Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location - webinar


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How location API can be used in a Telco Application to track a place or a person in real time? Demonstrates some successful Telco Applications that have been built with Location API. How Location API can be used to address mobile searches done by subscribers? How to use Dev Space Location APIs with Messaging APIs to build cool Appications? The complete webinar series can be found in

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Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location - webinar

  1. 1. Telco Applications for modern business Webinar Series 3 – Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location
  2. 2. Marketing Customer care Production Warehouse Workforce Mgt Delivery Telco Applications for Modern Business Part 01 Practical guide to create SMS applications Part 02 Beyond boundaries for Telco applications ; Use USSD API to enable access to all Part 03 Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location Part 04 Use Mobile account to power your application
  3. 3. Webinar Presenter Duleepa Karunaratne Senior Project Manager hSenid Mobile
  4. 4. Webinar Presenter Rajive Kumar Software Engineer, hSenid Mobile
  5. 5. Coffee shop owner 1.Order 2.Promos 3.Feedback 4.Outlets USSD SMS Location Mobile A/C Dial #141# to register Send SMS for 141 for feedback Use subscriber location for send out promotions Charge using the mobile account Give value to the existing business Telco applications examples Mash up several Telco APIs to execute different app features All day breakfast with a free espresso
  6. 6. What does Location API do? Tracks down a person or a place Find taxi Find friend Find coffee shop
  7. 7. Business use case – Announcing a sale Finds the customers who are using the application nearby and send SMSs longitude latitude Sale 50% discount
  8. 8. Business use case – Searching the nearest outlet Clothes Shop longitude latitude Receive Customer can send a request and find out directions Address & Direction
  9. 9. Business use case - Mobile marketing Send effective SMS alerts to customers based on their location Introducing All day breakfast. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, sausages or bacon with buttered toasts and served with Coffee or orange juice priced at $1 Get a 10% discount on your morning coffee today. Offer valid till noon Watch the Esala Perahera with your family & friends at our Coffee shop. Book your table now. Call us Kandy Colombo Galle
  10. 10. Ability to provide customized service based on the location of the customer Ability to run effective campaigns or to cater for an effective subscriber base. Example : Alert nearby customers about the ongoing sale Value of Telco location API to businesses
  11. 11. Business use case – Fleet Management Tracks the driver’s to locate the lorry No need to hand over smart phones and data packages Can track anytime, anywhere without the need of internet connections or GPRS sim
  12. 12. No data package needed No internet needed Low cost solutions for mass services Saves 99% battery power Support any GSM mobile phone
  13. 13. How can a coffee shop owner use location for his app? Coffee shop owner application Send out promotion alerts to potential customers nearby Allow coffee shop seekers to find the nearest outlet Track takeaway customer’s location to provide a hot cup of coffee on time Get a 20% discount on your morning coffee today Business use case – Coffee shop
  14. 14. Business use cases – more ideas Deliver best customer experience Business Scenarios Find nearby taxis Tracking sales guys Finding apartments, hotels and shops Tourist guide for sightseeing Tracking nearest fuel stations Find nearby restaurants Friend finder
  15. 15. Coding Session for Mashing up messaging with location Sending out promotional alerts based on location of the subscriber Coffee shop owner 10% discount on your coffee
  16. 16. Owner - Sends Promotion Application -Gets the customer location Application - Sends promotion SMS to nearby customers. In example Download the sample application -
  17. 17. 3 secrets of successful Telco Application Development
  18. 18. 3secrets Why Localization? 2 3 Localization 1/3 90% 86% mobile search is Local of the apps are used for local information made purchase decisions based on the information
  19. 19. 3secrets What can it be used for? 2 3 Localization style Localization Support local mobile searches Enhance local businesses Address local community needs
  20. 20. 3secrets Mash Up 3 Localization Mash up Telco APIs Charging to pay SMS to message USSD to access menus LBS to track To build rich applications with many features
  21. 21. 3secrets 3 What can it be used for? Give more app features Create more interactivity Make most use of Telco network assets Attract more subscribers Mash Up Mash Up Localization
  22. 22. 3secrets Simplified Payments Use Mobile account to power your application Discussed in next webinar Join Mash Up Localization
  23. 23. Access Telco developer resources here
  24. 24. 6-7 June Dialog Future World Satellite event for the International Hackathon A chance at the $30,000 prize pot More info - Opportunities for Telco application developers Telco Application Developer Hackathon
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