ProFora Media Virtual Arena Kit


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ProFora Media Virtual Arena Kit

  1. 1. VIRTUAL ARENA Virtual events from ProFora Media strike the perfect balance between wizardry and your wallet. The world’s rst e-commerce enabled virtual events platform.Exhibiting Genius Be Chatty Speak Up Take Control ROI comes HomeComplete corporate 1-many and 1-1 video Multi-track meeting Easy producer and Output reports on allpresence with rich and text chats across rooms for live or admin panels control user activity withmedia and e-com- entire application. recorded videos. the entire event. pinpoint details.merce.Real Expo Experience forExhibitors and AttendeesExhibitor Success in two words, contacts and sales.For booth holders, it’s that simple. They need aplatform that allows them to make contacts andturn those contacts into customers. We purposelybuilt our exhibit hall accordingly.• Shopping Enabled • Catalogue Display• List Jobs • Contests and Giveaways• 1-1 Video Chat • Multi workers per booth• 100+ templates • Videos and Slide ShowsAttendee EnjoymentYour attendees look for engaging content withan ease of use toolset. They want security and thefreedom to learn more while feeling apart of alarger experience. .• Easy Registration • Easy to Use Interface• Upload materials • Super fast image loading• Video Chat with all • Integrated shopping cart• Multiple Meeting Rooms Why settle for a single speaker’s track Host an audience of 14,000, each with a front seat. We built our media experience from the ground up with a robust implementation of the Wowza media engine. This means an elegant design with- out third party software. • Up to 6 rooms of di erent length presentations • Live or recorded video • Automated video uploading and transcoding • Audience questions via text or audio • Slide shows along side video • Auto archive of presentations • Lectures paid or free for presenter and audience • Screen sharing Chat it Up 1-1 video chat with anyone at the event We have founded our platform with chat throughout the site and auto camera detection that allows anyone to simply click and talk with others. We apply a totally in-house solution as our media engine so no external connectionsIn Exhibit Hall In Meeting Room In the Lounge• Unlimited 1-1, video links • Discuss the presentation • Group & 1-1 video or text• Use text audio or video • Ask questions by audio or text chat with other attendees • Forums or message boards Site Statistics From 2009-12-09 To 2009-12-09 ROI Calling General Statistics Unique Visitors 3 No of Visits 22 Average Visits per Visitor 7.33 Reporting above and beyond Average Length of Stay 0(Min) Booth Video Views In the nal assessment of an Conf Room Presentation Views event, you need the statistics Document Downloads Newsletter Sign-ups to show how well your event Competition Sign Ups worked. We record every click by Contact Us Click Throughs Website Click Throughs every attendee and can output No of Chats that data as best serves you. Total Number of Sales Total Number of Sales $0.00 • Reports per site or attendee • Pivot table results per attendee Wednesday Visits By Day Of Week 22 • Output reports as pdf or csv Thursday • Transcripts of all group chats 12:00 am-06:00 am Visits by time of day 22 • Track all e-commerce for 06:00 am-09:00 am product and payment ful lment. 09:00 am-12:00 pm 12:00 pm-03:00 pm 03:00 pm-06:00 pm 06:00 pm-09:00 pm 09:00 pm-12:00 am • 632-376-7040 • •