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Quali camp research & marketing pvt ltd Company credential

  1. 1. Presented by: Qualicamp Research & Marketing Pvt.Ltd Qualicamp Research & Marketing Pvt.Ltd Company Profile
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. :Who We are: • Qualicamp research & Marketing Pvt Ltd, operating since 2000 is an independent Market ,social research & Brand activation Company whose passion is to provide best quality of Market research and data collection to our client Nationwide & Asia pacific . • Qualicamp explore market potential and market trends. We test products and advertising. We helps our clients build long term relationships with customers. We study audiences and their perceptions of various media. We measure public opinion trends within India & Asia pacific . • Qualicamp’s focus on quality has helped us establish strong and durable relationships with our valued clientele. Our professionals are always expanding their knowledge base and abilities to help keep Qualicamp competitive .
  4. 4. Vision: • To be a respected research company specializing in the field work and produce quality data that are accurate, reliable and high quality. Mission: We aim to be a partner for our clients to win the market competition; for this reason, we are committed to: • Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions • Building capabilities and mobilizing organizational strengths and opportunities • Driving a sustainable impact
  5. 5. Facts & figures: • Qualicamp research & Marketing Pvt Ltd is one of the leading research & brand activation Agency in India . • Year of foundation: 2000 • Headquarters: New Delhi [India] • Services: Market Research & Brand Activation • Geographical Presence – Across 50 major cities of India • Industry focus: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Health, Media and Entertainment, Professional Services, Public Services, Retail, Technology, Travel & Logistics • Employees: 11-50 Member ship-
  6. 6. Approach: • Market Sectors: Solutions:  Advertising/ Public Sector  Agriculture  Automotive  Beverages  Confectionery  Cosmetics / Hygiene  Durables/ Electrical Goods  Detergent  Financial Services  Food  Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical  IT/ Software/ Hardware  Logistics/ Mail/ Transportation  Media/ Entertainment  Petrol/ Oil/ Gas  Retail/ Wholesale  Telecommunications  Textile/ Fashion  Clothing Tobacco / Cigarettes  Travel/ Tourism/ Sport/ Leisurz  Advertising Research  Brand Research  Consumer Research  Concept Testing  Customer Satisfaction Studies  Demographic Research  Employee Research  Ethnographic Research  Image Studies  New Product Development  Omnibus  Packaging/ Design  Pricing Studies  Product Testing  Customers & vendor satisfaction  Segmentation Research  Tracking studies  Usage and Attitudes Studies  Mystery Audit  Automotive clinics
  7. 7. Capabilities
  8. 8. CATI Phone CATI Interviews Depth Interviews & Recruitment Web Online Surveys Panels Data Collection Data Services Survey Programming Data Collection F2F FGDs/Diads/Triads IDIs/CAPI Panel Building & Verification
  9. 9. Market Research Customized Research services Data collection Data Processing We offered…..
  10. 10. Brand Activation Events Promotion CRM Rural Communication …..We offered
  11. 11. Qualicamp research is a full-service research firm offering a wide range of research services and Marketing communication. •Our specialization in providing customized Qualitative and quantitative research with quality data because Accurate data is the foundation of all successful research studies; we aim at obtaining the best and most precise information possible. EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING REQUIRES • Patience •Excellent Listening ability •Keen attention to detail Over the years we have developed and successfully applied these skills In conducting extensive market and social research. Our services…..
