Case study on the organizational culture of maybank philippines


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Case study on the organizational culture of maybank philippines

  1. 1. Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Presented to the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Subject Organizational Communication Submitted By: 11177667 Dizon, Jamaica Ann Samantha T. 11158980 Ong, Cefiareen Benja A. 11170602 So, Kimberly K. 11155981 Gonzales, Marie Angeline S. ORGACOM- TAOA1 August, 2012 Submitted To: Ms. Anne Camit
  2. 2. 2 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Table of Contents Organizational Culture Corporate Profile......................................................................................................................... 4 Mission-Vision ........................................................................................................................ 4 Brief History............................................................................................................................ 5 Heroes..................................................................................................................................... 6 Rites and Rituals ..................................................................................................................... 7 Logo/Symbol........................................................................................................................... 8 Core Values............................................................................................................................. 8 Space/Layout..................................................................................................................…….10 Analysis ................................................................................................................................. 11 Indicators of Organizational Culture Organizational Communication................................................................................................. 12 Flow of Information............................................................................................................... 12 Channel of Communication................................................................................................... 13
  3. 3. 3 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Management Theory............................................................................................................. 13 Motivation Strategies............................................................................................................ 15 Analysis of Organizational Culture Goodwill of the company.......................................................................................................... 16 Appendices Request Letter for Interview..................................................................................................... 17 Interview Transcript .................................................................................................................. 18 Office Layout Photos ................................................................................................................. 36 Group Photos ............................................................................................................................ 39 Bibliography.................................................................................................................................. 41
  4. 4. 4 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CORPORATE PROFILE Mission-Vision Mission By 2015: 1. Be among the top 15 in the Philippines in respect of: - ROE; and - Key productivity ratios (e.g. loans and deposits per branch) 2. Be among the top 5 in selected target markets: - Auto loans, personal loans, and CTS; and - Selected corporate and commercial segments of enterprise markets for deposits, loans and investments. 3. Become a major overseas unit of Maybank be being the 3rd largest contributor to International after Singapore and BII; 4. Be recognized for delivering superior value propositions to our customers; and 5. Be among the top-quartile employers of talent in the Philippines. Vision To be among the leading financial solutions provider in the target markets and communities we commit to serve.
  5. 5. 5 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Brief History MAYBANK PHILIPPINES, INC. (MPI) is a full-service commercial bank offering a wide array of financial solutions geared towards the upscale consumer market and selected segments of top- tier corporations. MPI has a long and colorful history behind it, dating back to 1953 when its forerunner, Republic Savings Bank, was established. Through the years, it had metamorphosed from one of the leading government - owned / controlled banks in the country into a growing foreign-owned bank. In its thrust to strengthen its presence in the Southeast Asian region, Maybank began its Philippine operations in 1997, when Malaysia's largest financial institution, Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) acquired Republic Planters Bank operating an extensive network of branches nationwide that is by far the largest network of branches in countries where Maybank has presence, and second only to the parent bank in Malaysia. At the time of its inception, MPI was the first foreign bank to have established an extensive network of branches all over the country. Today, Maybank maintains a network of 52 branches nationwide and 800 manpower.
  6. 6. 6 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Heroes “The true essence of living out our core values is to serve from the heart.” Maybank acknowledges those people who live out their core values and everything they do. In the 2009 Annual Report of the Maybank Philippines Magazine, two men were featured who, in their own ways, had been a good example to all their colleagues and looked up to because of the attitude they’ve shown while they hold into themselves, the company’s name. Francis Calip, Service Head of Binan Branch, is cited for his exemplary display of vigilance and genuine concern for Maybank particularly during the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy. In the early morning of Sunday, September 27, 2009, Francis passed by Binan branch and found it completely flooded and full of mud. Without hesitation, he immediately decided to elicit the help of some staff and started to clean the entire branch the whole day, until 9:00 pm. Considering that this was a Sunday, and that the enormous clean-up had to be done, Francis showed a remarkable sense of urgency worthy of emulation. Juanito Rufino, Operations Officer of Dagupan Lending Center, is cited for truly demonstrating the TIGER core values as he tried his best to help clean the debris left behind by typhoon Pepeng. It was October 11, 2009, a Sunday, when Jun volunteered to clean the branch until it was back to how it was before. When the staff reported for work on Monday, however, they found the branch flooded again, but Jun did not mind cleaning it a second time. It was his indomitable spirit that helped restore everything quickly. What a great show of dedication to Maybank, and shining proof that Jun is worth to be admired by everyone. Both of them were given the recognition for showing their mere concern to the company they’re working for. They’re considered as one of the TIGER Heroes who serves as a model of the Organization’s core values. It is not always the superiors who can be the Heroes but every ordinary employee who does their best to create their own name. Everyone can be a Hero!
  7. 7. 7 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Rites and Rituals In Maybank, accommodating their clients through their Banking techniques and Financial services had been a part of their everyday activity like any other banks but behind these transactions, there are certain activities in Maybank offices and in Maybank’s Culture that keep them going and growing. Like any organization of different natures, they also observe rites and rituals as part of their company’s lifestyle. Meetings are indeed a must for a company or even a department. In Maybank, A meeting or an event could not begin without a genuine prayer followed by the Maybank Hymn, an original Malayan song from the parent bank translated into Filipino. In terms of ceremonies, they annually organize a year-end party for everyone to recognize the people who had exceptionally performed for the year. Maybank’s President pays a visit to honor and award the chosen people of the year with plaques, certificates and bonus money as a reward. For Best Executives like Mr. Bosano, some are chosen to participate a program called TLC (Transitioning Leaders to CEO) which chooses employees of high potentials that the top managements needs to further train with the hope of having them as future CEOs someday. Over 20 people were gathered from different Maybank Organizations in 12 countries to be honed to be qualified as a CEO and from there, they will be assessed and be chosen when time comes that a CEO retired or resigned. This TLC had become a Rite or tradition in 4 years with 100 Maybank employees chosen overall. Maybank Philippines Incorporation as a social institution shows their responsibility and advocacy by participating in Environmental projects every year such as Tree planting, Fun Run and Donation Drive for Typhoon Victims. They also offer Scholarship programs to all children in need of financial assistance and child welfare and education and rehabilitation with MaybanKalinga program. These programs are what we can also consider as Rituals done by Maybank to help the community they serve.
