Oh SriRamaKrishna help me


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Sri Ramakrishna helps you

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Oh SriRamaKrishna help me

  1. 1. A depressed Hindu man
  2. 2. You no doubt need money for your worldly life; butdont worry too much about it. The wise course is toaccept what comes of its own accord. Dont take toomuch trouble to save money. Those who surrendertheir hearts and souls to God, those who are devotedto Him and have taken refuge in Him, do not worrymuch about money. As they earn, so they spend. Themoney comes in one way and goes out the other.This is what the Gita describes as accepting whatcomes of its own accord.
  3. 3. I tell you the truth: there is nothing wrong inyour being in the world.But you must direct your mind toward God;otherwise you will not succeed.Do your duty with one hand and with the otherhold to God. After the duty is over, you will holdto God with both hands.
  4. 4. Mere reading of the scriptures is not enough. Aperson cannot understand the true significance of thescriptures if he is attached to the world. Ignorancelasts as long as one has ego. There can be noliberation so long as the ego remains. What is neededis absorption in God – loving Him intensely. TheNectar Lake is the Lake of Immortality. A man sinkingin It does not die, but becomes immortal. Somepeople believe that by thinking of God too much themind becomes deranged; but that is not true.
  5. 5. • God is the Lake of Nectar, the Ocean of Immortality. He is called the Immortal in the Vedas. Sinking in it, one does not die, but verily transcends death.
  6. 6. One may enter the world after attainingdiscrimination and dispassion. In the oceanof the world there are six alligators: lust,anger, and so forth. But you need not fearthe alligators if you smear your body withturmeric before you go into the water.Discrimination and dispassion are theturmeric.
  7. 7. Discrimination is the knowledge of what is realand what is unreal... It is the realization thatGod alone is the real and Eternal Substanceand that all else is unreal, transitory,impermanent. And you must cultivate intensezeal for God.You must feel love for Him and be attracted toHim.
  8. 8. If a man repeats the name of God, his body, mind,and everything become pure. Even if one lives inthe world, one must go into solitude now and then.It will be of great help to a man if he goes away fromhis family, lives alone, and weeps for God even forthree days.Even if he thinks of God for one day in solitude,when he has the leisure, that too will do him good.People shed a whole jug of tears for wife andchildren.But who cries for the Lord? Now and then one mustgo into solitude and practice spiritual discipline torealize God.
  9. 9. It is necessary to seek the company of holy men,practice prayer, and listen to the instruction of theguru. These purify the mind. Then one sees God. Dirtcan be removed from water by a purifying agent.Then one sees ones reflection in it… One cannotsee ones face in a mirror if the mirror is covered withdirt.
  10. 10. Raga-bhakti is pure love of God, a love that seeksGod alone. Suppose you go to a wealthy man, butyou seek no favor of him; you simply love to seehim. If he wants to show you favor, you say: No, sir.I dont need anything. I came just to see you.Such is love of God for its own sake. You simplylove God and dont want anything from Him, inreturn.
  11. 11. God cannot be known by the sense-organs or bythis mind; but He can be known by the pure mind,the mind that is free from worldly desires.It is God alone who does everything. You may saythat in that case man may commit sin. But that isnot true. If a man is firmly convinced that Godalone is the Doer and that he himself is nothing,then he will never make a false step.Those who have realized God are aware that freewill is a mere appearance. In reality man is themachine and God its Operator, man is the carriageand God its Driver.
  12. 12. What will one accomplish by mere reading?One needs spiritual practice—austerity. Call onGod.I say again that work is only the first step. It cannever be the goal of life. Devote yourself to spiritualpractice and go forward. Through practice you willadvance more and more in the path of God. At lastyou will come to know that God alone is real and allelse is illusory, and that the goal of life is theattainment of God.