An Introduction To 21st Century Brands


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An Introduction To 21st Century Brands

  1. 1. An Introduction, June 2012  
  2. 2. 21st Century Brandsis a brandconsultancy builtfor today’scommercial andcultural challenges
  3. 3. We generate ideas from the heart of the brand andconnect them with the ever-shifting consumer reality
  4. 4. our beliefsBrands prosper when people have a compelling reasonto fit them into their complex livesInsight is acquired through a fascination with the world around us.Commissioned insight is valuable, but no substitute for empathetic thinkingInnovation is a discipline that converts free-minded thinking intocommercial success through single-minded focusIdeas thrive when they are passed on. This happens when they are easy tounderstand. We create simplicity around a single, significant idea which weuse as the organising principle for every brand actionCreativity adds brand value when directed by rigorous planningResults are achieved when everyone in the team is empowered tocontribute and convey. This happens when there is a well-structured process
  5. 5. our work21st Century Brands was set up to develop arevolutionary new brand for Tata Global BeveragesSince then, we have also worked with SPI to:- write the brand story for vodka brands Stolichnaya and elit- revitalise the packaging for Moskovskaya vodka- create, design and research concepts for a spirit
  6. 6. our past
  7. 7. our teamJamie Lister, DirectorJamie started his career at Diageo and was EuropeanMarketing Director for Coors. As a consultant he hasdeveloped new products, strategy and packaging for marketleading drinks and automotive brandsMatthew Hayes, Planning DirectorA background in anthropology informs Matthew’s broad,cultural approach to brands. This has been commerciallyhoned in a planning career spanning advertising, brandingand digital environments. The result is a genuine360° strategist, specialising in creating and launching newproducts for premium and luxury global brandsJack Dhanda & Jamie Foss, joint Creative DirectorsJack & Jamie set up together in 2008 and have built anexperienced, energetic and multicultural studio with some ofLondon’s leading branding and packaging designers. As wellas award-winning creative talent, the team are expert in thetechnical aspects of structural design, print and production
  8. 8. most days we live by our brand modelWe think itsimportant for abrand consultancyto define its ownbrand and wehope our Clientswill hire us andjudge us againstthese brandvalues
  9. 9. Call us when you……want to launch a new productOur speciality is NPD. Our past includes the market-changing launches of of Becks Vier, Sprite Zero andthe Classic Malts. A new product idea can come from anywhere so we create a bespoke process for eachproject, creating concepts, names and pack designs and researching them when we need consumerfeedback - rather than allowing a research schedule to drive the project. We are commercially astute andwe can follow the new product into production, sales and launch communication to ensure that theconsumer experiences the new product in a format that they will buy.... you need to revitalise an existing brandWe can connect your brands heritage with new consumers by generating commercially effective ideasfrom the heart of the brand. We champion the brand in the context of todays consumers and competitors.That sounds obvious, but too often brands play catch-up by abandoning their heritage to copy their rivalsor by jumping on an unconnected consumer trend. We combine brand understanding with consumerinsight and competitor analysis to help you reposition you brand, safeguard its future and increase its sales
  10. 10. Call us when you….... you need an organising principle around which to build your brandWe can help you define the single, significant idea that steers your multi-faceted brand through itscomplex environment. We believe that brand strategy can only be effective when it is clear and easy tounderstand. We focus on revealing a governing idea - an organising principle - around which to base allbrand decisions. We dont dumb down to meaningless soundbites, but we will have failed if our output is40 pages of PowerPoint.... you need a compelling proposition & creative strategy to brief agenciesAs a planning-led consultancy, we can plan your campaign communication, allowing you to focus youragency relationships (or your agency pitch) on creativity and execution
  11. 11. Call us when you… need to write your brand storyConsumers form human relationships with brands and a compelling story can be the foundation for alasting friendship. Before we write, we will research your brand history, interview stakeholders, understandconsumers, analyse competitors and run a story workshop. Once written, the brand story can movebeyond copy and into audio recordings, video, photography and need to refresh your brands packaging and visual identityOur creative team are some of Londons leading branding and packaging designers and drinks specialists.As a new business, we cant put all our past work on our website, but wed be happy to take you to a barand point out whats ours....or simply when you have an inkling, but not a briefWere good at getting a project off the ground, with the entrepreneurial vision to help you define goals andthe experience needed to avoid pitfalls. Call us before you know what you need - we can help you to workout the brief.
  12. 12. Contact us…Jamie Listerjamie.lister@c21brands.comtel: +44 7766 710655Skype: jamie.lister.london21st Century Brands,Gable House,18-24 Turnham Green Terrace,London,W4 1QP,UK