing
    • Tip
      • Use one kind of bullet style only
      • Things to do on rainy days: going to a movie, read, venues where you’re already wet like water slides, go for coffee with a friend, studying.
      • I like doing many things on rainy days:
        • Going to a movie
        • Reading
        • Going to venues where you’re already wet like water slides
        • Going for coffee with a friend
        • Studying.
      • Before submitting your illustrated report, proof read carefully for the following: make sure your headings are scannable, consistent, and informative, correctly formatted lists, all graphics should have labels or captions, readable gulps of text, use 12 point font for running text though you may use a larger font for headings, pagination, eliminating copyedit errors.
      • Your illustrated report should have
      • headings that are scannable, consistent, and informative
      • correctly formatted lists
      • graphics with labels or captions,
      • readable gulps of text
      • 12 point font for running text
    • Job Search Introduction
      • Job posting
      • Coverletter
      • Resume
    • Be Specific
      • Worked on newspaper design
      • Working on a weekly newspaper, assisted programmers in design of a program to translate computer generated ads into full-page compositions by advising them on how typesetting works.
    • Action Verbs
      • designed, developed, demonstrated, received, achieved, trained, coached, facilitated, taught, advised, resolved, reorganized, assisted, identified, tested, reported, diagnosed, machined, created, collaborated, completed, coordinated, troubleshot, documented, wrote, provided, handled, acted as chair, umpired.
    • Accomplishments
      • SKILLS: Can use Microsoft Office
      • CONTEXT: English 170
      • Used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to write and illustrate User Manual, illustrated reports, and workplace documents in Technical Communications course at Camosun College.
    • Interest/Desire
      • Paragraph 1: 2 sentences, basic attention-grabber
      • Paragraph 2: Concrete references to resume and job posting
      • Paragraph 3: Why you specifically want to work at this place (again, mention resume and job posting)
      • Paragraph 4: Specific contact information
    • Letter Format
      • Just like direct letter practiced earlier (address, opening, closing, etc)
      • One letter maximum
      • No margin for errors
    • Exercise: Stations
      • 7 Stations
    • Job Search Preparation
      • Resumes
      • Coverletters
      • Job posting: cater it and hand it in with documents
    • Student Sample: Indirect Letter
    • Quizzes Back