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  • German 25 lessons BDC (13) DO (12)
    Russian 13 lessons (7 Sophie) Sophie K x8
    Sapphy Bond x2 Bel Lawton x1
    Margaret Borozan x1 Sophia Donald  x1 
    71 French lessons split between 6 people.
    Polish studied by two pupils privately.
  • KS3 – especially LIV
    Girls come in already with some of these languages and
    continue privately
    Early entry GCSE/IGCSE
    Virtually all to pre-u except: Japanese (only to gcse this year,
    Portuguese to A2. Chinese to AS/A2
    Veyrines – builds up their confidence in terms of people,
    but not necessarily French skills. (integrated scheme of work)
    My first UV comp skills Livvi Stirrat
  • Remove Language Trivia Quiz
    Language cultural evenings/program of tasters
  • Pupils cited the taster lesson and the sound of the language
    As reasons why they chose their current languages in UIV
  • MFL book club/film club – not just linguists. Translations not translations
    Stephen Spender Poetry Translation Competition
    HSBC/British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition
    Ian Brinton
    Nice (LVI), Bordeaux (LV/UV), Tenerife (LV), Florence (UV), Munich (LV)
    Nice/Bordeaux/Tenerife lessons visits homestay in pairs
    Florence – lessons, visits, hotel
    Munich – cultural visit - ?
  • Performance management – getting the best from department.
    Continue share good practice/pre-U buddies/whiteboard
    Do I have time to do that? Ideal world.
    go through targets etc – no time.
    Variety – look at this later
    Bring back DELF
    Currently discussing GCSE vs IGCSE.
    In all but French it has worked for us.
    French: separately assessed oral worked against us
    May go to gcse – need to get best results for girls
    Language speaker – re. translation.
    Speaker for other languages.
    Language Olympiad/Joutes oratoires at Highgate school
    (investigating our involvement)
    Move away in French from study trips to work experience trips.
  • One other option to explore – Russian in a year. UV top set.
    Start at end of LV
    Chinese 14 curriculum lessons – 41 pupils + 18 private pupils
    (3 from Removes) and parents wanted more – need to respond to this demand.
    We do offer Chinese AS/A2 but not on curriculum – change this


  • 1. MFL Where are we now? Where are we heading?
  • 2. Department Structure
  • 3. Where are we now? • Academic Excellence: – Results, greater stretch & challenge KS3 schemes of work • Variety of Languages from UIV to Pre-U: – French, Italian, Spanish – Chinese, German – Japanese, Portuguese & Russian – Veyrines Experience
  • 4. Extension – Lower School • Competitions • Junior MFL book club • Introduction to new languages
  • 5. What information would be more useful to you in the decision making process?
  • 6. Extension: UIV - UVI • Clubs • Competitions • Outside Speakers • Trips • EDL/Languages Lunch
  • 7. Where are we heading? • Continued academic excellence: – Performance management. – Variety of languages and qualifications – Develop programme of outside speakers – Continued involvement in language competitions – Different opportunities for study abroad
  • 8. Change to Language Provision Option 1: –At UIV choice of Chinese, Italian, or Spanish (4 lessons a week) Option 2: –At UIV choice of Italian or Spanish (4 lessons a week). Chinese remains a taster (1 lesson a week)
  • 9. The most/least important language to study for future career
  • 10. The most/least important language to study for future career