English170 Week10 Part1
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English170 Week10 Part1 English170 Week10 Part1 Presentation Transcript

  • Multi-Audience Analysis Week 10, Part 1
  • Reminder
    • Slideshare.net/janegriffith
  • Today
    • Pass in case reports
    • Multi-Audience Analysis: Introduction
    • Proofreading Quiz 2: Preparation
  • Grammar-rama
    • Possessive Apostrophe
  • Apostrophe
    • Used to announce possession
    • Mark possession with an apostrophe AND an “-s”
    • Test possession by reversing it:
    • Sara’s coat OR The coat of Sara.
    • Examples
      • Michael’s hand
      • The cat’s fur
      • The school’s books
  • Apostrophe
    • If the original ends in an “-s” because it is plural, just put an apostrophe.
    • Examples
      • The 3 cats’ fur NOT The cats’s fur
      • The many schools’ books NOT The schools’s books
  • Apostrophe
    • Used for contractions
    • Don’t use contractions in your formal writing.
  • Apostrophe
    • Do not use apostrophes for numbers.
    • Examples
      • 1980s
      • Perfect figure 8s.
      • His IOUs are mounting.
  • Never use an apostrophe
    • When something is just plural
      • The 2 cats have fur NOT The 2 cat’s have fur
    • For “its”—you will never have this mistake in formal writing anyhow.
    • No such thing as its’
    • Promise from me
  • Practice
    • The managers itineraries are in their mailboxes.
    • The managers who are now on vacation want email access.
    • My managers typing speed is up to ten words a minute.
  • Practice
    • The managers’ itineraries are in their mailboxes.
    • The managers who are now on vacation want email access.
    • My manager’s typing speed is up to ten words a minute.
  • Guest Speaker
    • March 10
    • Questions for Community Service worker
  • Multi-Audience
    • Writing on behalf of your client (page 39)
    • Outside audiences:
      • Client progress
      • Serious occurrences
      • Requests for services
      • Admissions to programs
      • Program quality review
  • Multi-audience Report
    • What will be the difference between this report and the last report?
    • Informal
    • Semi-formal
    • Formal
  • Multi-audience Report
    • New stuff:
      • Citations
      • Background
      • Persuasion
      • Illustration
      • Many different readers (headings matter even more)
  • Background
    • Page 44
  • Persuasion
    • Reader-centred (“you”-focused)
    • How will this benefit the person you are writing for?
    • Page 45-46
  • Report Scenario #1
      • A report on Homelessness in Victoria that includes relative numbers of homeless in Victoria vs. number of shelter beds in the last 5 years and suggestions for improvements.
  • Report Scenario #2
      • A report on children in care, including the number of children in care in BC vs. number of children of First Nations heritage in care in the last 5 years and suggestions for improvements.
  • Report Scenario # 3
      • A report on the relationship between traumatic brain injury and homelessness or incarceration and suggestions for improvements.
  • Report Scenario # 4
      • An analysis report recommending to your co-workers the best services available through Charitable, Provincial, Federal, Municipal, and Band organizations. Indicate which service organizations are best for clients with one of the following issues:
        • Alcoholism/Drug/Substance dependency
        • Spousal abuse
        • Child sexual abuse
        • Unexpected pregnancy
        • Sexual exploitation/Prostitution
        • Traumatic brain injury/Stroke
        • Physical disability
        • Fetal Alcohol Effect/ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Multi-audience Report
    • 5-8 Pages
    • Work in groups of two
    • Tables, charts, and graphs
    • Headings
    • Semi-formal or formal (see page 41)
    • Sample: page 53
  • Report Illustrations
    • What do you need to be mindful of when incorporating illustrations in a report?
  • Guest Speaker
    • Guidelines for Community Service Workers