  8. 8. 8 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Logo/Symbol Maybank’s logo is consisting of a Tiger and its Business name, Maybank – short for Malayan Banking Berhad or simply Malayan Bank. Its color is gold that could be mistaken as yellow. The yellowish gold color of the logo represents prosperity and treasure which represents the nature of the bank. The tiger as an animal is considered to be strong and aggressive that is the reason why it’s used by Maybank; they want to be the number 1 bank not only in the country but the whole Southeast Asia with their strength and energy. The tiger also represents the core values of Maybank, the TIGER Values: Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & Efficiency and Relationship building. Core Values Teamwork “They work together as team based on mutual respect and dignity.” Maybank establish an effective team structure with clear roles, shared responsibilities and empowerment. They have an ‘open door' policy with team members to provide ongoing support and advice on the spot as needed. They help other team members realize their full potential and achieve team synergy.
  9. 9. 9 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Integrity “They are honest, professional and ethical in all their dealings.” Maybank consistently demonstrate a high level of professionalism and personal integrity. They do the right thing, make decisions with a clear conscience and ensure no conflict of interest. They reinforce the Maybank Code of Ethics and Conduct at all times. Growth “They are passionate about constant improvement and innovation. “ Maybank think ahead and constantly seek to improve our quality of work, speed of delivery and process efficiency to achieve optimal business results. They show innovation and creativity by thinking out of the box. They provide value-added solutions to colleagues and customers given limited resources to meet their needs. They develop business strategies that drive the organization's long-term growth and aspirations. They find ways to raise to raise different viewpoints and provide breakthrough thinking in the best interest of the Maybank Group. Excellence and Efficiency “They are committed to delivering outstanding performance and superior service.” Maybank demonstrate a positive, motivated and "can-do" attitude in serving their internal and external customers. They control costs effectively and ensure that resources are invested where they give the highest return. They deliver with a quick turnaround time, without compromising the quality of the work we produce. Relationship Building “They continuously build long term and mutually beneficial partnerships.”
  10. 10. 10 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Maybank establish a courteous and friendly environment to nurture good working relationships among team members, customers and stakeholders. They have a genuine interest in our team members' personal constraints and preferences. They promote a culture where every staff is responsible for maximizing and exceeding customer satisfaction. They promote a mind-set of collaboration with each other to tap the experiences of our diverse workforce. They create a mutually beneficial alliance with their team members, business partners and customers for win- win outcomes. Space/Office Layout (See Appendix C for photos) Located in the 21st Floor of ACCRALAW Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, the Business Center Office of Maybank Philippines Incorporation is a simple yet modern with the feeling inside. It is not big as we would expect for a main office but it has a clean and relaxing atmosphere. It’s not too spacious, having only 3 rooms when you enter it: 2 meeting rooms and the operations room where all are working productively. As you enter the Maybank Business Center office, the Customer Service Clerk welcomes you and asks who you are looking for and what your concern is. The Operations Room, where Mr. Bosano’s office is located, we walked in and saw a typical office layout wherein it is just a one big room with yellow corners that divides each employee’s working area. It is like a labyrinth when you look at it in a front view but everything seemed to be organized. Mr. Bosano’s office was located in the left side of the room that seems spacious because things in there were really arranged well. In front of his office are the working areas of his subordinates in the Corporate Banking/Factoring department for large accounts. The yellow color of the dividers gives off a refreshing feeling and a clean look to the whole office with clear ventilation. Even if the office looks so narrow because of the lack of some space for all the employees’ working area, all employees of different department properly managed to get their job done.
  11. 11. 11 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines ANALYSIS When we hear the word “Maybank”, It always gives us a thought of it as an International bank here in the Philippines which is right since Maybank is a Malayan bank that offers a variety of financial assistance for all the businesses in need. When we came to Maybank’s Business Central Office wherein Mr. Bosano works as a Senior Vice President handling the department of Corporate Banking, everyone there seems to be accommodating that you can feel their hospitality even if you’re just a stranger in their company. They immediately ask for your concern and call for an action or a feedback to that. It was our first time seeing this office and we were impressed on how the Mr. Mannix led his employees to organized and appealing personnel. The way the office was designed, it’s simple yet somewhere you can comfortably work and have a proper mindset because of a peaceful atmosphere. As we meet Mr. Bosano’s team, his friendliness as a boss really showed and he always check on us so that we won’t feel awkward while e meet the people in their office. He even proudly introduce us to the people we see and they warmly welcomed us and let us do our thing in their private workplace. A Supportive Climate indeed; With Mr. Bosano as the big boss, there will truly be a positive mood in the place. His team shows that any work can be fulfilled successfully if you enjoy it and put your hearty into it. With the way he treat his employees, it really gives a good feeling that you don’t have only a boss who can guide you but you also have a father and a friend who won’t let you be alone and will continue to support you as you walk forward. Mr. Bosano, as a representative of Maybank Philippines, I can say that he is also one of the Heroes of the bank who gives an exemplary performance and live by the Core Values the company believes in. If everyone in the bank will be like Mr. Bosano, the company will continue to create a good image to other people and will maintain the Supportive Climate they had in their workplace that will make everyone encouraged in doing a job well done.
