How to improve your social strategy with competitive data


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Understanding how when and what your competitors are doing on Twitter and Facebook can greatly help improve your social strategy.

With BirdSong you can find out when they are active, who they are talking to and what is the most popular updates they share.

This presentation takes you through some examples of how this data can be harnessed for social media success.

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How to improve your social strategy with competitive data

  1. 1. Identifying Opportunities in SocialBirdSong: Social Media Reconnaissance@BirdSongDTT@Jamieriddell
  2. 2. What is BirdSong?• Social Media Insights on demand• Identify key metrics of presence for any brand on Twitter& Facebook
  3. 3. Background• Never before has there been so much ‘open’ data onhow brands are ‘doing’ their marketing• The trick is to pinpoint what you want to know, then findthe right tool to show you• By focusing on what your competitors are doing, or notdoing will give you some great insights to improve yourown work
  4. 4. Basic Data• Followers and Following stats are standard and easilyavailable• Here are Russia’s 3 mobile ‘phone giants
  5. 5. Brand + Network Data
  7. 7. Focusing on Actions first, mentions laterOf all Twitter users sayNOTHINGHow do you measure the sentiment on that?By focusing on actions first, and mentions later, we can have a betterpicture of whats’ going on
  8. 8. Want to know when your competitor is active?Time of Day
  9. 9. Want to know when your competitor is active?Day of Week
  10. 10. The biggest day for online fashion shopping?
  11. 11. Could Sunday night be a competitiveopportunity?
  12. 12. Want to know more about yoursocial audience?We can identify basic gender from first names
  13. 13. Identify audience interest with follower overlapPeople interested in flights to Israel
  14. 14. Using Follower Overlaps• By understanding the correlation between two accountswe can start to identify a potential audience forengagement• E.g. Following Netaporter AND Chanel will show peoplewith an interest in fashion + shopping, not just fashion
  15. 15. How do they describe themselves?
  16. 16. Identifying Engaging Content
  17. 17. Identifying the ‘Value’ of popular contentData provided from
  18. 18. What are the accounts saying?
  19. 19. Real World RelevanceBirdSong White Paper
  20. 20. A crisis = Follower growthNo other bank saw growth
  21. 21. The social presence did not match offline
  22. 22. The bank was slow to reactIt took until the 26th June for the bank to start actively engaging with their audience. This was afterthe weekend of 23/24 June when the bank posted automated tweets with links to online help, at atime when branches were open and NatWest advisors were working.Crisis
  23. 23. A missed opportunity for the competition
  24. 24. Tieing it all together• With BirdSong we can identify who is sharing what withwhom, when and what the result is• From there you can build an informed social strategy orcreate the base to add on additional elements likeinfluence profiles or sentiment analysis
  25. 25. These insights and many moreare available atwww.birdsongdtt.comOn demand reportingFree trial