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This is the CV of Jamil Mohamad Faraj Hassan, PMP

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Jamil Faraj Hassan, PMP CV

  1. 1. Mobile: + 966 53 862 9458 @jamilfaraj email:jamilfaraj@yahoo.com and pmpjamil@gmail.comJamil M. Faraj Hassan, PMP Senior Project Manager & Deputy PMO Manager, Senior Consultant in PwC, Specialized Instructor& TrainerEducation • PMP, Project Management Institute PMI, USA. • M.Sc. in Computer Information Systems CIS, AABFS Academy, Jordan -Very Good. • B.Sc. in Computer Science CS, Mu’tah University , Jordan- Very Good. Summary • 19+ years of expertise in Project Management, PMO, EPM, Training, Performance Improvement, IT Consulting, and Quality Management in different industries including Consulting, Government, Education of Skills and IT Production. • PMP Certified with 10 years and more than US $10 Million of hands-on project management experience on tens of MIS, IT, HR, SIS, Educational, Strategic Planning and e-projects. • Applying the PMI-based Project Management Life Cycle and PMBOK Guide. • IT strategic planning and development expertise in the MENA region with one of the Big4 firms (PwC). • Professional Trainer with solid experience in conducting training courses, knowledge transfer and capacity building for multinational audiences. • Wide experience in the MENA Region industries as well as the Gulf culture. • Problem Solver and High level of interpersonal skills and integrity. • Self-starter and team leader with strong leadership capabilities. • Excellent communications and presentations skills in both Arabic and English. • Coaching and leadership skills and the ability to liaise with people at all levels. • Results driven, team player with strong interpersonal skills. http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/jamil-pmp-msc-mcse/19/4b4/127Certifications • Project Management Professional, PMP. • Microsoft Certified System Engineer, MCSE. • Oracle Certified Associate OCA. • ICDLTraining • Emotional Intelligence for leaders and managers EI • Managing Projects using MS-Project Server 2010.Courses • Project Management Professional- PMP, MS-Project & EPM Course. • ORACLE, SQL, PL/SQL, Developer2000, Designer2000 and Oracle Database Administration (DBA) • Computer and Information systems Security • Time Management as well as General Management Skills courses. • Microsoft Certified System Engineer MCSE. • NLP Practitioner Training CourseMembership • IEEE , the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers • PMI, Project Management InstituteLanguages • Arabic: mother tongue. • English: Fluent in reading, writing and speaking. March 26, 2013 Jamil M. Faraj, PMP P a g e ١
  2. 2. Mobile: + 966 53 862 9458 @jamilfaraj email:jamilfaraj@yahoo.com and pmpjamil@gmail.comWork November2011 – Now: King Khalid University( KKU)- Abha-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSAExperience Title: Senior Project Manager& Deputy PMO Manager, General Directorate of IT. King Khalid University (KKU): is one of the governmental Saudi universities that serve 70,000 students in the southern region of the KSA. Its vision is to be a recognized leader in the delivery of user- focused, secure e-services. Role: As a Senior Project Manager in the PMO, I am responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously; supervising a number of IT related projects through the Project Management Office (PMO) as well as conducting professional training for Project Managers and Coordinators. Moreover, I participated in developing policies and strategies for the PMO. October 2010 – November2011: Information Technology & Automation Co. (ITAC)- Jordan Title: Project & Quality Manager at ITAC. ITAC is a Jordanian IT company since 2002, specializes in providing advanced and integrated solutions in the field of information technology and automation using Portable Application and Hand Held Computers. Role: As a Project & Quality manager, I was responsible for all activities related to both IT audit, test and technical aspects of the company as well as following up all running projects. These activities include, but not limited to: - Project and processes measurement performance (Metrics), quality control and reporting: ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the Service Level Management SLM process, following up the Earned Value calculations against performance measurement baseline as well as identifying the Key performance Indicators KPIs. - Technical proposal preparing, writing and auditing along with the SRS documents - Project management, project estimating, costing, project risk