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Opening The Web
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My talk at Tomorrow's Web 2009 - about sharing and communicating data, APIs and opening up the web!

My talk at Tomorrow's Web 2009 - about sharing and communicating data, APIs and opening up the web!

Published in Technology , Sports
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  • Hello, thanks for coming to my talk...
  • I’m a developer, 14 year old, not quite as impressive!
  • BinaryCake
  • In the beginning... take you back
  • 1996 - Web of documents Essentially what the web is Documents describing information - Hypertext HTML + HTTP
  • Describe documents, describe information Structure - Headers, Paragraphs, Divisions etc
  • 1999 - Web of media Starting to see more things Documents containing MORE Improvements in technology Media
  • Music new distribution platform
  • Photos Music Videos
  • 2004 - Web of interaction Social Dynamic, User generated content Sharing and spreading information
  • Wikipedia, YouTube, Social Networks, Twitter, Flickr
  • 2008 - Web of openness Sharing more and more Copyright Restrictions
  • Open source, Pirating, Feeling togetherness
  • Free free free! Spotify = awesome
  • Point of my talk -APIsMaking information easy to use, remix and redistribute
  • The web is huge
  • Expanse of information and data, anything and everything Open the web up, let content be shared
  • People with the content Outreach - our content is out there New and exciting ways of accessing it The service is used more frequently, by new and different people your content is going places
  • People getting the content Your workload is lessened Different content from different places Mash things up - putting photos on maps and maps to people
  • Stands for Application Programming Interface Way of adding functionality to an application
  • Twitter 70% of usage is from API! Other way of accessing service - widespread, global service
  • Giving away data and letting people use it
  • Giving it away in a raw format Raw data previously page crawling, nasty get what you want
  • How do I? Simple + Complex Return data on a query Do actions
  • RSS/Feeds RSS is Really Simple! updating list of a resource posts, articles, whatever easy to parse, use and obtain Still an API - giving data in a raw format Very common most blogs have built in support easy to add
  • REST Representational State Transfer Resources HTTP Verbs GET is GETTING data POST is CREATING data PUT is UPDATING data DELETE is DELETING data URLs Rails support ID Allows you to do more than RSS, updating and modify data easy to do programatically - it’s just calling the server, just like a web browser
  • XML-RPC XML Remote Procedure Calling Server defines function, you call it Uses XML for request + response Do any action - up to server to define, using XML
  • YQL Yahoo Developer Network SQL syntax to query for querying the net Standard Yahoo Stuff
  • Twitter A
  • Twitter B
  • Security Exposing functionality Authenticate!
  • API Keys - Shared Secret Session based login method, get a key use key easy way of authentication
  • oAuth Redirects to site, authenticates and leaves Make requests!
  • HTTP SAML HTTP Basic HTTP Encryption
  • Your own Facebook Connect, Google APIs all do it In fact, use them! OpenID
  • SSL General Rule of Thumb - if if your API does not use SSL it potentially exposes everything that your API does
  • Might not want to! Other routes of giving developers access then APIs Really secure systems, payment etc. PayPal Redirection etc. Right tool for the right job :)
  • Embedded applications Facebook Platform Apps on your site, YOUR server Generally, you don’t want to do this Security issues Build an entire platform expose any needed resources safely expose app data safely
  • APIs are great Share your data extra interaction from users make your site more accessible
  • MAKE it accessible! DOCUMENTATION, BITCH Standardised - global consistancy Think - would I understand and use this?
  • Cheers!yst


  • 1. Opening the Web
    • Jamie Rumbelow
    • Tomorrow’s Web
    8th August, 2009 London Photo: Flickr (jamelah)
  • 2. Me! @jamierumbelow Jamie Rumbelow
  • 3.
    • AWESOME Web Dev Screencasts
    • PHP, JavaScript, iPhone etc.
    • High-quality + Cheap!
  • 4. What was the web? Why should it be open? What’s an API? How can I get one? And if something goes wrong? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  • 5. In the Beginning...
  • 6. Documents Photo: Flickr (corgettelawn)
  • 7. HTML - Document Structure Photo: Flickr (ninavizz)
  • 8. Media Photo: Flickr (john_a_ward)
  • 9. Music Photo: Flickr (lynchaos)
  • 10.  
  • 11. Interaction Photo: Flickr (wlodi)
  • 12. Web 2.0 Photo: Flickr (c__)
  • 13. Openness
  • 14. Open Source
  • 15. Free, Free, Free
  • 16. APIs Photo: Flickr (foreverdigital)
  • 17. Why open?
  • 18. Photo: Flickr (cncphotos)
  • 19. Photo: Flickr (mackz) Open Expanse of Data
  • 20. What’s good about open? Photo: Flickr (devillibrarian)
  • 21. Photo: Flickr (jurvetson) Your content is going places
  • 22. Photo: Flickr (Radioher) Relax, it’s done for you
  • 23. Err... API?
  • 24. Photo: Flickr (Mikecpeck) Taking lots of data and doing stuff
  • 25. Twitter
  • 26. Giving your data away Photo: Flickr (Patrick Haney)
  • 27. Raw Data
  • 28. The Techy Bit
  • 29. RSS - Frequently updating info feeds
  • 30. REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Photo: Flickr (nadya) HTTP-based actions
  • 31. XML-RPC Photo: Flickr (willpate)
  • 32. YQL Photo: Flickr (nokiapixel)
  • 33. YQL = The Hot Shiz
  • 34. SELECT * FROM xml WHERE url=''
  • 35. SELECT * FROM twitter.user.timeline WHERE id=' jamierumbelow'
  • 36. Woah, Problemo
  • 37. Security Photo: Flickr (lwr)
  • 38. Session-based Authentication Photo: Flickr (fallsroad)
  • 39. Photo: Flickr (factoryjoe)
  • 40. Photo: Flickr (alan-dean) HTTP-based Authentication
  • 41. Photo: Flickr (mburpee) Custom
  • 42. SSL
  • 43. Lack of SSL Pain Not good!
  • 44. What if I don’t want to? Photo: Flickr (slushpup)
  • 45. Embedded Application Platforms Photo: Flickr (Barnaby)
  • 46. Cool!
  • 47. What was the web? Why should it be open? What’s an API? How can I get one? And if something goes wrong? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  • 48. API = AWESOME (like the T-shirt) Photo: Flickr (codepo8)
  • 49. Don’t hurt my soul...
  • 50. Kthxbye Jamie Rumbelow @jamierumbelow ‘ i metjamie’ - 10 credit s