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This is an example of the Cool App assignment for Marketing in Social Media. MKT 396

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  • This organization is a website publisher who makes money for their cause through online advertising. When a website visitor clicks on an ad on the site, the advertising donates money to cancer research. The url is: The site has very low visitor rate. Both and (public sharing web analytics sites) could not generate site visit volumes for this website.
  • The organization is utilizing the popular podcast directories to reach its potential target audience that listens to podcasts. They use the space to post their web presence, increase brand awareness, and encourage clicks to their website from podcast searchers. They are using the tagged podcast space to target keywords, and therefore podcast searchers, such as “cancer”. They have tagged well enough, or have been clicked on by users enough times, to be placed high in result ranking on multiple podcast directories (for example, they are ranked #5 for “fight cancer” keyword search on Additionally, the tagged (informational) section explaining the details of their podcast to the audience is very different than what other cancer related podcasts have posted on the directories. Other podcasts focus on encouraging the podcast audience to listen to their podcast by offering prevention, treatment and resource information for podcast listeners. This organization, on the other hand, seems to be pushing the podcast audience away from listening to their podcast and instead, uses this space to drive acquisition and activation.
  • It is interesting to note, that there is a malfunction when the audience (or at least me) tries to play the actual audience podcast. This organization should be taking advantage of this space, and the interest of their podcast listening target audience, to inform listeners how their organization works and donations work in greater detail. If they do so, I believe they could generate an increase in objective success. They should learn from successful podcast marketers such as Diggnation, and understand that if they offered content that their audience is interested in, in the specific form that they are interested in receiving that content in (audio), they could receive a greater volume of listeners, awareness, and potentially clicks to their website. Additionally, the human voice component of a podcast could increase the sincerity and credibility of the organization's mission and request by audience members.
  • Cool App Example Podcast

    1. 1. Marketing via Podcast Leverage Podcasts to increase CTR By: Elizabeth Kulin
    2. 2. Clicking on website’s ads = organization reaching its objective
    3. 3. Using Podcast space to drive traffic to website (increases clicks) Content is very different than other cancer related Podcasts in search result list Getting Top rank listing on multiple top podcast directories.
    4. 5. Thank you