Creative Commons for K-12 Educators - Week 1 meetup

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Slides from Week 1's virtual meet-up for Creative Commons for K-12 Educators, part of School of Open:

Slides from Week 1's virtual meet-up for Creative Commons for K-12 Educators, part of School of Open:

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  • 1. Webinar Interface OrientationTalk – click talk button to start talking click it again to relinquish Raise hand to stop speaker and make a comment or ask a questionList of participants Whiteboard Chat type in here and press return
  • 2. Welcome! 1. Introductions 2. Classroom need 3. Course administration
  • 3. Photo credit: "Parking Lot at Logan Airport" by The U.S. National Archives has no knowncopyright restrictions
  • 4. Introduce yourself 1. Who and where are you? 2. What subject/grade do you teach? 3. One Q you have about CC
  • 5. School of Open, Class of 2013
  • 6. Classroom need 1. Why are you taking this course? 2. Get specific – pick a part of your curriculum to work on in this course
  • 7. Course administration 1. About 2. Communication tools
  • 8. Weekly missionsdesigned toalign with skillsSpaced outover 7 wksfor busyeducator’sschedule
  • 9. Our philosophyCourse license
  • 10. SynchronouscomponentAsynchronouscomponent Optional readings & tools
  • 11. Synchronous Asynchronous for q’s/discAsynchronousfor assignments Asynchronous Asynchronous
  • 12. Subscribe toreceive emailnotifications
  • 13. Mission for Week 1 1. Get CC Savvy: Task 1 2. Choose your topic 3. Share your WP username & Twitter handle
  • 14. Photo credit: "Downtown Parking Lot 08/1973” by The U.S. National Archives has no known copyright restrictions
  • 15. Questions during the week 1. Post in Disqus for that week 2. Tweet @cc4k12 3. Private Q’s:
  • 16. Please attribute Creative Commons with a link to Creative Commons and the double C in a circle are registeredtrademarks of Creative Commons in the United States and othercountries. Third party marks and brands are the property of their respective holders.