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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. By Mrs. FlemingEagle Cliffs Elementary 2012-2013
  • 2. • You should never eat around your library book.• You should never drink around your book either.• Do not leave your book in the kitchen or where food can get on it. No, you shouldn’t eat your BOOK!
  • 3. • Do not eat anything while reading your book.• If you spill food on your book, wipe it off and show Mrs. Fleming when you bring it back.• If you spill milk, juice, or anything other than water on your book, try to dry it off and bring it to Mrs. Fleming’s attention immediately.•
  • 4. • Keep your book away from all pets.• Do not leave your book where a pet might get it and chew on it.• Keep your book in a high place or in a drawer.
  • 5. • You should always keep your book in your backpack, especially when it is raining.• Do not leave a library book outside at any time.• If your book gets wet, sit it up and spread out the pages. Get a fan and aim it at your book. If you don’t have a fan, get your Mom’s hair dryer and blow it on the pages.
  • 6. • Always use a bookmark to mark your spot.• Never “doggy ear” your pages in a library book• Don’t mark your page with something that will bend or break your book.• Do not lay your book face down to mark your spot. This will break the book’s spine and cause it to fall apart much quicker.
  • 7. • Of course you should share your books with little brothers and sisters, but it is your responsibility to keep the book safe.• Do not leave your book alone with a little brother or sister.• If a sibling gets a hold of your library book and writes on it or tears the pages, it is your responsibility to pay for the damage. Remember, you have only borrowed the book!!!
  • 8. • Be honest.• Tell Mrs. Fleming what happened.• Go back to the last place you remember seeing your book to check.• Ask friends and teachers if they have seen the book.• Accept responsibility and pay for a new one to keep books in your school library.