  12. 12. 12 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Indicators of Organizational Culture ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION Flow of Information With Mr. Bosano as the head of the Corporate Banking department, the flow of information is both in an upward and a downward direction as well as a lateral communication. With a proper balance between these ways of communicating with peers and subordinates, Mr. Bosano was able to elicit an open communication between the people in his department. As a manager, instead of emphasizing your authority, one must maintain its coordination with his people so that they may operate productively without having problems with their teamwork. He keeps himself open for all the needs of his staffs so that they may also be open of any advices and feedback from their own boss. In a company or just a department, there should be a give and take relationship and that’s what Mr. Bosano does to be an effective leader. With Mr. Bosano’s Management style, he was able to gather all his employees easily to succeed in every project that they must do. To communicate well with his colleagues, he would rather go to a meal with them to make himself knowledgeable of what’s going on within his group as a superior but in a way that he would be seen just like a big brother only. Mr. Bosano believes that having an open communication between him and his people will improve their department’s relationship and even make it better.
  13. 13. 13 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Channel of Communication Mr. Bosano, as a person who is not too formal when it comes to communicating with his people, peers and clients, always prefers a face-to-face communication in every transaction, negotiations and simple conversations he would have. Whenever he talks about business matters especially with his subordinates, he would prefer it to be informal so everyone will be comfortable to say their thoughts. He usually does it during meals and often injects humor or crack jokes to liven up the atmosphere. For example, Mr. Bosano and the people in his department are having coffee together in the morning. During their lunch break, they are often together eating lunch and discussing some business things. He also invites his department on his birthday party or any other events that builds his department’s relationship to maintain goodwill. When Mr. Bosano has problems with his department or his peers, he really sees to it that he would talk to them personally to clearly discuss the matter without any offense. A Face- to-Face communication is really the best way to discuss certain matters with different people so that the exact message could be easily directed. With Face-to-Face Channel of Communication, information could be easily convey and receive without delay. Mr. Bosano has chosen the right path when it comes to communicating with his group. Management Theory Mr. Bosano’s Management technique is more of a Human Relation and Human Resource, Human Relation because he treats his people in his department like they are a team. He makes sure that what they do is enjoyable. He also thinks that if they maintain the relationship as a team, they would improve the team’s productivity. He keeps the bond within his group by treating them as a family to make them rest assured that their manager cares for them. He would invite them to his home for a meal and special occasions. At some times, he also uses the Human Resources management technique because he facilitates his people in his department. He makes sure that his team is satisfied to their work. He uses positive words for his people to have an intrinsic motivation. He also uses oral communication to motivate his
  14. 14. 14 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines people and he usually acknowledges everything they do. He also uses non-verbal communication to commend his people for a job well done. For example, when they met a certain target for the company and even exceeded it, he recognizes the things they have done even just patting them in their shoulder and say “Good Job”. He also uses reward to motivate his people in his department like recommending them for promotion because he wouldn’t even achieve his rank today without their cooperation. If a person in his department showed a very good job and shows willingness to serve the company, he would recognize his dedication since he just deserves it. Being in a superior position, he indeed have the power to fire people but he never do it immediately unless there’s that right reason to remove her from his people. An example of this is his one employee who seems to be good in his field but fails to always go to work. Even if he likes that person’s performance, if that person loves his work, he would wake up for work and report to his boss. What he needs is a reliable one who would always lively go to work though he hasn’t possess enough knowledge for the business but as long as he is reliable and responsible, he would be one of those who deserves to be admired and even be given a promotion. When there’s a new employee in his department or the youngest one who needs some improvement, he turns to be a coach to further assist them in their work, to be a better one. As a coach, he is not just a teacher as he uses the Human Resource management technique for his people to make them feel that they are a teammate even if they’re still in training and they will do their job together and Human Relations management technique will be another to make his people comfortable with each other and treat each other like friends even for the new ones. These Management styles Mr. Bosano has is proven effective and efficient in handling not only the department but the company itself, as an SVP of Maybank.
  15. 15. 15 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Motivation Strategies In terms of Supervisory Encouragement and Team Support to his employees, Mr. Bosano uses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with a balance that will maintain the Creativity in the workplace. One way of enhancing the motivation of his team, intrinsically is by saying positive things to his team and continues to create a good vibe between each member. He also demonstrates goodwill between his team by being good friends even outside their office. He shows it by tapping each other’s back whenever his team mates attain their goal. He also acknowledges his team’s work to make his team feel recognized, satisfied and comfortable to what they did and even make a better job next time. He also makes his team mates feel that if one of the people in the team is not around, they would not meet their target. He makes everyone important in the department. Using extrinsic motivation also helps the team to keep them motivated. For example, if his employee showed an exceptional work, he would probably promote for the next quarter or he can increase their salary. Mr. Bosano didn’t want to use money as a form of motivation, but to return a job well done by his employee, he rewards them an increase in salary. The productivity made by his team gives them a way to have a reward. And a form of reward that the company uses is in the form of increase in salary and/ or promotion. Just like what he always tells his team, “Meeting is one thing but succeeding it is even”. Mr. Bosano uses more on the intrinsic motivation for his team to clearly impose to his team the goal that everyone should work on with proper inspiration inside and outside the office.
  16. 16. 16 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Analysis of Organizational Culture GOODWILL OF THE COMPANY (Particularly the Corporate Banking/Factoring department) The Goodwill of the company that exists not only in the internal environment of the organization but as well as the external environment including the customers is necessary to all business. It is when you build a bridge between you and your clients and in order for you to not burn it, you should always maintain the good relationship you have with your customers or clients in good times or in bad times. If the business has the goodwill for their customers, it will lead the company to success. Mr. Bosano stated that they do everything to have a good relationship with each other; by being professional enough when it comes to their job and also by injecting some humor in every task that they do in order to keep a caring atmosphere. At first, any business transactions must be formally done but in the long-run, meeting during meals and coffee time will increase the understanding and the good relationship you had with a client. Being formal is not always the way to negotiate with clients especially with big companies according to Mr. Bosano but there will always be limitations in the way you communicate with you client so that you can persuade them to do business with your company. They often talk things out as friends not as a boss-employee relationship when it comes to his team. Mr. Bosano wants to inculcate this kind of attitude towards them to build their relationship within his department because he believes that when you do these things they will be able to achieve their goals and bond with each other. When it start to the group of people you’re with, you can probably do it with anyone especially with clients so you can encourage them to trust in your company – that is how Mr. Bosano mold his team members into a relationship builder. He shows responsibility so that his team will look up to him and do the things he does for the company. As a head of a department, Mr. Bosano strives to achieve the goals of the company. He ensures that their communications reflect positively on the quality of the company’s service to their clients. Thus, preserving the goodwill that they must always have not only in the department but as well as in the company and in transactions will be possible.
