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Andrade powerpoint


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  • 1. Divorce Affects On Children Literature Jazlinne Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core March 1,2013
  • 2. Why I Chose This Topic • The reason I chose this topic is because I’m a child of a divorce parents. At first it did affect me emotionally and it did affect me in my education.
  • 3. Graph Are you in a divorce family? 39% Yes 61% NoData obtained from self-generated survey. TAKE SURVEY HERE!
  • 4. BACKGROUND INFO• Each year over a million children suffer the divorce of their parents and by 1999, half of all American children reaching their eighteenth birthday and who were born to married parents will have experienced the divorce of their parents
  • 5. My Thesis Even though, contemporary children’s literature portrays divorce as having anegative effect on children because it shows less high school graduation for children of divorce, it shows children from divorcedfamilies as having a diminished capacity to learn.
  • 6. Not Enough Education Many children in divorce families show that they have a diminished capacity to learn.
  • 7. The absence of the father lowers cognitivetest scores for young children in general, but especially for girls’ math scores.
  • 8. When parents are moving into different houses it tends to decrease school performance for most children.
  • 9. Graph Should the children have a say in their parents divorce?12 11 As you can10 see, 59% of the 8 8 people chose86 Neither agree4 Nor Disagree2 and Disagree. 0 0 But, 40.7% of the0 Strongly Agree Niether Strongly Disagree people chose agree Agree disagree Strongly agree. Nor Disagree Data obtained from self-generated survey. TAKE SURVEY HERE!
  • 10. No High School GraduationChildren in high school canbe affected by divorce intheir education and alsocan cause them not togradate high school.
  • 11. Among girls and boys who have completedhigh school, there is a thirty-three percentlower divorce rate among their parentscompared to girls and boys who drop out ofhigh school.
  • 12. Children from divorced homes sufferacademically and they experience high levelsof behavioral problems. Their gradessuffer, and they are less likely to graduatefrom high school.
  • 13. Memorable closing• Try to help out your children in their academics and their future career. Talk them about the divorce. Just help them out through the hard times.
  • 14. Work Sited• "Divorce." n.d. 31 January 2013. <>.• "Divorce - Effects On Children, Effects On Couples, Effects On Parents." n.d. 26 January 2013. <>.• "The Effects of Divorce on Children." n.d. 01 February 2013. <>.
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