Audience research results and conclusions
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Audience research results and conclusions






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Audience research results and conclusions Audience research results and conclusions Presentation Transcript

  • Q1-what gender are you? In this question I questioned the Female-9 audience of both genders. Through this Male- 11 questionnaire the majority were male . This means that my results will benefit the male gender audience rather than female. Q2- What age range would you putMy target range is between yourself in?15-25 and I covered the full 10 9age range with my 8questionnaires. The results 7show that the main focus for 6designing my magazine will 5 Q2- What age range 4be aimed at the age range would you put yourself in? 315-18. This helps as I will 2know what type of text and 1images to out in my 0 15-18 19-22 22-25magazine.
  • Q3 which price range would you think I have researched prices for is appropriate to buy a music magazines and then put magazine? them in to ranges to see12 which is more appropriate. The audience have mainly10 picked £2.00-£3.00, this 8 means that I will have to 6 whIch price range would you think is appropraite to pick a price between this 4 buy a music magazine? price range to fit with my 2 audience. 0 £1.00-£2.00 £2.00-£3.00 £3.00-£3.50 £3.50-£4.00 Q4 what is your favourite type of music?I have covered a few 12genres of music to see 10which genre I should base 8my magazine on. There is ahigh popularity for indie 6 what is your favourite typestyle of music, this shows 4 of music?that my magazine will be 2indie themed and includeindie music. 0 Indie Rock Houe
  • Q5 who is your favourite indie singer or I deliberately asked a band? question were the audience had to tell me monsters of men who their favourite is so florence and the machine that I could include these david guetta in my magazine to keep rhianna with my theme. My results muse show that monsters of men the libertines and Florence and the coldplay amitri vagas & like mike machine are most afrojack popular. beatles Q6 what is your favourite colour?I have asked this questionas it will show my what sort burgandyof colours appeal to my yellowaudience. There is a wide tealrange of colours answered blackin his question. Red seems orange greento be the most favourite browncolour. blue red silver pink
  • Q7 what colour do you associate with This question shows me what indie music? colours I should consider to be my colour scheme for my burgandy red magazine. And through teal these results burgundy grey black and black are most common orange indie associated. blue brown grey whiteThis question indicates to me Q8 how often do you purchase awhen I should send out music magazine?issues, either weekly or 12monthly. These results show 10me that I should considerputting the new published 8issue out is weekly because 6 how often do youmost of my audience purchase a music 4 magazine?purchase a magazineweekly. 2 0 weekly mothly never
  • Q9 how often do you listen to music? I covered a range of times 18 when people listen music 16 to show how much music 14 information I should put into 12 my magazine and through 10 these results is shows me how often do you listen to 8 music? that I should put in a lot of 6 music information as most 4 of the audience listen to 2 music daily. 0 daily weekly monthly neverThrough this question it hasindicated to me that the majority Q10 would you say music is a big part ofof my target audience have a your life?passion for music and would Yes 13possibly know a lot about it. So I No 7would have to research and putthe correct information in mymagazine instead of rumoursbeing told.
  • Q11 would you but a magazine that is? The results of his question tel9 me how the audience like8 to have the magazine and7 which they appeal to most.6 The results show that the5 audience will appeal to a4 would you but a magazine set out clearly format of the3 that is? magazine.210 packed with text set out clearly not much going on Q12 what is your favourite section of a This question shows me what magazine? sections are favourite and that I should include into my magazine. Through the results I can see that the front cover double page spread is liked most and the double quizzes front cover page spread in a favourite as articles well. gig guide
  • Q13 do you read the text in a The results of this question magazine or just look at pictures? indicates which i should put12 more of in, either more text or10 more images or and equal 8 amount. The results tell me that 6 the audience read the text 4 do you read the text ina and look at the images also. So magazine or just look at pictures? this means that it should be an 2 equal amount of each. 0 read text just read textfoucused on none of and look at main image above photos I have asked this question to Q14do you have a magazine see how many people have subscription? subscription and possibly Yes 9 how many could one day No 11 subscribe with my magazine, however the bulk of the audience do not have a magazine subscription and possibly wouldnt with mine either.
  • Q15 which number of pages in a I covered a range of pages magazine do you think is reasonable? quantities, to help me decide on the length of my14 magazine. Through the12 results its shows me that the10 length of my magazine 8 should be between 100-150. which number of pages in 6 a magazine do you think is reasonable? 4 2 0 50-100 100-150 140-100 Q16 what was the last music magazineThis questions shows me which you bought?music magazine is most popularwith the audience and which Ishould look at for inspiration for Qmy magazine. The most popular Mojois NME from my results . NME Kerrange havent bought one
  • Q17 what do you dislike about music This question indicates to magazines? me what I should consider gig guide not including into my music magazine because it is too many pictures dislike, the most popular layout thing that is disliked having too much text, the layout too much text and it says gig guide as well but the main reason was quizzes because they were jealous advertisments they couldnt go to them. Q18 what draws you in to look at the music magazine?The audience have covered afew things that draw them intolooking and buying themagazine and the most headlinepopular in the band on the band on front coverfront cover so I have to make articlessure that my main image in themeappealing and eye catching. coverlines
  • Q19 do you get drawn in by the free items suchas CD or posters?Yes 9 This question has been asked to helpNo 11 me decide whether to include a free item or not too. And from these results I think that I should possibly not include one as the majority have answered no.