I Am Of The Mountain People Review
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I Am Of The Mountain People Review



Our Review for our exam

Our Review for our exam



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I Am Of The Mountain People Review Presentation Transcript

  • 1. M I N D A N A O
  • 2.  
  • 3. L U M A D
  • 4. L U M A D
  • 5. MINDANAO - land of promise & conflict - the Moros or Muslim, the Lumad or the non-Muslim indigenous highlander tribes & the Christian settlers
  • 6. CARAGA Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. 
  • 7. Macario Tiu I AM ONE OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE - Santa Barbara SETTING - the green area
  • 8. PLOT EXPOSITION Against his will, the boy is being brought to Santa Barbara by Ita Magdum, his father, to study in a Christian school.
  • 9. CONFLICT The boy does not want to study in a Christian school; he faces the dilemma of whether he would obey his father or stay in the highland and become like his people. man vs. himself
  • 10. minor conflict man vs. society The boy, belonging to a Lumad group, suffers discrimination.
  • 11. RISING ACTIONS As the boy attended Christian school, he experienced being ridiculed by his classmates . After his graduation in grade six, he had a vacation in his hometown as a gift from Ita Magdum .
  • 12. CLIMAX His desire to go home became intense. When his father, together with Isog, visited him, Isog told him that his people were massacred by the Christians.
  • 13. FALLING ACTIONS The boy decided to leave the Christian school and go home. He pierced his earlobes with a needle.
  • 14. DENOUEMENT The boy ran away from Santa Barbara. 1 st person narrator POINT OF VIEW
  • 15. CHARACTERS 1. the boy - seven years old - a Lumad - an obedient son - proud of and loyal to his roots, being a Lumad
  • 16. CHARACTERS 2. Ita Magdum - the father of the main character - the datu of the tribe - resolves conflict through peaceful means
  • 17. CHARACTERS 3. Isog - a Lumad boy who is of the same age as the main character - he is trained to be a warrior - resolves conflict through violent means
  • 18. THEME Mountain people suffer discrimination MORAL ?
  • 19. SYMBOLISM THE BOY THE TRIBE symbolizes all the indigenous people (IP) who are marginalized by the majority Symbolizes all the children who are culturally dislocated
  • 20. SOCIAL VALUES -belief in Virgin Mary - Christians’ saints have open arms CHRISTIAN BELIEFS & PRACTICES -they brush their teeth
  • 21. SOCIAL VALUES -worship anitos & nature - wear tattoos and pierce big holes into their ears LUMAD’S BELIEFS & PRACTICES - they chew betelnut - they care more for their environment