The Digital Landscape 2011 - Winners and Losers


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2011 was a momentous year int he changing digital landscape. In this December publication we look at the key websites and businesses that impacted in 2011.

We look at who made it and who didn't with a view to how the digital landscape will change in 2012.

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The Digital Landscape 2011 - Winners and Losers

  1. 1. 2011: The Winners & LosersDirectors BriefingDecember 2011 WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM
  2. 2. 2011 - The Winners & Losers2011 Winners The LosersThe consumer! Google. The launch then closure of Google Wave and Google Buzz has severely dented the trust brands have to any new social network. The launch of Google+, which has achieved over 40m users in less than 6 months, has been treated with suspicion with many advisors suggesting a wait and see policy for the social network. Klout - The first and leading social scoring system, Klout has seen substantial backlash in the marketplace. The change of its scoringThe biggest winner in 2011 was the consumer. algorithm dropped manyIn a year that saw the technology ‘war’ ignite scores substantially with theApple’s iPhone found a competitor in Google and new topic suggestionslate challenge from the Amazon Kindle. seemingly out of touch with the accounts they are analysing. In late 2011 there have been aMicrosoft started its return to online relevance number of high profile users requesting deletionwith the Bing integration into Facebook whilst of Klout tracking on privacy (and PR) grounds.the number of apps, the range of accessplatforms and the potential for engagement,sharing and enlightenment was pushed withhuge growth of companies like Foursquare andInstagram. Microsoft’s loss is more their lack of gain than any real loss. Their association with Facebook isDespite worsening economic conditions, the starting to manifest in Bing search results butconsumer has been actively consuming more the Windows Phone 7, something we tipped tocontent, buying more apps to enhance not be big, was stunted by the lack of ‘big name’replace their smartphones and enjoying greater apps that could drive adoption. We hope fordiscovery of their world around them. better things in 2011.2011 was also the year we saw social networksfacilitate real change with the Arab Spring.Before looking at 2012 we should take a quicklook at 2011, which companies ‘won’ and which‘lost.’ As ever our focus is on which brands,platforms, developments are relevant to brands.This may be different to the global consumerpicture reported in other publications.02 / 2011 - THE WINNERS & LOSERS
  3. 3. 2011 - The Winners & LosersWinners of 2012 and share them immediately has caught the public imagination with 14 millions users peaking at 50 photo uploads a second over Thanksgiving. TM Brands including British Airways, Playboy, Levis and Pepsi are starting rot experiment with Instagram branded channels, something we expect to see grow in 2011.Twitter. We had to laugh at the Techcrunchprediction for Twitter. Foursquare“Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with anything Foursquare hasinteresting: Twitter’s going to have a steady and enjoyed a growth inboring 2011.” checkins throughout 2011. The platform OK, where do we has grown to register start? Massive 30 million locations growth, a hand in the with 15 million users Arab Spring, new checking in 4 million pages launched for times per day. As a brands and more brand and business integration with other platform Foursquare platforms. We think now has 600,000Twitter has achieve great growth and is merchants actively using the system. The latestdelivering real business for brands who are connection with the New York Times allowsactively and efficiently engaging with the Foursquare users to clip travel reviews to theirplatform. account for visiting at a later time. The growth of the Foursquare API will also help fuel much moreFacebook opportunities and interactions in 2012.800m users. We’ll leave it there. Dropbox Right now, Dropbox has no brand opportunities. But we, like millions of users globally, have come to rely on Dropbox for seamless file sharing to the cloud and back. If you are not using it, do try it!!This image from earlier 2011 shows the globe asconnections on Facebook.Instagram One of this yea’s breakout startups. The small photo sharing app has been named as the 2011 App of the Year by Apple. The ability to take photos, edit them03 / 2011 - THE WINNERS & LOSERS