  12. 12.  Face to face Interviews/CAPI We conduct in home Interviews, face to face, Mall/Street Interviews, in store interviews and exit interviews with the team of trained interviewers fitting every respondent Profile.  Telephone Interviews /CATI Telephonic Interviews /on line interviews. In hall test/Central location test/Consumer clinics We conduct product taste, concept test also handle desired logistic like cars/product for display and venue hire etc  Mystery customer We carry out a series of mystery interviews for various clients in the areas of Retailing Mobile telephony, Banking, Hospitality industry. Web survey The web survey is a cost effective way of administering a survey that allows you to collect large amounts of information without having to pay for interviewers, paper supplies or postage, and does not require separate data entry for responses to be processed. Quantitative research is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are used to obtain information about the world. This research method is used: to describe variables; to examine relationships among variables; to determine cause-and-effect interactions between variables. Quantitative research : ……Our services
  13. 13.  Depth Interviews With extensive experience in accompanied shopping, we also conducted one-on- one. Across a host of business. ·One-on-one  Paired depths  Triads/family Standard Group Discussion {Focus group} Mini Groups Peer Groups  Family Groups Triads Extended Creative Groups Work Shop {All day/ Half day} Observation:  Observation is the way of gathering data by watching behavior, events, or noting physical characteristics in their natural setting. Ethnography:  Involve the ethnographer to participating overtly and covertly in people’s daily lives for an extended period of time. Clinical trial: Clinical Trial is a way of evolution of the product through recruiting volunteer and consumer contact. Produces more in-depth, comprehensive information. Qualitative research utilizes methods that seek to discern the quality — as opposed to the quantity — of its subject. It is, therefore, more often concerned with explaining the why and how of a phenomenon rather than the what, when and where. Qualitative research: ……Our services
  14. 14. …….Our services Brand Activation & Events  Combined Advertising, Product & Sales Promotion  Fabrication & Branding  Conference & Event Management  Corporate events  Campus promotion  Mall promotion  Rural Activities  Road Show  Parties & Corporate Entertainment  School/college promotion  D2D activities  Events / Exhibition along with trained & experienced manpower
  15. 15. Infrastructure
  16. 16. Head office Lucknow field office Patna field office Indore field office Bangalore field office Mumbai field office Our Offices :
  17. 17. Our Reach: NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH New Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Bangalore Lucknow Ranchi Ahmedabad Mangalore Amritsar Patna Surat Chennai Ludhiana Asansol Nagpur Hyderabad Kanpur Guwahati Indore Kochi Chandigarh Bhubneshwar Pune Vizag Agra Raipur Bhopal Coimbatore Meerut Muzzaffarpur Sholapur Vijaywada Shimla Kolhapur Madurai Patiala Navsari Guntur Jammu Nasik Hubli Allahabad Jabalpur Mysore Jaipur Panipat Bareilly Varanasi
  18. 18. Core Management
  19. 19. Management team Jamil Ahmed Khan : [Director & Business head ] He has experience of more than 20 years in Market Research, Advertising and Rural communication. He is Responsible for Strategic Planning, Project Management and Business Development. He worked with IMRB International 6 years, he has worked with Clients from different industry verticals like Automotive, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Healthcare & Rural research, Advertising & Promotions. Some of the prominent Client serviced are Cavinkare ,Hindustan Unilever , Reckit & Benckiser ,Tata teleservices, Maruti Suzuki, Keells ,Zee TV ,UTV ,Home shop 18 etc.
  20. 20. Ashwani kumar Mishra : [ Director Operation ] He has experience of more than 20 years in Market Research, Advertising and Social research . He worked with IMRB International 7 years ., he has worked with Clients from different industry verticals like Automotive, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Rural research, Education , water sanitation and women development and child issues . He is responsible to setting up entire Project team ,Reliable data collectors in multiple base and provide training .He is responsible for project operation maintain the Quality control and help to improve the skills of data collectors ,Supervisors and project executives. He is also responsible to quality data delivery within Client schedule . Management team
  21. 21. Amit Kumar Sharma : [Account Director ] He has experience of more than 20 years in Market Research, Advertising and Rural communication. He worked with IMRB International 5 years ., he has worked with Clients from different industry verticals like Automotive, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Rural research, Advertising & Promotions. He is responsible to setting up entire finance & accounts of various clients . And responsible for data collectors trainings , field Operation and recruiting good reliable data collectors . Additional responsibility of business developments. Management team
  22. 22. Client preferred: …..and many more
  23. 23. Contact Us: Jamil khan jamilkhan@Qualicamp.com Mob.: +91-9918101365 Website: www.qualicamp.com