  17. 17. 17 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines APPENDIX A Request Letter for Interview
  18. 18. 18 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines APPENDIX B Interview Transcript A Documentation of our interview with Maybank Philippines’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Manuel Bosano III In a Dining Setting … All: Good Afternoon Sir. Mr. Bosano: Good Afternoon din. Mr. Bosano: So how did you guys figured out that I was a head of a certain department? Cef: We asked your son, Mackie. Mr. Bosano: Buti nagsalita siya hahaha Kimie: Nagsasalita po yan pagchismisan hahaha Mr. Bosano: So .. Let’s Start. Cef: What’s the Mission-Vision of your company po ? Uhh sa internet na lang po? haha Mr. Bosano: Oo sa internet na lang. Gusto niyo ba naman sabihin ko sa inyo yun? Ahahaha pwede ko I email sa inyo yun. hahahaha Mr. Bosano: Brief history…. *Cough cough* Cef: History po ng company like yung establishment.po? Mr. Bosano: Um ok. Rewind Maybank, umm Maybank was bought from PNB Republic Bank in 1997 so Maybank is the largest Malaysian company ,oh no mali, largest bank in Malaysia. You can look at Maybank like BDO. They are similar to BDO, they are number one. Far number one, distant second is CIMB which is now in town they bought it in BOC. Ayan lumalabas na ang
  19. 19. 19 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines pagkaano ko bumabalik na. That’s the history. We are bought from PNB in 1997, now the largest Malaysian bank and today we have 52 branches and 800 man power personnel. Cef: uhh Nature po ng company? Mr. Bosano: Uhh nature of the company. Banking? Banking. Tama banking, tama naman sagot ko diba? Banking Industry. Hahaha baka sabihin ng prof niyo janitor talaga kinausap niyo (since he was joking that he’s just a janitor in the company) Cef: Oo nga naman banking nga naman. hahaha *everyone laughed* Cef: sino po yung mga heroes niyo? sa bank like tinitignan po as good example? Mr. Bosano: You mean the companies that we want to emulate? Or asking me personally? Or the bank , the institution? Cef: The institution po. Mr. Bosano: Oh this is related to vision. Maybank wants to be the largest regional player in South East Asia. Right now the largest regional players are coming from Asia and it’s Singapore. Development bank of Singapore so and then is formerly Keppel bank but Keppel Bank was sold. Sino ba yun ? there is still other two banks eh. OUB and another one I forgot but those are the largest bank as of now. Maybank wants to be the number one South East Asian bank, yun ang aming vision - we want to be that in the future but if you look at our website kasi there are several websites, kapag Maybank, the parent company in Malaysia, you might see humanizing financial services. Yun yung general statement ng parent bank namin, basically saying that umm we want to be different from the normal bank. There has to be hardwork in it if we want to do certain business with a customer so humanizing financial services is the vision statement of the parent bank. When you access the website of Maybank Philippines, doon you’ll see ano doon I think nakalagay doon Maybank wants to be within the top 12 by 2015 but that is just one I think
  20. 20. 20 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines there are several terms na nakahighlight sa Maybank Philippines and we’re now rank 21. We would like to be in top 15. Cef: How about yung mga ano po, Rites and rituals? Mr. Bosano: hmmm? Cef: Rites and Rituals po na ginagawa sa office. Mr. Bosano: Rites and rituals.. every morning naglalaslas kami. (Demonstrating as he slash his wrist) HAHAHAHA Mr. Bosano: nag haharakiri kami doon hahaha what do you mean? I don’t understand the question. What kind of rites and rituals? Jam: mga ano po.. like ceremonies, award ceremonies, programs and such. Cef: like Flag ceremony every Monday? Mr. Bosano: Walang flag ceremony. That’s totally wala. Wala yon normally what would happen kapag may meeting is umm or may malaking let’s say monthly event. Normally ang president namin calls for a meeting. We start it off with a prayer and then we have a song, a Maybank theme which you will not ask me to sing. hahaha I don’t know how to sing but we do have Maybank theme which is a Malaysian, ano yun unique yun. Malaysian state song ‘yon ng parent kasi nga malaki sila doon like BDO so they have their own song there. What the Filipinos did, they translated that Malay song into a Tagalog one so kami ‘pag may dadating na group, quarterly darating si parent bank ditto, si CEO and there will be a town hall meeting close to a more or less 100 siguro maybe 80- 100 senior officers magmeeting in one big area then yun, we would sing the Tagalog version of the Maybank hymn but it was again, a Malay that started from the parent. Hindi ko rin kabisado yun, it might be in the website.
