Group project open me!!!


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Team Project for SLS1103.
Jamie Still, Raymond Davis, Beatriz Ramos, Diane Ivey

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  • Split into 2 and build on each area
  • Group project open me!!!

    1. 1. Adults Returning to College: Obstacles, Benefits and Goals “Prelude to a Change”Beatriz Ramos Diane Ivey Raymond Davis Jamie StillSLS 360699 Group Project
    2. 2. Recent High School Graduates vs. Returning Adults  Recent Graduates Familiarity with Tech Study Habits Still Fresh in Mind Not So Many Family and Financial Obligations
    3. 3. Returning Adults• Familiarity With Tech?• So Long Since Last Used Study and Research Mindset• Sole Provider or Split Income Providers for Family
    4. 4. Relearning How to Learn New School: Using Online Resources a: Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) b: Ebsco, Jstor, etc. (Scholarly Resources) c: Information Readily Available Through Websites (FoxNews, CNN, Associated Press, Etc.) Old School: Research and Library Use a: Dewey Decimal System b: Reading the Whole Work for Research c: Newspapers, Print Articles, Micro-Film
    5. 5.  Not wanting to be around younger, possibly immature students Fear of Failure
    6. 6.  Online vs. In-Person Lack of Human Interaction Online Materials: Ease of Use Print Applications & Forms
    7. 7. Time Management Skills FAMILY AND PERSONAL Loss of Personal Time Loss of Family time Added Stress and Responsibility for Husband/Wife/Significant Other/etc. in the Household
    8. 8. Time Management Skills ContinuedWork and school:SplittingResponsibilitiesEffectively UsingBreak TimesLoss of Hours at JobBecause of Classtime
    9. 9. A GROUP PIC OF ALL OF US…….just an idea  Reasons We Returned Financial Security for Ourselves and Families Self-Esteem Setting a Positive Example for Our Children
    10. 10. SOCIALIZING AS A RESOURCEProblem Solving Through Group BrainstormingUsing Your Peers as a Sounding Board (School, Personal, and Business)Networking for Business and Personal GrowthSocial Media as a Tool for Growth
    11. 11.  Disabilities: Educational & Physical Veterans Women’s Minorities Academic Scholarships Vocational: Scholarships Available Through Employers or Trade
    12. 12. SITTING DOWN WITH ADVISERS Scheduling finding the time for appointments for financial aid & advising vs. work & family Misconceptions and Judgmental Perceptions dealing with advisors and staff attitude Understanding and Overcoming Challenges: knowing your goals asking the right questions did the advisor seem interested in your success and give you good guidance expectations of service and guidance
    13. 13. WORK CITED PAGECarter, C., & Bishop, J. (2012). Keys to success: building analytical, creative, and practical skills (7th ed.). Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon Publishers.Florida State College - Student Resources. (n.d.). Florida State College at Jacksonville. Retrieved April 21, 2012, from College is a CARES Partner. (n.d.). Foothill College Home. Retrieved April 21, 2012, from Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life - Economix Blog - (n.d.). The Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life - Economix Blog - Retrieved April 21, 2012, from