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How brands can benefit from Google +
How brands can benefit from Google +
How brands can benefit from Google +
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How brands can benefit from Google +


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Google + is the the long awaited Social Network from the search giant, competing directly …

Google + is the the long awaited Social Network from the search giant, competing directly
with Facebook and Twitter. With over 25
million users since launch, Google + is a real contender for the Social Network crown. With its connections to Google advertising products including Adwords and potential influence of natural search results, it is a network that all brands must watch.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How brandscan benefitfrom GoogleCirclesDirectorsBriefingSeptember2011WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COMWWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM
  • 2. How brands can benefit fromGoogle CirclesGoogle + is the the long awaited Social Networkfrom the search giant, competing directlywith Facebook and Twitter. With over 25million users since launch, Google + is a realcontender for the Social Network crown. Withits connections to Google advertising productsincluding Adwords and potential influence ofnatural search results, it is a network that allbrands must watch.The potential reach of Google + goes far beyond the social network and social media, influencingevery other Google marketing channel. The rise of Google + is important for any brand marketingonline today.The Importance of Google +Over the past five years Google has worked hard to push away from being just a search engine to offermore services that will bring them visitors, page views and most importantly loyalty. From blogger toYouTube, Google Docs and the US beta of Google Music, Google has been working hard to keep youon their turf.What they didn’t have was a social network. in the past Google argued that they were a social networkanyway, because you could connect with your friends on email or build followers on YouTube. WithFacebook upping its offering (social network, new message system, Facebook connect to log intoother websites) Google needed a competitive platform.Google + is that competitive platform combining a social ‘destination’ with social indexing of the webthat will impact all Google properties and the brands that rely on them.How Google + WorksGoogle + works in two fashions. The Google + network is a place much like Facebook where users caninteract with others by sharing and discussing posts.The +1 buttons that appear on many websites are Google’s version of the ‘Like’ button from Facebook.A +1 is recorded against the domain and the page which in turn is fed into the search algorithms. Intime these +1’s will be added to the paid search quality score.02 / How brands can benefit from Google Circles
  • 3. The CRM Potential of Circles How Brands can harness Google + TodayOn Google +, Circles are the method in which At the time of publication (September 2011),consumers can define their audiences. A Circle Brands have not been invited to Google +, inis a method to segment whom I listen to, and fact they have been actively discouraged. Therewho I share with, based on any criteria I give. is an official sign up page which allows brandsSo in my circles I have a music circle. I use that to register their share music videos, links and general chatrelated to music. Some of the people in my This should not stop consumers activelycircle will also be in another circle for business experiencing the Google + ecosystem, sign upor other interests. Circles has the potential to requires a Google/Gmail account and an invite.filter conversations both ways (listening and Both of those are readily available.sharing), a task that both Twitter and Facebookhave yet to achieve. For web pages, the +1 code is also available. This should be inserted into every relevant page ofThe concept of circles is not dissimilar to your site as soon as possible.segments of an email database. An airlinemay have a database of customers split into Any Questions?class or routes. By replicating these segmentswith circles, brands have the opportunity to Directors Briefing members are welcome todirect relevant messages to the right audience. discuss Google + and ask further questions.Furthermore, brands can also watch the circlesto see what their connections are sharing. This be an invaluable and unobtrusive way to directorsbriefingunderstand more about their customers.There will be a challenge for relevance. If youput me in a circle, I don’t know what the circleis. It could be ‘business colleagues’ or ‘musiclovers’. In order for the consumer to understandtheir place in a circle, brands will need tohighlight the fact, or ask the consumer whichcircles they should be in.Evolution of AnalyticsThe issue of relevance, open rates and click rateswill still be relevant on Circles, although bouncerates could be replaced by ‘view rates’ (when dopeople actually see the update.) Brands with astrong background in running email campaigns,and working in other social channels will be ableto fast track their understanding of the Google+potential as a CRM tool.03 / How brands can benefit from Google Circles