management, monitoring and controlling projects performance in addition to following up projects related activities. - Leading and supervising the development team that consists of 15-20 developers. - Supervising the technical support team that consists of around 9-12 technical support professionals. December 2008 – October 2010:PricewatrehouseCoopers(PwC)-Amman- Jordan Title: Senior Consultant at the IT- Performance Improvement PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is one of the worlds largest professional services firms and the largest of the Big Four auditing firms. During my job, I participated in planning the IT strategies and creating the policies for database metadata, identifying organization’s resource data as well as ensuring data integrity and quality. Moreover, I participated in several projects: Project Name: IT Strategy and Implementation Roadmap Development for Kurdistan Regional Government KRG, ($3.5 Million). Role: Participating in the IT Strategy and Roadmap Development covering all the governmental entities passing through bellow roles: - Performing the assessment phase: data collecting by visiting nine KRG’s entities and ministries. - Identifying and describing the KRG priority business needs and quick win opportunities - Understanding the strategic intent. - Performing a research and capturing best in class in regional government IT adoption and deployment. Performing research and capture relevant leading IT practices and trends. - Performing benchmarking and Current Situation Assessment - Developing Vision, Mission and Objectives draft with the Department of IT- KRG. - Capture government challenges and dependencies in introducing IT infrastructure, business solutions and technology delivery capabilities March 26, 2013 Jamil M. Faraj, PMP P a g e ٢
  3. 3. Mobile: + 966 53 862 9458 @jamilfaraj email:jamilfaraj@yahoo.com and pmpjamil@gmail.com January 2008 – December 2008:Civil Service Bureau (CSB) ‫ديوان الخدمة المدنية‬Jordan Title: Project Manager /System Analyst CSB is responsible for regulating the affairs of public employees and development dimensions of the human, procedural and legal and human resources management in the civil service in Jordan. During my work with CSB, I was responsible for the following responsibilities: • Business Process Reengineering for the Jordanian Government Entities; analyzing the entity’s current procedures and workflows, designing new procedures to achieve a defined business outcome. • Controlling the quality service delivery by the vendor “The Royal Scientific Society” RSS. • Setting up the appropriate IT policies and procedures for CSB. • Managing the relationship with RSS, the internal users and with the key persons in the Ministries and Organizations. • Creating the appropriate environment for the systems and procedures to be aligned with the Jordanian e-government program. During my job, I participated in several projects, such as Data Cleansing for Public Sector Employees Database, e-Card project for public sector employees and Human Resources ( HR1 and HR2) projects for public sector employees across all Ministries and Departments via a central database. November 1996–September 2007: MCE- Amman- Jordan Title: IT Manager: I gained a wide experience in general management, HR & quality management, Key Performance Improvement KPI procedures and IT team management al well as team leadership. In addition to conducting specialized training courses in several topics, Title: System Analyst and Senior Developer: I worked on the Oracle DBMS technology as a System Analyst in addition to working as a Senior Oracle Developer and Database Administrator (DBA). Participated in analyzing the main requirements of the financial system as well as developed parts of the database objects (packages, procedures and functions) and designing the end-user’s screens and reports using Oracle Tools as: Oracle Developer and Oracle Discoverer. Title: Database Administrator DBA and Developer (Programmer): Participated in analyzing, designing and developing the following information system: Human Resources HR System, Point Of Sales (POS) and Cash Management System using FoxPro and Oracle DBMS tools.Scientific • A Novel Arabic Stemmer to Extract Tri-Literal Roots PAPER (2006/2007) as a requirement for Graduation from The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial SciencesResearches • Scope of Satisfaction of Arab Academy Students about the Academy Web Site http://www.aabfs.org practice research in spring 2006. March 26, 2013 Jamil M. Faraj, PMP P a g e ٣
