Introduction to Docker


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Docker introductory slides.

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Introduction to Docker

  1. 1. Introduction to  Docker Containerization is the new virtualization
  2. 2. who engineer and operations chap open source chap funny accent (photo by Jennie Rainsford)
  3. 3. other matters author hack-n-slash developer pontification
  4. 4. The Docker Book
  5. 5. Who are you folks?
  6. 6. So what is Docker? Container virtualization Build, pack, ship and run applications as containers Build once, run in many places Isolated and content agnostic
  7. 7. Some history
  8. 8. So why should I care? Easy (and lightweight!) way to model reality Devs care about their app, Ops cares about the containers Golden images without the overhead
  9. 9. Why developers care... A clean, safe, hygienic and portable runtime environment No worries about missing dependencies, packages and other pain points Run each app in its own isolated container, so you can run various versions of libraries and other dependencies Automate testing, integration, packaging Reduce/eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms
  10. 10. Why operations care... Make the entire lifecycle more efficient, consistent, and repeatable Increase the quality of code produced by developers Eliminate inconsistencies between development, test, and production environments Support segregation of duties Significantly improves the speed and reliability of continuous deployment and integration
  11. 11. So why not VMs or Cloud? Speed of deployment Portability Size aka cached layering FTW Density & Performance Cost
  12. 12. Technology Stack Runs (for now) on most Linux distros cgroups and namespacing Device Mapper or AUFS or vfs or <pluggable in future> lxc or <pluggable in future>
  13. 13. Technology Stack
  14. 14. Docker Basics Image Registry Container
  15. 15. Building Docker images with a Dockerfile FO RM uut bnu MITIE JmsTrbl "ae@xml.o" ANANR ae unul jmseapecm RNatgtisal- aah2 U p-e ntl y pce EVAAH_U_SRwwdt N PCERNUE w-aa EVAAH_U_RU wwdt N PCERNGOP w-aa EVAAH_O_I /a/o/pce N PCELGDR vrlgaah2 EPS 8 XOE 0 ETYON [/s/bnaah2] NRPIT "ursi/pce" CD[-" "OERUD] M "D, FRGON"
  16. 16. Building the image $sd dce bid-=jmu0/pce". uo okr ul t"atr1aah2
  17. 17. Pushing the image $sd dce ps jmu0/pce uo okr uh atr1aah2
  18. 18. Running the container $sd dce rn- - 8 - /a/w/yp jmu0/pce uo okr u d p 0 v vrwwmap atr1aah2
  19. 19. Questions?