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Jermaine Robinson, Managing Director and Founder of Social Media Jamaica ltd featured in Your Money E-zine

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Social Media Jamaica

  1. 1. Business Lounge Real Business. Real Talk. Brought to you by:
  2. 2. businesslounge CLoud teChnoLogy: BrINGING rAINS oF ProSPErITy To BUSINESSW ith all the ‘cloud’ talk pres- ently dominating local andinternational business news, the aver-age man could be forgiven for assumingthat commercial forecasts are gloomy.After all, clouds generally portend badweather, and given the still precariouseconomic conditions of many countriesworldwide, people are understandablycautious. But this is not a dark cloud, sothere is no need to pull out an umbrel-la. The cloud everyone is speaking ofthese days refers to a computing modelin which services (eg. web-based email)and storage (eg. web hosting) are pro-vided over the Internet.Cloud computing is not exactly a newphenomenon, as applications like Skypeand Google Docs have been in exis-tence for a number of years. Cloud Participating companies will of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)services hold great potential benefit for benefit from secure and highly technology, which will be available untilbusinesses of all types and sizes. Small August 31, 2011. available compute, storage,and medium-sized business operatorsespecially would do well to examine the and network capacity via a Executive vice-president for strategypossibilities. web-based, self-service portal, operations at Fujitsu Caribbean, John with a seamless move to pay Slaytor, explained that the offer alsoLocally, the telecommunications indus- when the trial period expires. comes with added support such as con-try has eagerly embraced cloud comput- sultancy and transition services. Fujitsuing technology. Digicel Business rolled has already begun inviting select cus-out Cloud Services last month, offer- telephony, hosted email and exchange, tomers to try the service and hopes toing Cloud Backup to its corporate cus- disaster recovery, and firewall monitor- attract other organisations. Participatingtomers with plans to launch additional ing and management services last year. companies will benefit from secure andservices over the next few months, highly available compute, storage, andincluding Hosted Email, Hosted Black- Fujitsu also recently announced the network capacity via a web-based, self-Berry Server, Virtual Server and Cloud introduction of its global public cloud service portal, with a seamless move toTelephony. Columbus Business Solu- platform to local companies under a ‘try pay when the trial period expires.tions (CBS) also provides cloud servic- and buy’ offer. Fujitsu’s Global Cloudes through a partnership with Ignition Platform has already been launched inTechnology Group and LIME began Japan, Australia, Singapore, the UK andoffering managed network services for North America. The offer is a free trial yourmoney ezine
  3. 3. businesslounge CLoud teChnoLogy:BrINGNING rAINS oF ProSPErITy To BUSINESSThere are numerous benefits to be rates multi-tier security features.derived from cloud computing, chief David robbins, chief technology offi-of which is saving money. The cloud cer at US-based systems developmentservices provided by these telecom- company NetApp, also suggests talkingmunications companies will give local to your provider about data ownershipbusinesses key resources such as man- and mobility, to find out who owns youraged software systems and backup fa- data once it goes into the cloud, wheth-cilities, which removes the necessity of er data can be shared between servicescostly investment in infrastructure such and what happens to your data if youas servers and software licences. Cloud terminate the contract with your pro-computing allows business owners to vider. And what would happen to yourpay a small fee instead of the one-time data should there be a major systemscost associated with traditional desktop Many cloud-based apps also allow failure? Digicel and LIME both have Tiersoftware, which often require annual users to work offline and synchro- III certification, which means their sys- nize data when they go online. Forupgrades. With Digicel’s cloud service, tems have the necessary capacity and example, some Google Apps offerfor instance, the price is reduced be- a desktop version called Google resilience to remain fully operational ifcause capital cost is shared amongst all Gears, which syncs your data when there is a major power systems failureusers and there are no per-feature or you access the internet. Google or if the systems need to be taken outper-seat fees – customers pay only for Apps has over 2 million businesses of production for maintenance activi-the storage they use. David Bates, head and 25 million users in its cloud ties. CBS, which has its cloud in Cura-of ICT sales at Digicel Business, has es- computing marketplace. cao, said its facility is not yet ‘officially’timated the potential savings from us- Tier III certified, but it operates at thoseing cloud technology at between 30%- computing applications are updated standards.50%. and improved regularly. Customers will benefit from these improvements advertismentAnother of the great advantages of without any additional direct cost andcloud computing is accessibility. It is without the effort of downloading andavailable wherever you are, once you configuring upgrades.are able to access the internet. Manycloud-based apps also allow users to of course, there are several issues towork offline and synchronize data when give careful consideration to beforethey go online. For example, some deciding to use these services. TheseGoogle Apps offer a desktop version include privacy and security. your datacalled Google Gears, which syncs your will be stored on the Internet, which isdata when you access the internet. not without its breaches, hackers andGoogle Apps has over 2 million busi- leaks. Business owners will need to en-nesses and 25 million users in its cloud sure that their service providers havecomputing marketplace. airtight security features to safeguard sensitive information. Digicel stated thatCloud-based applications are also of- its Cloud Services are designed for syn-ten simpler and easier to use, with just dicated use, so encryption and accessthe basics that customers need to get controls are already standard while thea specific job done. Additionally, cloud Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform incorpo- yourmoney ezine
