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Schmitt ama 2.5 presentation

  1. 1. Looking Towards Web 2.5 Chris Schmitt, COO & General Counsel Insivia Marketing & Interactive Web Design Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  2. 2. Marketing & Interactive Web Design So what are you up against?... 107 trillion: The number of emails sent on the Internet in 2010. 255 million : The number of websites as of December 2010. 22 million : Added websites in 2010. 88.8 million: .COM domain names at the end of 2010. 200 million: Number of primary domain names. 1.97 billion: Internet users worldwide (September 2010). 152 million: The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse). 750 Million People on Facebook. 2.5 billion Photos uploaded each month to Facebook. 3 billion : The total number of videos YouTube serves in one day. Over 10% of that is on mobile. 182 The number of online videos the average Internet user watches in a month (USA).
  3. 3. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  4. 4. Let's Test Your Reptilian Brain Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  5. 5. My wife made me use Matthew McConaughey for this slide because she thinks he's dreamy Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  6. 6. But I decided to get even by following it with a picture of my Country Dream Girl Carrie Underwood Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  7. 7. Marketing & Interactive Web Design But what the heck does this have to do with my website?
  8. 8. = Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  9. 9. My Trend for 2012: Visuals are the Core of Web 2.5 People Products Interactive Renderings Infographics Video Posting, Distribution, & Tracking Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  10. 10. Three Take Always About Great Imagery: 1. They're more useful than ever 2. They're more affordable than ever 3. They're more efficient than ever Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  11. 11. Dennis B. Sullivan, Esq., LLM, CPA has over 25 years of service to individuals, families and businesses. He is a member of the AARP Legal Services Network and WealthCounsel. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from the MIT's Sloan School of Business, a Master of Laws in Taxation from Boston University School of Law, a J.D., cum laude, from Suffolk University Law School and a B.S., summa cum laude, from Suffolk University. Mr. Sullivan has co-authored four books on Estate, Elder Law, Asset Protection and Wealth Strategies Planning including Generations: Planning Your Legacy and Legacy: Plan, Protect and Preserve Your Estate as well as Living and Learning Achieve Retirement and Income Security. Mr. Sullivan is a contributing author of a new book, entitled Estate Planning Strategies: Collective Wisdom. Proven Techniques. He has also created the Successor Trustee Manual , which provides step-by-step instructions on the duties and responsibilities of being a Trustee. He has authored several articles on the tax savings, asset protection, estate planning and benefits of proactive planning, some of which have been published in Lawyer's Weekly, Boston Business Journal, and community newspapers. He also provides continuing professional education courses for professional, business, and non-profit audiences. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  12. 12. M. Katie Kerr M. Katie Kerr is an associate at Mavrides Law. Ms. Kerr joins the firm with experience in mediation and family law. Bar Admissions Massachusetts, 2009 Education New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts Juris Doctor Professional Associations and Memberships Women's Bar Association, 2006 - 2007 New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution, 2008 - Present Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  13. 13. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Some Things to Consider With People: Do they look friendly? Do they look current (background/appearance)? Do they look comfortable? Do they instill confidence? Do they pass the beer test? A recent study at Penn State found that when you smile you don't only appear more likeable and courteous, but you also appear to be more competent and trustworthy.
  14. 14. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  15. 15. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  16. 16. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  17. 17. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Some Things to Consider With Products: Is my product displayed as perfect as possible? Do I have the right background? Is the photo aimed at the buyer? Do I look organized? Do I pass the sex appeal test? “ With only words, people buy on reason. When imagery is added, people are 6 times as likely to base their decision at least partly on emotion. Retailers win when people think with their heart” -Peter McGoldrick
  18. 18. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  19. 19. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  20. 20. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Some Things to Consider With Infographics: Is it about something worth telling? Is the information clear and organized? Are your statistics correct? Is the topic too narrow or too broad? Does it have a wow factor that creates buzz? A picture is worth a thousand words
  21. 21. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  22. 22. Marketing & Interactive Web Design
  23. 23. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Some Things to Consider With Videos: Am I talking to my customers or at them? Is it the right length to be effective? Is the video aimed at the buyer? What's the subconscious message? Do I pass the squirrel test? 80% of affluent, college educated internet users say they downloaded and watched at least one video in the past week – 50% watched 10 or more videos and 30% watched 25 or more
  24. 24. Marketing & Interactive Web Design That's great, but how do I do it??? Posting, Distribution, and Tracking
  25. 25. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Content Management With the web's constant need for more and current information, a software allowing you easy abilities to update some areas of your site is necessary.
  26. 26. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Distribution Getting in front of buyers is easier than ever – the infrastructure is there, you just have to find them where they are when they're looking to buy.
  27. 27. Marketing & Interactive Web Design Analytics It ain't worth it if you can't prove it. Track as much as possible to prove to your boss that it was the right investment. Work with your developer to set up the best analytics complete with profiles and goals.
  28. 28. Questions? Marketing & Interactive Web Design Chris Schmitt, COO & General Counsel Insivia Marketing & Interactive Web Design @chrisschmittesq [email_address]