Social Profile Optimization 101


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How to supercharge backlinks placed on social properties.
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Social Profile Optimization 101

  1. 1. How 1 Simple Technique Called “Social Profile Optimization”Can Add Life to Your Depressingly Ineffective Backlinking Strategy By Jamie aka Staccs
  2. 2. Hey guys, Jamie here. You might know me better as Staccs on WickedFire. Today I’m going talkto you about Social Profile Optimization, a simple method you can utilize to create strongbacklinks, diversify your traffic sources, and maintain complete control over your SEOcampaigns.If you don’t know, Social Profile Optimization is basically the process of routing the internal linkjuice of a website to your own profile. Guerilla gave a great example in his first webinar wherehe showed the homepage of’s homepage consists mostly of featured posts; blogs made by members of the site. Whydo we care?We care because our buddy, revgoomba, currently has a backlink from The linkmay not point to his Dog Snuggie AdSense website, but it links to the second best option: hisTumblr blog, which he happens to have 100% control over.
  3. 3. Tumblr is a PR8 website. Our friend, revgoomba, just earned a PR8 backlink from a siteoverflowing with authority for free. How is that for ROI?The authority of revgoomba’s profile on Tumblr has now skyrocketed. Every new post he makeswill benefit from this authority, including posts he makes which feature links to his dog snuggiesites. The bearded fellow now has a powerful blog he has complete control over. Sounds a lotlike a private network if it were completely free, doesn’t it?Virtually Endless PotentialThis is not a technique exclusive to Tumblr. In that example, revgoomba received the backlinkfrom Tumblr by chance. One of his posts were chosen to be featured. Flip to the next page towhere I will show you how to force internal link juice to your profile.
  4. 4. This is a small screenshot of social music site This homepage also features user profiles,but it’s much more random than Tumblr. That’s not why we’re here anyways.I want to find the most powerful pages on, then I want to find out how I can get themto link to my profile. Let’s do it.To find the highest authority pages on we need to use the site operator. Google willgenerally return the most powerful pages of any given domain first.In this case, the first 3 pages consist mostly of “boring” pages. Pages like contact us, terms ofservice, download pages, etc, but we’ll skip those because want pages that will link back to ourprofile.
  5. 5. At the end of page 3 we’ve found what we’re looking for:2 potential targets: a PR4 and a PR5. Awesome. Now we need to find out how we can get thesehigh PR pages to link back to our profiles…Using the personal information our PR4 friend is publically displaying on his profile I’m able tomake a non-spammy comment that create a relationship between us. For bonus points, I alsosent him a friend request on the site, giving a second backlink from his strong profile to myprofile.It’s as easy as that. I just earned 2 high-quality backlinks in less than 5 minutes.
  6. 6. The TakeawayAll you need to do in order to super-charge these social properties is participate. Log into a fewprofiles a week, leave a few comments on other users’ profiles, upload a photo, justexperiment.You can create powerful properties all over the web using Social Profile Optimization. You cancreate your own authoritative network spread over different IPs without paying for hosting anddomains. The possibilities are infinite if you use your imagination.Outsourcing Social Profile CreationIf you don’t have the hours of time it takes to find the best social properties, then createaccounts, then confirm emails, then fill in the profiles – I have something for you.At the beginning of May I privately launched AuthorityJuice; a service which manually createsprofiles for you on high PR authoritative websites, stealing keyword real estate from yourcompetition and securing your website as a real brand to Google. You receive all the emailverified log-ins for each site with your order. I’m now taking public orders for a limited time.See more about AuthorityJuice here. You can also find AuthorityJuice on WickedFire.If you have any questions about ordering, email or add“authorityjuice” to Skype.
  7. 7. The End – Guide Over!Thanks for reading my guide on Social Profile Optimization! I hope you use this guide to boostyour rankings and create real quality authority websites that dominate the SERPs for as long aspossible. Please let me know about success you’ve had because of this method, I’d reallyenjoy hearing about it.Don’t forget to keep watch on future webinars done by Guerilla, you’ll learn powerfultechniques like this that will separate you from your competition.P.S. You can find me on Twitter @JamieStn. Following me has been shown to make yousmarter. Seriously.;)