How to Access the Hidden Job Market Using Your Personal Brand in 2014 Jane Anderson


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Click here for my online Fastrack Job Search Program: I gave this presentation at the Reinvent Your Career Expos around Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) in 2014. It explains why traditional job search doesn't work and why your need to use branding techniques and marketing skills to get in front of the right people in a tough job market. For speaking, coaching or our online Job Search Program go to

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  • In 2007 I had moved back to Brisbane from Toowoomba, I had a failed marriage and had been unemployed for 3 months. I had moved home with my parents for a few weeks and my mum said it was time to talk to Centrelink. I had been applying for so many jobs and nothing was working. I decided I needed to do some thing differently. I had a marketing degree so I thought about what I had to sell and how much it was worth.Once I took this approach I landed the exact dream job I wanted.Over 15,000 jobs cut from public serviceHighest unemployment rates in the last 10 years
  • Based on the CareerXRoads study,
  • Right Management's survey of the recently hired found that
  • Right Management's survey of the recently hired found that
  • This year 800 people will graduate from university with a marketing degreeThere are currently 208 marketing jobs advertised on Seek
  • 30% of the workforce are over qualified
  • Due to the level of competition it’s now about:Online presencePersonal Brand Cultural fitReputation ManagementMatch of personal brand to employer brand
  • For every 10 you approach looking to get in front of 2.
  • PhotoSearch engine optimised120+ connectionsAt least 3 recommendationsUse the new media pluginsIf you’re not sure what to do as someone to write it for you!36% of Job Seekers vs 93% recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Marketing yourself for the job you want, not the job you have.What does your collateral say about you in relation to your interests and values?What does your personal brand say about you?What are the other touch points for those who interact with you?Facebook, twitter etcAlison tells the story of a candidate who was put forward for a reception role of a top tier law firm. Her facebook photos were of her in a body building competition and hanging out at the Cooly pub
  • How to Access the Hidden Job Market Using Your Personal Brand in 2014 Jane Anderson

    1. 1. © 2013 Jane Anderson Use Your Personal Brand To Access the Hidden Job Market
    2. 2. 60% of the jobs available are not advertised
    3. 3. 1/3 of jobs are filled through referral
    4. 4. 40% found their job directly through networking.
    5. 5. This year 800 people will graduate with a marketing degree Currently 208 marketing jobs advertised on Seek
    6. 6. Where are all the jobs???
    7. 7. 91% of recruiters recruit using online networking and social media
    8. 8. 90’s it was all about the MBA.
    9. 9. Now it’s about Reputation, Results and Relevance
    10. 10. Level Collateral % Impact 6 Tailored Resume, Cover Letter , SEO LinkedIn Profile, Resume Listing and Job Search Strategy + (PUSH) 100% + 5 Tailored Resume, Cover Letter, SEO LinkedIn (PULL) 70% 4 Tailored Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn 40% 3 Tailored Resume and Cover Letter 25% 2 Resume 5% 1 Nothing 0 Black Belt Job Seeker Branding
    11. 11.© 2010 Inside Out Training and Coaching Clients/employers Overview with keywords/SEO Keywords/SEO Results Be Easy For a Recruiter to Find You
    12. 12. 4 seconds Linkedin Profile Resume Blogs Attire Ringtone and Message Bank Email address
    13. 13. 1.Identify the role 2.Create your collateral (pull) 3.Approach recruiters strategically (push) 4.Follow up
    14. 14. Phone: (07) 3841 7772 Email: Website: @jane_anderson__