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English170 Week5 Part1 English170 Week5 Part1 Presentation Transcript

  • Job Search Week 5, Part 1
  • Reminder
    • Slideshare.net/janegriffith
  • Today
    • Grammar quiz preparation
    • Job search: the resume
    • Job search: the coverletter
    • Grammar quiz
  • Date Changes
    • Coverletter/resume peer edit: Mon., Feb. 8
    • Due date of coverletter/resume: Wed., Feb. 10
    • Proofreading quiz #1: Wed., Feb. 17
  • Grammar Quiz
    • Next class
    • On:
      • Comma splices
      • 3Cs (Constructive, courteous, clear and concise)
  • Grammar Quiz Review
    • Constructive
      • You are not eligible for our credit card because you have not yet graduated.
    • Courteous
      • Thank you for agreeing last month to attend our board
    • meeting today to hear how your company can support us in the good work that we do in the community.
    • Clear and concise
      • It is advised that the meter reading should be recorded hourly by your technician.
  • Comma Splices
    • Identify the subject and verb in each sentence:
    • The youth left the housing complex earlier last year.
    • The student was off drugs for 6 months.
    • Her biological mother lives on the Island.
    • Luckily, Michael has found work close to his child’s school.
  • Comma Splices and Run-ons
    • Comma splices and Run-ons
    • Same problem: two independent clauses fused together improperly
    • Comma splice:
    • Subject verb, subject verb
    • I love ice cream, I love chocolate
    • Run on:
    • Subject verb subject verb
    • I love ice cream I love chocolate
  • Comma Splices
    • Two independent clauses cannot be fused together on their own.
  • Comma Splices
    • Comma Splice:
      • When a comma is doing the work of period.
      • Comma is too weak to take this role
      • Comma = weak
      • Period = strong
  • How to Fix a comma splice/run-on
    • Stronger punctuation
    • Use a coordinating conjunction
    • Make one phrase dependent
  • Comma Splice Practice
    • The door in the office needs to be locked, this will prevent break-ins.
    • My client has a job, however it does not pay well.
    • The child is in distress, therefore she must receive counselling.
  • Comma Splice Practice
    • The door in the office needs to be locked, this will prevent break-ins.
    • The door in the office needs to be locked; this will prevent break-ins.
    • The door in the office needs to be locked, and this will prevent break-ins.
    • If we lock the doors we will prevent break-ins.
    • My client has a job, however it does not pay well.
    • The child is in distress, therefore she must receive counselling.
  • Job Search Introduction
    • Job posting
    • Coverletter
    • Resume
  • Education
    • Present to past
    • Only put date ranges if in the middle (different than textbook)
    • Do not include elementary
    • Do not include incomplete courses
  • Resumes
    • Two styles
      • Functional (153)
      • Chronological (140)
      • What do you notice about these two style? Which will you use?
  • Job Duties
    • Page 140 (exercise)
  • Be Specific
    • Worked on newspaper design
    • Working on a weekly newspaper, assisted programmers in design of a program to translate computer generated ads into full-page compositions by advising them on how typesetting works.
  • Action Verbs
    • designed, developed, demonstrated, received, achieved, trained, coached, facilitated, taught, advised, resolved, reorganized, assisted, identified, tested, reported, diagnosed, machined, created, collaborated, completed, coordinated, troubleshot, documented, wrote, provided, handled, acted as chair, umpired.
  • Accomplishments
    • SKILLS: Can use Microsoft Office
    • CONTEXT: English 170
    • Used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to write and illustrate User Manual, illustrated reports, and workplace documents in Technical Communications course at Camosun College.
  • Accomplishments
    • Able to work in groups
    • Excellent written and oral communication
    • Good at problem solving
    • Patient and empathetic
  • Tips
    • Use lists to present information concisely, and check them for parallelism.
    • Proofread fastidiously, use a spell-check and grammar check, and get a peer edit. A résumé must be letter perfect.
  • Coverletters
    • Persuasive Sales Letter
    • AIDA
      • Attention
      • Interest
      • Desire
      • Action
  • Attention
    • First paragraph: very short (around 2 sentences)
    • Focus attention in subject line as well (list job name or “competition number”)
    • Mention name of job, how you heard of it, and in just a few words why you are perfect for the job.
  • Attention
    • Dear K.T. Williams,
    • Subject: Parkland Secondary Youth Liaison Position
    • I am pleased to apply for the position of youth liaison at Parkland Secondary School, which I learned about in last week’s Times Colonist advertisement. My education and experience make me an excellent candidate for this position.
  • Attention
    • Subject: Application for Position of Regional Manager of Retailing with X-Treem Games  
    • Please consider my application for the position of Regional Manager of Retailing with X-Treem Games, advertised in the June 2004 issue of Vancouver Island Jobpostings. My education in Computer Engineering Technology at Camosun College has provided me with the computing knowledge that you describe in your idea applicant.
  • 2 Body Paragraphs: Interest/Desire
    • “ What evidence can you give me to prove you have the skills you say you have?”
    • “ Do you have any experience?”
    • “ How recent is your training?”
    • “ What degree of success have you had in other work experiences?”
    • “ Can you work effectively in the type of work environment we have in this company?”
    • “ How are you different from the other applicants?”
    • “ What gives you the edge?”  
  • Job Posting
    • http://www.employment.gov.bc.ca/index.php?view_posting=046567
    • Cater it!
  • Interest/Desire
    • Paragraph 1: 2 sentences, basic attention-grabber
    • Paragraph 2: Concrete references to resume and job posting
    • Paragraph 3: Why you specifically want to work at this place (again, mention resume and job posting)
    • Paragraph 4: Specific contact information
  • Action
    • Last paragraph
    • Be brief
    • Request an interview
    • Restate contact information
    • Specify when/how best you can be reached
  • Letter Format
    • Just like direct letter practiced earlier (address, opening, closing, etc)
    • One letter maximum
    • No margin for errors
  • Exercise: Stations
    • 7 Stations