  21. 21. 21 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Cef: Ohh, yung ano naman po symbol or yung logo ano po yung ibig sabihin? Mrs. Bosano: Tiger, I’ll give you the meaning HAHAHAHA Mr. Bosano: Tiger, wala ba akong tiger? hahaha may magazine ba diyan? (to his wife) bigyan mo sila ng magazine naming, yung quarterly magazine Cef: Yung meaning lang pong tiger. Mr. Bosano: meaning ng Maybank? Cef: yung Tiger po. Mr. Bosano: ahh tiger. Cef: bakit po tiger ang napili ? hahaha Mr. Bosano: ahh tiger. TIGER values. Actually, ok Trustworthy, Integrity, Goal Oriented, E stand for uhh now I forgot pero the tiger values is there (referring to the magazine) merong acronym yung tiger. Integrity, Trustworthy, Goal oriented, buti wala dito yung boss ko kung hindi papagalitan ako nun HAHAHA Jam: So parang yun na rin po yung core values? Mr. Bosano: YES! It revolves around that. Tama ka! You are correct. May meaning yung tiger eh andun lahat yan (referring to the magazine) Kim: Bakit po color yellow yung napiling color? Mr. Bosano: yellow? yan ang tatanungin namingsa aming boss sa Malaysia. I don’t know. I’ve been in the bank for three years ganyan na yan eh. Why that color? Why the tiger? pero yung
  22. 22. 22 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines tiger there was a discussion one time a tiger symbolizes energy, parang aggressiveness, so yung goal of trying to be number one regional player in the country, yun yung aggressive, yun yung tiger. Mr. Bosano: parang they want to project a progressive image. Cef: Space atsaka office layout po? Mr. Bosano: yung alin? Cef: yung space atsaka office layout po? Mr. Bosano: space? office space? Cef: opo Mr. Bosano: what about office space? Cef: yung visual po ng office niyo. Mr. Bosano: ahhh you want me to describe the office. ganun ba yun? Cef: hindi po eh ..ano po eh.. office lay out po. haha Mr. Bosano: office layout? drawing? Jam: kung comfortable po kayo sa office niyo? di ba nagkakagulo-gulo, yung processes, yung management ng office. Mr. Bosano: gusto niyo ng picture? ng office ko? Mrs. Bosano: ayan oh. (showing some magazine to the interviewees) Mr. Bosano: ayan pala oh. Mission to be the leading financial services. team work pala mali pala hindi trustworthy, team work pala. Integrity, growth, excellence and efficiency and relationship building.
  23. 23. 23 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Mrs. Bosano: I can let you borrow this but I can’t give it to you kasi… Mr. Bosano: picturan niyo. eto maganda yung resolution ng camera na yan Mrs. Bosano: ito, Nasan ka ditto [sa magazine]? Mr. Bosano: extra ako dyan Mrs. Bosano: oo, extra siya dyan. ohhhh ahahahahha Mr. Bosano: ayan! ayan yung head guard. Hahahaha (pointing to himself in a photo in the magazine) Mrs. Bosano: nakikipag-usap sa presidente. yan yung chairman. where are you? Mr. Bosano: eto, eto yung head ng messenger namin. Mrs. Bosano: ohhh hanapin niyo siya. Mr. Bosano: wala ako diyan Mrs. Bosano: ahh wala pala siya dito. Mr. Bosano: andoon ako sa isang page. Mrs. Bosano: Nasan ka? Mr. Bosano: wala, wala ako diyan Mrs. Bosano: ahh sa GE yon. Mr. Bosano: ayan papicturan mo na sa kanila. Mrs. Bosano: ahh eto eto eto. Mr. Bosano: eto yung mission vision. Ay! sorry.
  24. 24. 24 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Cef: yung akin na lang? wait lang .. (referring to the phone) Mr. Bosano: ayan oh! to be the leading .. tama oh tama. top 15 Mrs. Bosano: kabisado mo ah hahahaha Mr. Bosano: yung first bullet lang. maraming bullets eh (refers to the mission statement) Jam: pero po may idea kayo kung bakit Maybank po ang name ng bank? Mr. Bosano: actually Malaysian Berhad Cef: ahh first name Mr. Bosano: oo kasi Malaysian Bank Berhad yan shinort lang na Maybank. Mrs. Bosano: kasi number 1 yan sa Malaysia Mr. Bosano: kasi when you access the website yung, kumbaga if you’re asking the fort or sec registration malay..Malayan Banking Berhad yun yung buong complete noon but ang brand name is Maybank. Mrs. Bosano: pero you can borrow that baka you might want to Xerox. Ok lang Cef: Ok lang po? Mrs. Bosano: Ok lang sige lang Cef:return ko na lang po kay macky, thank you po. ay dito ka na Mr. Bosano: oo para di niyo na kokopyahin. HAHAHAHA Mrs. Bosano: ayan din oh. (another magazine) Mr. Bosano: hindi ito yung ano eh
  25. 25. 25 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Mrs. Bosano: may tinatanong sila eh. what does the tiger means. andoon eh adun yun. Mr. Bosano: go borrow it. baka may makuha kayo dyan. ako kasi wala akong nakuha dyan. HAHAHAHAHA Cef : Jam ikaw na dito. second slide Jam: ano po.. sa department niyo po, diba corporate banking ano po how uhh how uhh pano… Mr. Bosano: how ? pano? dalawa na yan..anong susunod? yung chinese naman, yung chinese version hahaha HAHAHAHA Cef: Hala ka, Jam! hahaha Jam: pwede niyo po bang idescribe yung parang typical day. parang yung routine niyo sa department niyo during meetings. Mr. Bosano: typical day umm normally we would start at 9 Mrs. Bosano: normally mag start sa gym HAHAHA Mr. Bosano: yung typical day ko o ayan, 6:10 nasa gym na’ko and then I will reach the office by 7:45 normally magco-coffee kami nung mga officemates ko normally up to 8:30. 8:30 simula na, and with respect to the formal transactions, we will begin about 9:30 kasi the client starts calling for their transactions or availment sometimes we are the one who calls the client if they want to avail for loans kasi we are handling loans but normally there are more report writing. Because once we tried to bring in clients normally yung relationship managers come up with write ups so we have a template that they should complete to be able to submit into the credit, once they evaluate we present to the committee for approval. so yun yung standard work namin as a relationship manager but within that process of course, the existing clients would call mag iinquire for interest rate, they inquire for documentation, inquire let’s say for the new
  26. 26. 26 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines project that they want us to finance so normally yun gmga ganyang transactions happens within the day. and then I have 4 RMs parang kayo, foreign relationship managers all of you handling 15 to 25 accounts so depending of the transactions of each account yan yung magiging interaction ko sa kanila, on how to provide guidance and to negotiate for respect to collateral pricing yung mga ano yan eh a little bit more details at to justify the approval ng account. yun yung normal day namin in between syempre naglulunch kami AHHAHA kumakain naman kami Jam: ano po.. diba sa department niyo po, ilan po yung .. Mr. Bosano: headcount? Jam: opo Mr. Bosano: ok there is 2 account assistant, parang yung 2 we call them that because staff ba yun? kasi they assist 4 relationship managers yung relationship managers are account managers, and then 4 and 2 and then me, myself. 7 lang kami. 7 lang in my group Jam: Thank you sir. Umm ano po, how do you reward employees? Mr. Bosano: how do I reward employees? Umm there, in our company, there is a 2 mid-year and full year assessment. Yung midyear, if you want to promote a certain individual because of exceptional performance, you can do it with stream. Let’s say July - you start recommending that would be taken up by august for staff com and if it gets approved by September, promoted na yan or normally naman, you want to wait for full year because normally all of us has a score card umm you wait for full year if really exceptional you want to promote you do that q1 the following quarter after the end of full year, you assess performance. I am assessed by my boss, I assess downwards individual because their performance is my performance so yung score card ko is composed of 4 score cards so if I want to not really reward but yeah siguro reward na talaga let’s say to appreciate the high potential individual, magaling yung performance then I tried to recommend a promotion. Jam: Sir how about ano.. parang do you go with your ano ba with your staff?
