Basal Cell Carcinoma

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  • 1. Basal Cell Carcinoma the most common type of skin cancer
  • 2. Major Cause
    • Sun exposure
  • 3. What is it?
    • Basal cell cancer develops in the basal cell layer of the skin.
    • When the cells are damaged by UV rays, the DNA mutates and a tumor develops.
  • 4. Who gets it?
    • Anyone with a history of sun exposure
    • But the people at high risk have:
    • Fair skin
    • Blonde or red hair
    • Blue, green, or grey eyes
  • 5. Basal Cell – The Cancer
    • Basal Cell Carcinoma can look like a small pimple but must be treated in the early stages.
    • Through it does not spread to vital organs, it can grow, causing tissue destruction.
    • If I waited, the surgeon may have had to use a skin graft to repair the wound.
  • 6. My Personal Experience
  • 7. As a child and young adult…
    • As a child I visited my father in Florida each summer, as a teenager I lived on the beach in central Florida, I went to college in Florida, then moved to the Bahamas.
    • Living on the coast, spending the majority of my time in the water and boating meant…
  • 8. Tons of Sun !!!!
  • 9.
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  • 10. Tons of Sun !!!
    • While I used sunscreen, I rarely protected my skin with a hat or clothing.
  • 11. Biopsy
    • This summer, I went to the dermatologist because I was concerned about two ‘bumps’ that seemed to have appeared over night.
    • The dermatologist performed a biopsy. He shaved off the top layer of skin with a flexible razor and sent the sample to a laboratory.
  • 12. I waited…
    • The results of the biopsy were positive. I had basal-cell carcinoma on my cheek, forehead, and lip. However, it was the beginning of the school year and I didn’t want to miss the first month class.
  • 13. Mohs Surgery
    • Mohs surgery allows for
    • the removal of a skin
    • cancer with very narrow
    • surgical margin and a
    • high cure rate.
    Day One
  • 14. Plastic Surgeon
    • Although I do not have
    • any plastic in my face,
    • a plastic surgeon is
    • an artist. They ensure
    • the stitches do not
    • leave scars.
    Day Two
  • 15. The healing process… Day Three Day Four
  • 16. It gets worse before it gets better… Day Five Day Six
  • 17. The swelling decreasing… Day Seven Day Nine
  • 18. Today Day 19
    • The surgery was a painful process but with the help and patience of my friends and family, I survived.
  • 19. Could this happen to you?
    • Yes!!!
    • “Between 40 and 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have skin cancer at least once.” – National Cancer Institute
  • 20. Can it be prevented?
    • Yes!!!
    • Wear sunscreen
    • Limit sun exposure
    • Wear a hat
    • If you really want a tan, buy it, it comes in a bottle.