Story of my life
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  • 1. The story of my life yasmim
  • 2. This is me, my name is Camila and I currently live in New York, I have an amazing job, and an amazing life with a wonderful husband and beautiful friends, and you will meet a little bit about me now…
  • 3. This was at a restaurant in New York, the food was amazing, I loved the place, there was not too many people and it was very quiet, we were celebrating our anniversary together.
  • 4. Here we are again before my aunt’s party, it was going to be a good party because I really missed my aunt, she was coming from Brazil and we decided to throw a party for her. Surprise!
  • 5. Nothing better then to go to the gym for some work out after eating a lot at the party, honestly I had a lot to eat yesterday night, now it’s time to do some exercise.
  • 6. One of the best days of my life, I can remember as if it was yesterday my wedding day, I couldn’t be any more happier than I already was and still am, the best man in my life, I would never forget this wonderful day that changed my life.
  • 7. Moments before going to church to finally say YES, I took hours to do all the makeup, and the hair, it had to be perfect, I loved the way I came out, everything looked amazingly beautiful.
  • 8. This was before going on our honeymoon, we were waiting for the plane to come, I was so excited about it all, I mean it was the moment of my life, finally the honeymoon, some vacation time for me.
  • 9. Here I am ready to go catch the plane, and of course my husband as always taking the pictures, I was really happy I had to capture all the moments, after all this is a one of a lifetime thing, it was really fun.
  • 10. This is us enjoying the honeymoon, moments before going to the beach, it was very interesting because I was afraid to fall off, but it was all alright after all, I just wanted to hurry to get to the beach.
  • 11. Finally the beach, look at the wonderful view on the back, the weather was so nice, I felt like jumping inside the water, it just looked so good to get in, I was really enjoying the moment.
  • 12. Another picture next to the sea, this place was like heaven, so wonderful and had so much good visions, it was a peaceful moment for me, just listening to the sound of the water hit the boat.
  • 13. Finally the moment I been waiting for, the part where I can actually get in the water, it looked really cold but after the picture I just wanted to get in and swim away, the view is so beautiful.
  • 14. So the good time was over and we had to go back home, we decided to pass by the mall to get some recording things for our home, and me looking at fashion magazines like always.
  • 15. This is me getting ready for the party I was invited to tonight, I had to look very nice because it wasn’t a regular party, but yet a very fancy party…
  • 16. This was when I arrived to the party, this women next to me is an amazing friend, a lovely person, we both looked beautiful.
  • 17. This is some of my friends I work with, such amazing people, we all looked beautiful and fancy and happy, so fashion.
  • 18. Here we are again in another angle, this people are very special.
  • 19. Our last picture before I left, I had a blasting time with them, loved the party and the fun time I had, this moments always comes to memories because they were all so good.
  • 20. Of course I had to put a picture of the best person in the world here, meet my mother the best woman in this world, this was the day she came to visit me in New York, don’t we look alike? She’s beautiful.
  • 21. This was the day I got promoted in my job, that’s my boss and his wife, they’re some lovely people to be around, I always have a blast with them.
  • 22. This is Paula, she’s my best friend and yet a sister at the same time, I really share everything with her, this day was incredible, I made her a surprise visit, she always likes that.
  • 23. This day was one of the most tiring for me, we were trying to raise money for charity, so much work and so little time.
  • 24. Thank God we did it, we got enough money for the savings and to give it to charity too, so much work but after all we were able to do everything right, and it came out perfect.
  • 25. After so much hard work time to go out for some shopping, this is Eva my friend, and this store is an Indian store with such nice things and cheap too, we were able to buy a lot, for less money.
  • 26. My girls and I walking around New York on a sunny day just for fun, after this we went to a restaurant and ate and then we went to Central Park to spend the rest of the day
  • 27. My aunt and Paula with me having some good time with no stress, this was a very good night, too bad my husband couldn’t make it because of work, otherwise would’ve been wonderful.
  • 28. So this was a little bit about myself, what I like to do, the things I like to enjoy, this is basically how my days go by, with a bit of stress but yet I can always manage to make the best of it always, hope you enjoyed it.