  27. 27. 27 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Mr. Bosano: ahh oo, like kagabi nag inuman dito. HAHAHA so *cough* normally naman ano if you’re referring to relationship building, magkakasama kami niyan during lunch, coffee, morning nagcocoffee na kami. Lunch magkakasama kami niyan then sometimes even sa gabi kung magkakayayaan to go out, we normally do that as well so there are a lot of time magkakasama kami. We try to because normally sa trabaho, ano naman yan eh di pwede puro professional, there have to be some personal time also. Iyang personal time siguro during those moments coffee, lunch, night out sometimes and then andito lahat even yung president, yung head janitor naming, andito nung inuman dito so yun yung time na may konting bonding Mrs. Bosano: even the president attends Mr. Bosano: nagbibiro ako baka seryosohin niyong janitor ako HAHAHAHA Jam: How do you encourage productivity in the workplace? Mr. Bosano: I suppose, the really the-best is be the example. You just let them see how you operate so that they, you, yourself would hope that you would operate the same way pero obviously that doesn’t happen so sometimes there should be depending on maturity or the individual that provides certain guidelines. Sometimes I’m a teacher, kapag junior kayo maghuhunt hold kayo like Sam, yan yung youngest RM ko so there’s a bit more teaching. The others, medyo senior na ADP, like Alo, SM na ! the two others are ADP then suppose I can call my management style is called teaching already. I detached myself from teaching because they already know the basic, so Sam being a young individual, medyo she is still trying to adjust to that position so ganun. sometimes I’m a teacher, coach, then sometimes, if the person is very responsible, I don’t even, I’ll let him - didiskartehan na lang niya yan, kaya na niya yan. I just come in if there’s a meeting with the senior officer’s syempre when you talk to big companies like Lopez group, sila San Miguel group, there has to be someone senior to meet with these people. So sometimes ganun lang ang role ko yung mejo ano lang umm trying to represent the
  28. 28. 28 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines bank sa mga official function or a senior officer, yung mga day to day yung mga capable na diyan, I’ll just let them be. Sometimes magtatanong lang sa’kin or what my opinion is but I normally leave him alone. Nakikita ko naman na kaya na niya eh. Jam: How about .. for the problems? How do you handle them? Mr. Bosano: heartaches? HAHAHA Jam: within the company? Mr. Bosano: anong problem? Jam: Like, ano po, like for example, the transaction, kapag may problems kayo Mr. Bosano: ahhh transactions. ganito din, I’m not too formal sa mga tao ko eh. Sometimes I inject some humors para hindi masyado stiff yung ano. So of course, if paulit ulit yan sometimes, ano ba ito? kakausapin ko na talaga but normally once or twice nagkakamali, normally lang naman na nanyayari iyon and then most of the times, if critical na yung transactions, they get me involve also eh during the way so kung nagkamali, that is also my mistake so sometimes we both learn on our mistakes. Like “oo nga no, dapat ganyan yung ginawa natin”. ‘pagka kung ano, ayun, ganun, hindi ako yung ‘bahala ka diyan ayusin mo yan’. No, basta ‘pag critical yung transaction, I’m also involved eh so ‘pag nagkamali yung transaction, it’s more na pagkakamali ko, pagka mali na yung diskarte ng transaction. Jam: ‘pagka sa workplace, may misunderstandings lalo na sa mga staff .. may mga ganun po ba? Mr. Bosano: kasi yung group ko, it’s not that big kasi I’m handling top corporates lang. top 1000 lang so I don’t need plenty of people. Like I said, ‘pag 4 kayo, you’re covering average of 20 accounts. That’s already 80 big accounts so kapag sinabi mong San Miguel, you count that as one, pero in San Miguel, there could be 10 companies so yung 80 na yun, it’s not really 80 .. probably more ideal account talaga kasi I count San Miguel as 1 pero it’s easily 8 companies so going back sa question mo, wala kami masyadong conflict, meron namang malilit ayy, pero di
  29. 29. 29 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines naman conflict kasi I suppose yung question na yan is more prevailing kapag malaki yung group eh so sa amin, including myself, 7 lang kami there is very little that happens. wala masyado. Jam: yung motivating po, yung mga ano po staff, more on intrinsic or extrinsic? Mr. Bosano: motivation. Umm definitely pagka ano ahh ok, what happened to us right now: yung full year target namin, we’ve met it already as early as June, lumabas sa president’s report yun eh so syempre I talked to them uy pare I really try to pat their shoulder and say good job .. basta it’s not me only that we’ve meet the target, it’s the whole team sapul na kami for the whole year. so normally yung verbal I try to mention positive words to them encourage them more or further para yung full year naming, even better yung exceptional na talaga kasi yung performance naming yun, yung magiging rated in q1 so kung talagang exceptional na kayo kasi if your target is 10 million and then mineet mo lang edi ok. I asked for 10 then you gave me 10 then nothing’s exceptional doon. If I asked for 10 million and you gave me 50 million then yun ang exceptional so yung reward nun happens in Q1. In terms of bonus monetary and sometimes promotion happen kasi nga kung yung target, for the sake of meeting the target, tinamaan mo yung 10 million there is nothing great about that. I’ve asked for 10 you gave me 10 and exceptional is I asked for 10 and you gave me triple or multiple times, yun ang exceptional. Jam: So ano po, mas parang mas magworkhard sila para sa achievement or para sa like sweldo or ganon ? Mr. Bosano: umm yung hindi dahil .. you don’t look at it as monetary kasi ‘pag kasama mo na yung when you’re part of a company or yung unit naming, we don’t look at it na uy nagpropromote ako nito or magiintern yung rating ko, no, we don’t look at it kasi you need to break down the targets eh ‘yung ‘pag binigyan ka. let’s say si Mike has a target of 600 million pesos, yung 600 million pesos na yun ‘pag nameet yung 600 na yun, ganito na yung rating ko, parang you look at it for totality kasi other than loans meron kang target in deposits or selling at marami pa ibang other targets and then if you’re asking me, we don’t look at it as meeting
