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Slides from my summer 2013 thesis presentation: "Facilitating creation of ad-hoc cross-functional teams for designing innovation with a rapid turnaround".

In this presentation I covered my exploration of "design jam" events, providing insights to assist in understanding them, and recommendations for implementing within a formalized organization. It kicks off with prior event overviews and a general overview as introductory sections. The literature review references a range of material from design theory to management and organizational behavior (OB) material. Part of my goal was to strip out the mystery from these events to find out what makes them succeed or fail by referencing longstanding OB concepts and exploring diversity in thinking. Personality factors are also explored, primarily in the context of attempting to measure personality types with existing tools (as many organizations do) versus a simple volunteer-based recruitment.

Requirements for a successful event are reinforced by data, persona development, and a participant journey map in context of prior OB material. Several videos are linked along the way to demonstrate concepts like vicarious modeling, rapid prototyping, storytelling, and deliverable output from teams. Many of my own photos and original 3d renderings were used in the visual design. In a handful of cases where others' work was modified the proper references/credit appears on the slide. The presentation concludes with general recommendations for hosting an event like this, and also an idea for an application to assist and coach hosts and participants in a larger organization where familiarity with staff may not exist yet. Lastly, the end contains additional references, many from the literature review document uploaded separately.

Section topics:
1-7: Introduction 1 - What's a Design Jam?
8-25: Introduction 2 - Local (Kansas City) pre-2013 events
26-31: Conceptual Model
23-39: Lit Review 1 - Prototyping
40-59: Lit Review 2 - Social Innovation
60-72: Lit Review 3 - Thinking & Analysis
73-113: Primary Research- 2013 KC Service Jam
114-118: Research Methods 1 - Overview
119-121: Research Application - Data
122-129: User Experience 1 - Personas
130-139: User Experience 2 - Journey Map
140-148: Demystifying 1 - Jam Classification
149-169: Demystifying 2 - Personality Factors
170-184: Demystifying 3- The Jam Format
185-191: Implementation - Recommendations

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