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Wcb speakers bureau2014-1

  1. 1. Wisconsin Center for the Book—Speakers Bureau 2014 Grant Application and Information Wisconsin Center for the Book invites communities to celebrate and explore the literature of Wisconsin authors and illustrators through a Speakers Bureau grant. The Speakers Bureau grant funds a stipend for a speaker hosted by a non-profit community organization. Organizations sponsoring a talk by a Wisconsin* writer or book artist (illustrator, designer, etc.) are eligible to apply. The application process is simple; we encourage applications from all corners of the State. Wisconsin nonprofit organizations interested in books and reading are eligible to apply. Collaboration among groups is preferred. Such groups may include, but are not limited to, public libraries; public and private elementary, secondary, and post- secondary schools; community organizations; nature centers; and places of worship. Libraries are encouraged to look beyond their Friends groups for partnerships. Applications will be judged on the basis of community outreach and collaboration, thoroughness of planning, and rationale for the choice of speaker. Wisconsin Center for the Book will award up to four grants of $300 each in 2014. Once a grant is received these are the important things to remember: • Events must be free. • Organizations will receive the award, with the funding going directly to the speaker. • Wisconsin Center for the Book’s sponsorship must be acknowledged at the event. • Funds are released after receipt of an event report. Time Line June 15, 2014 Applications due; if mailed, they must be postmarked on or before this date. July 1, 2014 Winners will be notified by this date. October 1 – December 31, 2014 Programs must be scheduled between these dates. 10 days after your event A final report must be submitted or the honorarium will be forfeited. Please send your report to the same address you used for applying. *Definition of a Wisconsin author or book artist: someone who has lived in Wisconsin for a significant period of time, including someone who may no longer be living in the state.
  2. 2. Wisconsin Center for the Book—Speakers Bureau Application Date: Name and address of applicant organization: Contact person: Telephone (day and evening): E-mail: Carefully and thoroughly address each of the following (nine) questions in your application: Who is the writer or artist you have chosen to speak and why did you choose this individual? (Tentative agreement should have been reached with this person before submitting your application.) What has this person written or illustrated? List one or more titles giving publishers and dates of publication. What is the background of this writer or artist? Provide biographical information. What organizations are your partners in planning, presenting, and promoting this event? When and where do you plan to hold this event? Who are you trying to reach with this program? How do you plan to promote your event? How will you acknowledge the Wisconsin Center for the Book's sponsorship? How did you hear about the WCB Speakers Bureau grant? Send three completed copies of your application by mail to: Chuck Stebelton, Speakers Bureau Chair Wisconsin Center for the Book c/o Woodland Pattern Book Center 720 East Locust Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 or submit a PDF of your application by email, with ―Speakers Bureau Application‖ as the subject line, to: chucks@woodlandpattern.org Questions by phone may be directed to Chuck Stebelton at 414-263-5001.
  3. 3. Wisconsin Center for the Book—Speakers Bureau Frequently Asked Questions Why can't we have the honorarium check in advance of our program? In accordance with accepted practices and tax considerations, checks are written only after an event's conclusion and upon receipt of a report on the activity. We appreciate the Center for the Book's grant but would like to be able to offer our speaker additional funds; can we combine the grant with other resources? Yes; be sure the speaker understands the various sources and that public recognition is given to all sources. Do we need to have confirmed a specific date for our event before we submit our application? While that is desirable it is not essential. You should have a tentative date or dates in mind and, should your application be successful, be ready to notify the Wisconsin Center for the Book immediately when a firm date is agreed upon. What kind of collaborative partnerships are possible? Over the years, collaborating local sponsors have included public libraries and their Friends organizations; regional library systems; elementary and high schools; university campuses; historical societies; poets' and other writers' groups; literacy councils; craft and garden clubs; museums; theater organizations; literary festivals; health centers; banks; service clubs and volunteer fire departments; senior centers; and book stores. Forms of cooperative effort have included coordinated planning, joint programming, funding, publicity distribution, use of physical space, and hospitality. Where can we get information about Wisconsin authors and illustrators? The Center for the Book is not able to supply a speakers' list. Most authors and illustrators can be contacted through their publishers. Among the resources you might wish to examine are web pages for the Children’s Cooperative Book Center (CCBC) and which has a Directory of Wisconsin Children's Book Creators (www.education.wisc.edu/ccbc/authors/directoryInfo.asp)and the Wisconsin Library Association’s information on their Literary Awards Committee: (http://wla.wisconsinlibraries.org/read/awards).