  30. 30. 30 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines target, we want to be recognized as well. yung recognition to be in president’s report is magandang magandang motivation not for me or myself but to the whole group kasi you’ll be recognize in the whole bank for meeting the target as earlier for june. So like I said meeting is one thing but succeeding it is even yun talaga ang maganda. So… Jam: kapag ano po. kunwari may problem kapag kinoconfront niyo po sila lagi po talagang may usap or minsan dinadaan niyo lang sa letter. Mr. Bosano: No, No walang formal kami. We don’t do yung formal. Normally it’s more face to face discussion and like I said I normally inject humor so small talk or small joke para di naman masyadong maoffend diba? So normally ganun para di maoffend yung tao. Jam: So ano po sir. How do you maintain good relationship within the company? Mr. Bosano: wala, painumin mo lang ok na eh. HAHAHAHA Mr. Bosano: ahh hindi, ganyan tumatawa. Exactly ganyan tumatawa so very light yung group namin hindi kami masyadong formal so that’s how I maintain yung ganyan. I would like to take that we are more open than the other groups. Because of that yung management style ko, I’d like to thank that. Jam: How about outside organizations? How do you maintain the goodwill relationships? Mr. Bosano: what do you mean outside? As in personal life pa rin namin? Jam: Hindi po, para sa business parin po. Parang kunwari meron kayong transaction sa ibang tao diba may good relationship dapat na ma negotiate sa kanila yung kailangan. so parang paano niyo po namamaintain yung good relationship? Mr. Bosano: yun umm I’ll answer that relating to a client. Let’s say kapag kausap namin yung si Jodee Pineda, yung CEO ng San Miguel ummm I think eto yung sagot sa tanong mo eh. umm
  31. 31. 31 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines normally you know what to project and you what to say that it starts coming out from your mouth kasi kapag yan cliente walks up to you like “o Mannix punta ka nga sa office ko, let’s discuss may papafund ako. May funding requirement.” so kapag nagdidiscuss na kayong ganyan, it’s important that whatever you tell him, actually he sees in you umm maybe physically I come out knowledgeable and then also yung kno- of course my past experience sa banking helps me to communicate better with the clients and I think they see this na syempre I come out confident, I know what I’m saying so through that of course yung relationship starts with initially profession, customer and diba bank then from there very light na lang yung conversation namin after a few transactions parang ganito narin nagbibiruan na kami so hindi na kami masyadong formal but of course of all the relationships, some are a bit formal kasi I don’t know you or some I call you kasi I need your assistance for a certain project so meron siyang objective why he called me to assist him. But of course ikaw being a professional ano business man you would also talk to several banks, parang si Mannix linoloko lang ako so kakausapin ko si BDO, si Metro bank, si PNB so normally you scout around in terms of pricing, best deal so ganun yung relationship initially starts out professional hopefully pag naging maganda yung outcome transaction then some small relationships come out with that. Jam: kapag ano po pag nakikipag negotiate po kayo parang iniinvite niyo po sila sa meals or sa company po kayo nagiinvite? Mr. Bosano: paano pano? Jam: pag nenegotiate po kayo Mr. Bosano: ahhh negotiate. umm normally it starts with the office setting kasi definitely kailangan mo siya eh he wants us to assist him so normally office setting muna, ‘pagmedyo after na ano na kumbaga na polish mo na yung transaction medyo may konting meeting of the minds na kayo then normally after that, next meeting baka nalulunch na lang kami konti na lang yun usap usap na lang kami more on kwento na lang yun than business kumbaga alam na namin o nakuha na namin yung objective namin from the previous meeting, all the info that we’ve got
  32. 32. 32 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines already and then the next meeting noon light na lang. mag fofollow up na lang yan in terms of yung process namin. yung kinwkwento ko kanina approval process may write up gagawa ng write up si relationship manager ng report fofollow up na lang niya iyon for approval pero hindi na kasing formal for the next few meetings. hindi na. Jam: Thank you po sir. Mr. Bosano: ok na? tapos na? Jam: pero po sir doon po sa heroes parang sino pinaka parang taas noo parang ganon yung inaadmire niyo po. Cef: yung pinaka bilib po kayo Mrs. Bosano: the one you look up to. Mr. Bosano: actually walang single company that we look up to eh. In general we are saying because of the size of the foreign bank. yan yung Singapore bank, because of their size we want to be like them in terms of size pero in terms of trying to say na gusto namin maging City Bank, walang ganon eh. walang ganon kasi each bank has its own style. May kanya kanyang style mga yan eh. mangongopya ka lang kay City Bank konti konting ganun wala yung parang idol namin si City Bank or kokopyahin naming si City Bank, walang ganon. Cef: ok na? Jam: Sir yung sa ano po parang sa rites and rituals parang may award ceremonies po ba? kunwari na promote siya or recognition or best staff mga ganun. Mr. Bosano: every ahhh yung mga ganyang tanong best in yung ganyan meron yan every year end yan kasi nga yung full year score card namin of course all of us will have a score card obviously someone there stood out. So yun narerecognize yun. Let’s say highest ano umm target umm pano bang statement highest in terms of exceeding the target not really meeting
