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  • 2. JUNCTURE – a pause or a slight delay in a continuous flow of speech. Sound transitions characterize the movement from sound to sound within a word or a phrase.JUNCT
  • 3. CLASSIFICATION: • Close Juncture – is movement from sound to sound which has no intervening pauses or delay. • Open Juncture – is movement which is not continuous. There is a slight stoppage of the last sound till it blends with the next.JUNCT
  • 5. OPEN JUNCTURE: A NAME -- AN AIM NIGHT RATE -- NITRATE SHORE TRAIN -- SHORT RAIN new Deal -- nude eel four met -- form ate it swings -- its wingsJUNCT
  • 6. SOUND:1) Within a syllable: Read: man car clear bad2) From syllable to syllable within a word: Read: lady shadow faith-ful man-ly plen-ty live-lyJUNCT
  • 7. 3) From word to word: a. From one consonant to another: Plosive to plosive Read : hot day : Its going to be another hot day.• (First plosive is held briefly, then exploded as a part of the second.)JUNCT
  • 8. b)From plosive to continuant: Plosive isnot exploded before the continuant butbecomes part of the latter.Read:Hot water without moneyShe drunk the hot water.I can’t go without money.JUNCT
  • 9. c) From t to th /&/:th th/ or/ should be soundedprominently.Ex. At the store, them, through thick and thinThey sell sugar at the store.d) From consonant to a vowel: The plosive isexploded blending with the vowel.Ex. Stop it.Please stop it!.JUNCT
  • 10. It is continuous with some continuants. Ex. Pull out. e) From vowel to vowel: A momentary glide consonant is likely to link them together. Ex. do it lying see us know it w y y w Do it faster! Can’t you see us?JUNCT
  • 11. f) The linking “r” transition: When a syllable ends with a vowel (followed by ‘r’) the /r/ sound links them together. Ex. Star of the show, moreover.JUNCT
  • 12. Patterns and Drill LessonsListen and repeat: second period a big breakfast the black bear more apples here and now at the store thought of it keep it up set the table placed thirdJUNCT
  • 13. More Examples:• Plosive to plosive: a good team the black table on a dark day the sick baby hard times• Plosive – continuant: with a big smile to keep late hours old landlord picnic supper next monthJUNCT
  • 14. • From t or d to the /or/ : right there about that time tasted the pie third theme• Vowel to vowel: my own book every actor flew away with a very of joy the creation.JUNCT
  • 15. • Consonant – vowel: made it up a cup of tea slept an hour some of us an orange in a minute keep it up broke a leg a bag of applesJUNCT
  • 16. • Linking “r” transition: forever and ever where and when faster and faster our uncle poor orphan.JUNCT
  • 17. 3 Symbols of Juncture:1. Single bar juncture (/)2. double bar juncture (//)3. Double cross juncture (#)JUNCT
  • 18. • Usually, but not always, juncture is indicated in written material by a comma, a semi- colon, a dash or some such conventional mark.JUNCT
  • 19. SAMPLE SENTECES: • He invariably chooses the method/ of the “controlled experiment”. // For instance,/if he wants to see/ the effect of sunlight/ on growing plants,/ he takes many plants as alike as possible.// Then/ he stands some or them/ in the sun,/ some in the shade/ and some/ in the dark,/ while keeping all conditions like temperature,/ moisture, and nourishment/ the same.// by keeping these constant/ and by varying the light only,/ the effect of light/ on the plants/ can be clearly seen.//JUNCT
  • 20. • The gap between what is known/ and all that can be known/ about the universe/ and the growing complexity/ of its arrangement/s seems to increase/ with each new discovery.JUNCT
  • 21. The End Thank you!--------------------