  4. 4. Mobile: + 966 53 862 9458 @jamilfaraj email:jamilfaraj@yahoo.com and pmpjamil@gmail.com Reference Sample Projects# Client Industry The Project Name- Type of Service Year Country1 King Khalid Health Care Dental Kodak R4 Project: Easy-to-use dental software/ 2012- KSA Hardware to manage all dental clinics across the KKU as well 2013 University as billing and imaging system.2 King Khalid Higher KKU’s Web Portal: is the formal website and are source of all 2011- KSA Education web services related to employees researchers and students 2012 University all over the University.3 King Khalid Higher KKU’s Library Information System (LIS): this is a 17-branch 2012 KSA Education network library information system to link sub-libraries with the University main library.4 UMNIAH Telecom UMNIAH is one of the 3 Telecom Jordanian Operators. 2011 Jordan Attendance and distribution tracking system5 Orange- Telecom Orange is one of the 3 Telecom Jordanian Operators. 2011 Jordan Distribution Tracking System: a real time solution to JTG, automate, monitor and control all field activities of Orange Jordan indirect sales force and distributors6 Greater General Designing Assets Management and Labeling System and 2011 Jordan Government Inventory Management Information System: to track and Amman manage all GAM assets and guardian materials using hand Services Municipality held computers and barcode technologies. I am the project manager of this project7 Water Public Portable Billing System: More than one municipality and in 2010- Jordan Services coordination with the following water distribution companies( 2011 Authority of Engicom, WAJ and Orient), this project aimed to issue portable Jordan bills at customer’s site. I was the Project Manager8 Kurdistan Government KRG IT Strategy and Roadmap Development Project. My 2009- Kurdistan role was process mapping, database architecture, performance 2010 , Iraq Regional improvement, infrastructure design as well as issuing business Government readiness reports and IT readiness report. My role was researcher & business analyst.9 Korek Telecom ERP and accounting System Selection for Korek, I was a 2008- Kurdista member of the evaluation committee 2009 n, Iraq Telecom10 Civil Service Government Data Cleansing For the Public Sector Employees 2008 Jordan Database. Mass project required to cleanse a half million Bureau records of governmental employees in Jordan and connect it (CSB) with the e-government my role was a System Analyst.11 Civil Service Government Electronic e-Card project for Public Sector Employees, 2008 Jordan converting all Paper-based records to a database to be Bureau available on the Civil Service Bureau web Site www.csb.gov.jo (CSB) March 26, 2013 Jamil M. Faraj, PMP P a g e ٤
  5. 5. ‫8549 268 35 669 + :‪Mobile‬‬ ‫‪@jamilfaraj‬‬ ‫‪email:jamilfaraj@yahoo.com and pmpjamil@gmail.com‬‬ ‫‪Delivered Courses‬‬ ‫الحضور‬ ‫المكان‬ ‫المدة والتواريخ‬ ‫الجھة المنظمة‬ ‫اسم الدورة‬ ‫#‬ ‫٩ مھندسين من عدة شركات‬ ‫أبھا- السعودية‬ ‫٥٣ ساعة- من٢-٣ الى ٠١-٣-٣١٠٢‬ ‫شركة البابطين‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع‪PMP‬‬ ‫١‬‫٠٢ طالب -جامعة الملك خالد‬ ‫خميس مشيط‬ ‫٦٣ ساعة من ٣٢/٢ إلى ٨٢/٢/٣١٠٢‬ ‫شركة ‪PSOIT‬‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٢‬ ‫٦٢ رجال وسيدات أعمال‬ ‫خميس مشيط-‬ ‫٠٤ ساعة تدريبية - ٨ أيام عمل‬ ‫الغرفة التجارية بأبھا‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٣‬ ‫ومھندسون وطالب‬ ‫السعودية‬ ‫من ٥/١/٣١٠٢ إلى ١١/١/٣١٠٢‬ ‫٥١ طالب الدبلوم‬ ‫جامعة الملك خالد‬ ‫٠٦ ساعة من ٠١/١١ إالى ٧/١/٣١٠٢‬ ‫جامعة الملك خالد‬ ‫تحليل نظم المعلومات‬ ‫٤‬‫٠٢ مھندسون ورجال أعمال‬ ‫فندق قصر السالم‬ ‫٠٥ ساعة من ٥١/٢١إلى ٦/٢١/٢١٠٢م‬ ‫جامعة الملك خالد‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٥‬‫٢٢ طالب -جامعة الملك خالد‬ ‫فندق قصر أبھا‬ ‫٥٣ ساعة من ٩/٦ إلى ٥١/٦/٢١٠٢م‬ ‫شركة رف الخليج‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٦‬‫٨١ مدراء مشاريع ومھندسون‬ ‫فندق قصر أبھا‬ ‫٥٣ ساعة من ٨٢/٥ إلى ٣/٦/٢١٠٢م‬ ‫شركة رف الخليج‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٧‬ ‫٢١ مدراء مشاريع‬ ‫عمان- األردن‬ ‫٦٣ ساعة من ١/٠١ إلى ٨/٠١/١١٠٢م‬ ‫المركز الكندي العالمي‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٨‬ ‫٩١ رجال أعمال وغيرھم‬ ‫عمان- األردن‬ ‫٠٤ ساعة من ٥٢/٨ إلى ١/٩/١١٠٢م‬ ‫‪Seattle Academy‬‬ ‫إدارة المشاريع االحترافية ‪PMP‬‬ ‫٩‬ ‫٠٠٢‬ ‫العراق- كردستان‬ ‫خالل عامي ٩٠٠٢-٠١٠٢‬ ‫حكومة إقليم كردستان‬ ‫‪IT & Strategic plan‬‬ ‫٠١‬ ‫٠٨٢‬ ‫األردن‬ ‫خالل األعوام من ٧٠٠٢- ٩٠٠٢‬ ‫مركز الشركاء‬ ‫الرخصة الدولية ‪ICDL‬‬ ‫١١‬ ‫٥٧٣‬ ‫األردن‬ ‫خالل األعوام من ٧٠٠٢- ١١٠٢‬ ‫معاھد مختلفة‬ ‫دورات إدارية وتطويرية‬ ‫٢١‬ ‫+٠٠٤ طالب حاسوب‬ ‫األردن‬ ‫خالل األعوام من ٥٩٩١- ٦٠٠٢‬ ‫معاھد مختلفة‬ ‫دورات في البرمجة ولغاتھا‬ ‫٣١‬ ‫أكثر من ٠٠٤١ متدرب‬ ‫المجموع‬ ‫3102 ,62 ‪March‬‬ ‫‪Jamil M. Faraj, PMP‬‬ ‫‪P a g e‬‬ ‫٥‬