  33. 33. 33 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines but exceeding so palayuan ng target. sa loans palayuan ng target. yun yung recognition that happens at year end yun . Mrs. Bosano: Party Mr. Bosano: ahh oo party. may year end party tapos yung year end party na yan marerecognize yung exceptional. so yung president namin will call yung mga nag exceed sa mga branches, sa loans, sa support unit may mga kanya kanyang recognition yan tapos tatawagin yun. 8 of them either 6-8 of them papatayuin tapos may konting picture picture, plaque and then monetary. Mrs. Bosano: He was recognized as one of the best executive. Pinadala siya sa TLC. Mr. Bosano: kasi meron kaming program TLC, hindi tender loving care but Transitioning Leaders to CEO. so normally yung mga high potential employees na the top managements needs to further train so hopefully needs to be CEO someday yun pinapadala sa ano yun sa program na iyon. Yang TLC na yan Transitioning Leaders to CEO is a ano kami umm we are present in about 12 different countries here in Asia including New York and London. Normally yung largest operations in Asia they identify high potential per organization one or two and then from that one and two that would form the TLC program. Ito yung mga core individuals that can be or has the potential to become CEO’s one day so right now yung population nun, that attended the TLC so far I’m on the 4th batch of 20 per batch so bali 80 na kami from a head count of 45 000 employees yung 80 na group na ito which I belong to now dito nagpipick let’s say of course all the senior executives someday will hit retirement so every year itong 80 na ito let’s say becomes 100 this year they’ll again pick so magiging 100 yung pool ngayon sometimes people resign so nawawala rin yan diba so normally ‘pag yung parent’s side si Malaysian Berhad ‘pagka may kulang, let’s say sa Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Hong Kong even Malaysia kapag may kulang let’s say they’ll have a meeting “o magreretire na si ganyan or we’ll have an opening sa ganitong business let’s say in Vietnam or Cambodia, where do we get talent to put in Cambodia?” they will lift the file of this 80 group of people. they’ll lift yan and discuss sino ang most likely that will do well in let’s say Cambodia as GM, general manager or CEO,kami
  34. 34. 34 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines iyong group na iyon 80 na kami maybe or can be that has the potential of becoming of CEO someday. so yun yung sinasabi ng wife ko na parang recognition to people who did well, now the management feels na “Ok magaling ka, I’ll be giving you more opportunity to go to the next level na” which is the CEO level na. So yun yung how we reward people or how they reward people like myself. So ganun din yun na papuntang CEO pero of course down the line meron ding kanya kanyang training program yan let’s say for the junior officers. meron din ganong training program yan. so when I kasi ako looking up yan, diba when I look back sa tao ko they have their trainings per level then also when they graduate per level like one of my gamers now they’re attending accredit course so yung mga ganun puts more kumbaga umm how do I put it siguro gives you more credentials na pag promotable ka na talaga, then you have attended the necessary training then pwede ka na imove sa next level so on and so forth. Mrs. Bosano: that’s one more thing doon sa rewards kasi inaawardan ka for additional training Mr. Bosano: so hindi talaga siya reward. Not really because not in the sense na hindi naman ako napromote eh pero pina attend lang ako ng program eh. Attending the program is a reward itself kasi the entire bank knows that you’re on your way. kasi to be just part of that pool is a reward already. yun yung yung non- monetary. Diba hindi naman ako napromote, hindi ako naincreasan, pinaattend lang ako ng training na iyon. It’s one year training. Jam: Sir do you ever fire employees? Mr. Bosano: Fire employees? Yes, of course hindi naman fire. hmm like ganito yung isang AA ko umm I’ll be interviewing other AA’s this week kasi di nagpeperform diba so pag di nagpeperform tama yung game show na you’re the weakest link. diba kung lahat yan performers tapos ikaw medyo weak ka, you’re my weakest link and my weakest link sometimes will affect me eventually kasi nga yung score card ko so because of that non-performance, I’m now asking for other candidates to replace her. One week ng absent diba? sometimes kasi sa organization, magaling siya magaling siya alam niya yung trabaho but most of the time she is not there so sometimes I would rather have someone not as good but reliable, mahirap naman
  35. 35. 35 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines yung masyado kang magaling pero wala ka naman doon physically so how can you be- how can you be effective sa group. magaling ka pag andyan ka. yan pasok ka for today bukas absent ka . Jam: Thank you sir. Mr. Bosano: ok na? Jam: Okay na po. Mr.Bosano: ok na? sige. Tara! Kain tayo, kain! Ayan handa ni misis. hahaha All: Thank you for your time Sir!
  36. 36. 36 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Appendix C Office Layout This is the whole view of the Business Center Office from the entry door. All rooms excluding the Operations room. The Sign that will welcome you as you enter the Business Center Office. The Front Desk with the signs of their core values - TIGER.
  37. 37. 37 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines This is the Layout of the Operations room where the Corporate Banking department is located. This is mr. Bosano sitting comfortable in his office. This is the right side of his office wherein the photos of his family are displayed.
  38. 38. 38 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines This is the view of the whole room from Mr. Bosano’s office This is Mr. Bosano with his team.
  39. 39. 39 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines Appendix D Group Photos This is Mr. Bosano with his Staff in the Corporate Banking department. A Group picture with Mr. Bosano and his team.
  40. 40. 40 Case Study on the Organizational Culture of Maybank Philippines From left to right : Kimie, Marie, Mr. Bosano, Jamaica and Cefiareen A photo taken in Maybank’s Business Center Office as a token of remembrance as well.
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