  4. 4. insights by Tracey-Ann Wisdom Venture CapitaLists Banking on Social media iPoST he recent success of the Linke- dIn and Pandora IPos plus the sustained buzz surrounding the tors willingly overlooked traditional fac- tors such as price-to-earnings ratio in favor of confidence in technological ad-anticipated Facebook and Twitter of- vancements. However, some analystsfers clearly demonstrate that there is a have argued that the prospective IPoshuge appetite for social media compa- will help determine whether this couldnies on the stock market. Analysts be- indeed re-occur.lieve this bodes well for other Internetcompanies looking to go public and may But why are investors flocking to socialbrighten prospects for the venture capi- media start-ups? Profits, of course. Ven-tal industry. ture capitalists make money when com- panies they invest in go public or getBesides Facebook and Twitter, several LinkedIn, a professional net- acquired, and the current resurgence isother Internet companies are waiting in working site, became the first bringing money back in large volumes.the wings to launch their IPos, includ- major U.S. social-networking For example, LinkedIn’s IPo has pro-ing Groupon and Zynga. Groupon has duced more than US$2 billion in profits site to launch an IPO and itsbeen faced with several hurdles since for its backers, while Groupon’s twoannouncing its intentions and filing to shares more than doubled on top outside investors may own a US$5go public earlier this month, including their first day of trading. The billion stake when the site goes public,incurring a loss of US$146.5 million company is still trading above says the Bloomberg Businessweek.for the first three months of 2011 as itspent heavily to expand. its IPO price of US$45 per share, but now at US$74, it isLinkedIn, a professional networking down nearly 40 percent fromsite, became the first major U.S. social- its peak of US$120.networking site to launch an IPo andits shares more than doubled on their or genre. The company has 90 millionfirst day of trading. The company is still registered users in the United Statestrading above its IPo price of US$45 and makes the majority of its moneyper share, but now at US$74, it is down from advertising; however it has to paynearly 40 percent from its peak of significant royalties for music.US$120. Pandora’s shares are also cur-rently trading for US$16 after being val- This current resurgence of Internetued between US$10-US$12 last week. companies has fueled concerns of an-The company raised $235 million based other dot-com bubble, which wiped outon the sale of 14.7 million shares. several major web-based businesses in 2000. A combination of rapidly increas-The Pandora IPo is particularly interest- ing stock prices, market confidence thating because the company is yet to turn a the companies would turn future prof-profit after 10 years of operation. Pan- its, individual speculation in stocks, anddora runs a service that recommends widely available venture capital createdand plays music, allowing listeners to an environment in which many inves-create playlists based on a song, artist yourmoney ezine
  5. 5. start upsRead. Believe. Succeed. Small Business Banking Brought to you by:
  6. 6. startups by Tracey-Ann Wisdom “Social media iS word of mouth 2.0” - Jermaine roBinSonF ive years ago, the term ‘social media’ meant absolutely noth- ing. The world was just gettingused to Facebook, founded only twoyears earlier, and the notion of ‘social This was a major hurdle in obtaining cap- ital for the business. robinson overcame this by utilizing free software, which was necessary to create some applications.networking’ was firmly the domain of For those businesses still reluctant tocollege students. Today, ‘social media’ embrace social media, robinson pointedis the buzzword du jour, on the lips of to Jamaica’s Facebook statistics, whicheveryone from teens to tycoons. Social show that some 616 920 Jamaicans usenetworks such as Facebook, Twitter and the network . “I would... ask them if theyFoursquare have revolutionized the busi- still think it’s a waste of money to mar-ness world and hold vast – yet untapped ket or advertise their products where so– potential for marketing success. This much of their target market spends timehas created opportunities for entrepre- daily.”neurs like Jermaine robinson, whose Jermaine robinson Founder and Managing Directorone-year-old company, Social Media Social Media Jamaica Nonetheless, robinson and his teamJamaica, is teaching local businesses and have been making headway, attractingorganizations how to use these services “The goals behind Social Media clients from a cross-section of local in-to relate to their clientele while improv- Jamaica’s marketing services are dustries, including manufacturing, en-ing their bottom line. to put our clients in a position tertainment, insurance, auto sales and to tap into the two-way conver- a major national sport team. “The prin-“The goals behind Social Media Jamai- sation naturally happening be- ciples of social media can be applied toca’s marketing services are to put our tween you and your customers.” any type of business. All you have to doclients in a position to tap into the two- is identify your goals,” he stated.way conversation naturally happeningbetween you and your customers. This across major networking sites and de- Social Media Jamaica is currently in de-conversation occurs 24 hours a day,” veloping strategies to increase visibility, velopment mode, creating its own cus-robinson said. “our services are de- as well as monitoring which communi- tom social media monitoring platformsigned to show you where people are ties are most likely to use the company’s and moving social media marketing intotalking about you, the areas where you products and services and assessing the events, such as parties. The company’scan best get involved, and the tactics competition. “our social media pack- New york-based associate is also exam-you should use to help increase brand ages include Twitter marketing applica- ining opportunities to tap into the largeawareness.” tions, custom Facebook applications and Jamaican Diaspora market in the United fan pages which are totally managed and States.The company’s services include social hosted on Social Media Jamaica servers,”media marketing strategies, social media robinson added. contact Social media Jamaica at:audits, social profile creation and com- Facebook: It hasn’t been easy for robinson and his building strategy development. jamaicaThese involve assessing a company’s team to convince some sectors of the Twitter: @socialmediajaneeds and outlining the specific oppor- business community of the importance Email: jermaine@socialmediajamaica.comtunities and actions to pursue, analyz- of creating a visible social profile. Manying the impact of a company’s website business owners still see social media as a fad and are reluctant to invest in it. yourmoney ezine
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