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OCSICO\'s iPhone and iPad development expertise description

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Ocsico iPhone iPad Expertise

  1. 1. iPhone development www.ocsico.com
  2. 2. Introduction • Since its appearance on the market in 2007 has proved to be one of the most popular mobile platform and hardware worldwide; • iPhone is much more than just a Smartphone, it's a camera, portable media player, Internet client; • After opening AppStore through iTunes in 2008, it was struck by a smashing number of application downloads; • iOS remains highly attractive for developers, with billions of new applications being introduced in the AppStore.
  3. 3. Benefits of iOS platform • Striking multimedia content integrated with iTunes provides user access to audiobooks, music, video, TV shows, photos, etc.; • Powerful operating system allows to easily access any application, software and other widgets; • Absolute security is achieved by certification of software and data encription; • Multitouch screen gives an outstanding opportunity to control everything on the device using only fingers.
  4. 4. iOS expertise Our iOS team is skilled in developing: • Games and entertainment applications; • Maps and navigation systems; • Business applications; • Social network and messaging solutions; And integration of the iOS applications with: • e-Commerce catalogues; • Third-party services (Google Map , Google Calendar).
  5. 5. Places locationapplication This iPhone application is distributed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to support local producers. It allows to: • Search for restaurants by city, cuisine type or proximity to the user’s current location;
 • View all restaurants on a map;
 • List and save favorite restaurants;
 • Share restaurants with the friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.
  6. 6. Wardrobeorganizerapplication This iPhone app brings a fun, game- style appearance to wardrobe organization and make getting dressed a social affair by allowing users to email items and outfits to friends for instant feedback. Using the iPhone's camera, user can import garments into the app and organize by category, pull all of these separate elements together to build outfits and start creating a collection of the best ensembles.
  7. 7. Knowledge sharing application With this iPhone app a user can submit a picture of the mysterious vegetation and let the community of users uncover the truth. It allows: • Fast photo uploading and browsing; • Photos tagging with the GPS coordinates of current location to view on a map where they were taken;
 • Submitting of answers to photos and receiving of notifications about answers of others.
  8. 8. Reasons to choose OCSICO Our customers value the combination of outsourcing cost- effectiveness, staff professionalism, state-of-art processes, and commitment to quality. That’s why they return to us with new projects to benefit from: • Staff professionalism • Proper management • Competitive prices • Intellectual property protection • Flexibility • Convenient location and cultural proximity • Commitment to quality • Effective communication
  9. 9. Outsourcing in 3 easy steps Getting started with us is easy: in three simple steps your idea will be formalized and prepared for transformation into a commercial product: We sign an agreement and your project is already on the way! 1. Submit • Communicate your needs to us in any form; • Non-disclosure agreement is signed; • Our business analysts start their work. 2. Discuss • Ideas and suggestions are shared; • Ambiguous or missing requirements are clarified; • Development approach is defined. 3. Finalize • Cooperation model is defined; • Fixed quote proposal is delivered or the candidates for your dedicated team are pre-selected.
  10. 10. Contact us Phone: +375 17 2908639 Email: contact@ocsico.com Skype: ocsico.com Headquarter address 10A Biruzova Str., Minsk, 220073, Belarus, Tel/Fax: +375 17 2908604 Regional office Office 510, 13 Liudnikova str., Vitebsk, 210023, Belarus, Tel/Fax: +375 21 2248943 Visit our website: www.ocsico.com