International Search Summit 2012: Emerging Markets Review


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This is a review of the challenges and thought process a digital marketing team should consider when entering into a new market especially the BRIC and other emerging countries.

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  • This is how it usually happens, A unknown competitor comes in… How will you respond? How will you go to market? How will you compete?
  • Where is your search traffic? Are you available in region? Nothing has happened. It is a blank slate. You panic. You should… Here is why.
  • According to Forrester Research there is currently 369 million users online in china
  • Online spending in China is poised to more than double over the next four years, growing to more than $356.1 billion by 2016*. Driven by both new consumers online and by increased spending by consumers already online, it is expected government reforms will make it easier for both domestic and foreign companies to sell online and for consumers to transact.
  • You have to start somewhere and it is usually scary. We need to understand how to move faster….
  • Your problems are specific to your business and your audience. You have to be able to speak to the market you are serving. We need to look at our products and understand have we created what will attract the Chinese audience. You have to look at your content and understand if it is targeted to them? Do you really know your audience….
  • Testing is critical, when was your last eyetracking, or survey. Surveys are not wildly successful in china but still useful. Do your competitive research … treat it like any other SEO project but with the understanding it is awesome in its complexity to tackle a new country.
  • Sometimes it may require you to rethink your products…. You may need something specific an offering an approach.
  • Branding content VS the shopping experience…. Understand how you build a site will effect how the user behaves. Do you understand the region you are building for?
  • Progression of search results branded to branding pages -> High purchase intent to store pages. Look. Good things are possible.
  • Your going to have a initial burst, but the trends will look different. Do you understand what seasonality will look like...
  • What do you know about ICP certifications, the marketplace, hosting, issues with CDNs make sure you do a ton of research.
  • ICP… CDN, domain issues… understand that each new country has its own issues.
  • As you look to expand regionally do you have people who understand how the culture works? Or are you going to get stuck…
  • There is a time to move carefully and times to move fast. The trick is knowing when and where.
  • There are things you can’t prevent from happening as you expand, but how are you going deal. Make sure you understand the implications of your decisions…
  • There are things you don’t know. How are you going to learn? What is your measurement, and testing plan going to look like.
  • The nasty bits….
  • International Search Summit 2012: Emerging Markets Review

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