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How consumer opinions can affect search marketing campaigns
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How consumer opinions can affect search marketing campaigns


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A quick look at how the understanding of online consumer opinions appearing on sites like Twitter can be fed into achieve more profitable search marketing campaigns.

A quick look at how the understanding of online consumer opinions appearing on sites like Twitter can be fed into achieve more profitable search marketing campaigns.

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  • 1. How web 3.0 and consumer opinion will shape search in 2009 Jamie Riddell Director of Innovation
  • 2.
    • Presentation will be available online at
  • 3. Digital Marketing Group in a nutshell
    • Group formed in 2006
      • Businesses have existed for between 25 and 6 years
    • 500+ employees
    • 42% year on year growth.
    • Market Cap c.£60m
    • 207 Clients
    • NMA Top 100 – UK’s 3 rd Largest Digital Marketing Agency
  • 4. some of our group agency clients
  • 5. Let’s talk about opinion
    • How many people in this room would seek an opinion before a purchase or important decision?
    • Would the opinion of your trusted sources carry greater weight in your decision making process?
    • Do you rely solely on one source of information for your decisions?
    • Your consumers won’t. They will use multi sources, yet the largest online business driver is search.
    • We therefore need to ensure our search campaigns reflect this audience desire and action.
  • 6. Search Today
    • Search
    • Text Based [mostly]
    • Seeking the long tail
    • Attempting to second guess consumer sentiment through keyword choice and user journey
    • Consumer
    • Multi Channel, Multi Format Creation & Consumption
    • Actively discussing thoughts and opinions
    • Typing ever greater search terms to narrow their request
  • 7. I am considering buying an N96
    • This presentation uses examples of how the new consumer will search and make their decision.
  • 8. Opinion + Search
    • Successful search campaigns rely on many factors
    • From keyword choice to scientific algorithms we constantly work to increase response rates and value from search marketing campaigns.
    • But relying on technology and numbers alone still misses a major point.
    • Why. Why did you not click, why did you not convert?
    • And if we understand more of the why, we can align ourselves better with the consumer.
  • 9. Consumer Opinion Online
    • Web 2.0 is characterised by the huge growth in user generated content.
    • From blogs to online video, the amount of content online has grown substantially in the past 2 years.
    • Successful marketing campaigns have been undertaken working in or alongside this content.
    • But very little has been done to connect opinions and search.
  • 10. Where can we find opinion?
  • 11. Searching for N96: What Does Google, Yahoo tell me?
  • 12. What does Twitter tell me? “ Big promotion, crappy browser”
  • 13.
    • So I follow the thread… what about this Nokia Browser?
    I find nothing to soothe my fears, so I don’t buy.
  • 14. Changing Channels of Opinion
    • Microblogging specifically is a niceh audience right now.
    • But with Twitter’s growth and Jaiku’s acquisition by Google, these channels will grow in importance.
    • So what can we do?
    • Read more
    • Connect
    • Discuss: what is wrong with the browser?
    • Take these learnings and integrate them into your campaigns
  • 15. What about larger channels?
    • The volumes of channels ‘out there’ continues to grow, from Facebook to Twitter & YouTube.
    • Written word channels are easier to analyse – but what about video?
    • The size of YouTube and the integration into Universal Search makes this a channel to really pay attention to.
    • However, video content is harder to index.
    • Google has flagged video as the ‘next big thing’ so we need to see how we can understand video content.
    • Current methods are reliant on ‘tagging’ and descriptions, which only tell us half the story.
  • 16. Google Starts Listening – the start of web 3.0
    • The launch of GAUDI means Google is now indexing the actual audio content of the video.
    • This brings a new depth of content and understanding which in turn can be harnessed for consumer opinion.
    • In time we will be able to identify videos referring to brands and to measure sentiment, seeking out words like ‘great’ or ‘awful’.
    • In time I should expect to see N96 and then selections of opinion, negative, positive etc.
  • 17. Understanding & action can improve results
    • Identify what is being said.
    • Work in these channels to affect the outcome you desire.
    • Watch the results filter into the search listings.
    • This could boost natural performance through links and sentiment.
    • It could reduce the amount of negative commentary in the search results.
    • Ultimate aim to improve traffic and conversion rates from search.
  • 18. Embracing Consumer Opinion
    • Adding consumer opinion to your site:
    • Aids consumer decisions
    • Boosts site stickiness
    • Increases site indexing potential with:
      • More Pages
      • More Unique Copy
      • Greater Descriptive Terms [long tail]
      • Regular updates of content
  • 19. Understand Consumer Sentiment
    • We are living in a new age.
    • Last week’s rollercoaster was unseen.
    • Consumer confidence dropped.
    • The desires and needs of each consumer has changed.
    • Were we paying attention?
    • Have we changed our search campaigns?
    • New Terms?
    • New Offers?
    • If we start/continue to listen & understand we can affect our campaigns to be in even greater sync with the audience.
  • 20. The consumer does not search in isolation. Make sure your search activity is not managed in isolation.
  • 21. Where should I start listening?
    • More advanced tools measuring market sentiment are available, or talk to an agency to manage the whole process.
  • 22.
    • What is it? – Brain Powered Search is a means of concentrating media spend by source and value of business. Beyond aggregate clicks and beyond generalisations to actual experience.
    • Why? – Several media buying models (such as CPC and – especially - CPA) mitigate against proper measurement so that real value is not attributed properly to media sources. Buying based on this will inevitably run the risk of being unfocused or even wasteful.
    • How do you do it? – By analysing each click that leads to a sale or application; by analysing the outcome of an application; by analysing the value of a customer over a period of time. All of these measurements then drive subsequent media buying.
    • Brain Powered Search is exclusive to DMG and will enable CFS to:
        • Improve your Search ROI.
        • Measure each exposure to CFS messages across online channels over a fixed time period.
        • Evaluate the cumulative effect of media spend on final outcome.
        • Understand the real value to CFS of each piece of business written from online media – regardless of the basis of buying it (CPM v CPA v sponsorship etc).
    Brain Powered Search - The future of Search. One of the many reasons why we think CFS should short-list DMG.
  • 23. Any Questions?
  • 24. The future of SEO
    • Smarter targeting
      • Increased relevance
      • More personalisation
      • Geo-demographic
      • Re-targeting
      • Behavioural
    • Intelligent tracking – Learn, Test, Refine
      • Integration between channels
      • Understanding of conversion paths
      • Pre and post sale data integration
    • Blended / Universal Search
      • Harnessing the power of multiple online channels
      • Video
      • Social
      • Mobile
      • IP-TV
    • More Media Control
      • Smarter search
      • The standardisation of CPA
      • The rise and plateau(!) of aggregators
    We pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the SEO curve.